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Chinese girls chasing after white boyz !!! Good or shameful? [Copy link] 中文

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In India, one doesn't see indian girls running after foreigners.

  Downtown Dehli, Bombay and Bangalore (major cities) you hardly see foreign guys with any indian girls... but in Canada, I always used to see chinese girls with big smiles, carrying a white guy on their arm saying 'Look, aren't I special, I have a white guy!"

Why is that?  What do you chinese guys feel about it?  I hear that in China, its worse.  I'm going there in 3 months and what wil I see?

I'll be brutally honest and say that it looks real bad for your women to be chasing foriegners and not other chinese guys.  It does look like chinese girls are easy..... What do you girls and guys think about it?

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what kind or mono-cultural racist are you?

the ideas that you alude to in your post are so last century.

so passe!

what kind or mono-cultural racist are you?

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Get a life, maybe that way you wont be running around like the Race Police judging everyone else with your rules.

The only ones who need care about who is with who are the ones who are with.  Cleary you are not with, or you are not satisfied with who you are with.

Am I right, or am I right?

Warm regards, A Trouble Maker? (no, that would be you)

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because foreigners

can offer these girls something that chinese guys can't

most chinese girls aren't into foreigners so I can never understand why chinese guys have such a big chip on their shoulder about this, there's 600 million chicks in china FFS

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did i miss anything?

i don't see any problem in chasing after white boys for Chinese girls as long as they love each other.

bothers what?

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some Chinese girls are curious maybe

but later they find out some white guys are selfish,irresponsible and lustful.

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Selfish, irresponsible and lustful

These are great adjectives, I'll mention them to some of my Australian and Canadian male friends the next time I see them.

Personally, my Chinese boyfriend is very lustful, but that's another story....

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thats a personal problem

chasing after white boys is not just want to be special.

Maybe some girl take it that way, thats not good.

I think it depends on personal taste. what if a Chinese girl just likes the face of white guys, or she likes the white guys' way of dealing with things.

i think chasing a boys is a thing not depends on whether you are a white guy or not, but depends on whether you are a guy girl likes or not.

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