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Commemorating the 1937 N anjing M assacre in words and pictures [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you.

Looks like the peanut butter between your ears is really working.

Don't thank me either.  

Thank Peter Pan.

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No Shanhuang

The mods did the right thing!


Hohohooooooo! Can we expect wchao37's bones to keep his promise?
Empty talk.

You will end six-foot underground, cleaned of the putrid mantle when you are alive.

And still Hirohito's grave will rest in peace revered.

As for your bones, the Chinese leaders will decree that they be dug and disposed, as land is precious.

To begin with, you may not have any bones left, as you will be cremated, not buried.

The spot where they throw your ashes will poison living plants.

As sure as there is sun and moon, wchao37 will die without fulfilling his promise.

Ha, ha, ha!

2004-12-13 23:03


In fact, I am making a copy of his bark.

This is the best way to treat such behavior -- let the rabid dog reveal himself for what he really is.

I have never seen anyone with lesser abilty to show humor in his writings.

And to pair that low ability with a large ego.  

That's formula for brain death.

Note also that his terrible attempt at showing humor has metastasized like malignant tumors throughout his entire body -- down to the last bone of his tail.

I am glad that they are letting him stay as a dismembered and disjointed imitation stink bomb which was so weak that it took delight in being called a 'terrorist,' inasmuch as an impotent pimp takes delight in being called a rapist by the whores in his harem.

In fact, had he been ostracized completely from this forum, I would have protested and written a post titled: "MODS, WHY DID YOU DISABLE THE ACCOUNT OF THE IMPOTENT CLOWN IN OUR CIRCUS?"

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Quack W.Chao, quacking for entertainment, I see

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It is a display of how disgusting a Jap ghost could be

if you can't make this thread as intended to be, wchao.

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Aiyoyo, this brat Little Red Guard Shanhuang

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A further note

According to the dialectical theory of yin-yang wuxin, when there's good there's bound to be bad in any situation.  

At a time when you see great men leading us towards prosperity you also see lowest-of-the-lowlife Hanjians embodied by the Lee-Chen-Lu clique in Taiwan (see my post on "aradoxical Hanjianism and Democratic Internationalism" in World Conflict Forum) who at a time of the motherland's prosperity and fast economic growth would want to drag us all down with them in a civil war!

As is shown by the Anti-Secession Law, a consensus has now been reached amongst the core of the Chinese people and their leadership that Taidu can no longer be given a free rein to develop into something more malignant.

It is no longer a bud that awaits nipping.  It is a tumor that mandates excising bigtime.

I have a suspicion that the Japanese still look down upon us because we have had a string of military defeats at their hands since 1894, and that they believe the atomic bombs, and not the Chinese people with their eight years of arduous resistance, defeated them in WWII.

The Japanese militarists are therefore itching for a re-match to prove that they are still the master nation in East Asia.

The coming Strait War will allow all these historically entangled emotions to be purged once for all.  Of course it is wasteful but under the circumstances it will be necessary.  Earthquakes and tsunamis are terrible too but the human race continues to thrive despite these losses.  Wars and conflicts will continue to exist whether we like it or not, but the opportunity to give history a facelift in the form of a righteous war will definitely help to rejuvenate a nation in the danger of drifting into the complacency of hedonism.

It is my firm conviction that without a decisive MILITARY victory over the Japanese, who as instigators (as evidenced by the Lee visa) are part and parcel of the Taidu movement, we shall never have them come to accept us as equal partners no matter how willing we are to be forgiving and friendly towards them.  

As I had mentioned previously, the question is not whether we have the magnanimity to forgive them, but whether they want to be forgiven at all.  To accept forgiveness means that they are acknowledging their need to be forgiven in the first place and that in turn would mean they would be held accountable morally for their sins and responsibility in the last war.

This would have been a no-brainer conclusion in a normal situation, but here we are dealing with a narrow-minded island people who had traditionally played the role of being the aggressor in Sino-Japanese interactions since the Ming Dynasty.

To live peacefully with the Japanese for centuries to come, it is necessary to give them the satisfaction they want in a war.

Otherwise there will always be this gnawing feeling in the back of their minds that somehow things could have been different, especially now that they have lined up America to be their strategic partners readying themselves for that Final Fantasy.

Who are we to deny them this great opportunity to test us in a cross-strait war?

When there is too much dust in the room, it needs to be mopped whether one likes it or not.

Interestingly, that's Rule Number One in housekeeping as well as in China's re-unification gambit.

And so everything is ready and we are willing ourselves towards making a decisive resolution of the Taidu problem, which has had a Japanese imprint all over it from start to finish.

We are only waiting for the East Wind as is defined by the conditions set down in the Anti-Secession Act just passed by our People's Congress.

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Do We Never Learn?

Ths thread started out as a fitting commemoration of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre.  

It didn't take long for it to descend into a playground style "China could take Japan anyday" (and vice versa) exhibition of bombast.

Shame on you all for for an unfitting desecration of the legacy of the Nanjing Massacre.

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