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Commemorating the 1937 N anjing M assacre in words and pictures [Copy link] 中文

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Just for you

For whom the bell tolls.

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For the record

This is the proof that LGK was a Japanese apologist before his ashes were scattered in the bowl of his bathroom.

This was a copy of what he wrote on 2004-12-13  at 23:03


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  Hohohooooooo! Can we expect wchao37's bones to keep his promise?
Empty talk.

You will end six-foot underground, cleaned of the putrid mantle when you are alive.

And still Hirohito's grave will rest in peace revered.

As for your bones, the Chinese leaders will decree that they be dug and disposed, as land is precious.

To begin with, you may not have any bones left, as you will be cremated, not buried.

The spot where they throw your ashes will poison living plants.

As sure as there is sun and moon, wchao37 will die without fulfilling his promise.

Ha, ha, ha!

2004-12-13 23:03

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2014-12-14 09:36

Yes, today is truly a memorable day -- December 13, 2014.

Purely by coincidence, it is also the tenth anniversary -- 12-13-14 -- a numerically consecutive, once-in-a-lifetime date -- of this post.

It's the first time a formal ceremony has ever been held to commemorate the Nanjing Massacre at the state level in our great nation.  

I personally believe that we shouldn't repetitiously state that only a handful of militarists should be held responsible for the atrocities while their followers shouldn't.

That's a political statement at best, and not a factual one.

'Rightists' have been ruling Japan continuously since the end of WWII, and without the support of a majority of the nation's voters, it would have been impossible for them to achieve that feat.  

So to say that we should make a distinction between the people of Japan and the so-called 'rightists' is obviously a political position, and not a statement of facts.

Japanese politicians don't understand that the more they deny the atrocities, the better it will serve China's strategic interests -- because a nation that fails to come to terms with its evil past will never have the moral authority to be a global leader, and so they will never become a formidable opponent no matter how many Toyotas they can sell.

The more they try to whitewash or justify their heinous crimes the more they endanger the welfare of their own people because that would mean in the next war against the islanders, no acts committed against them will be judged as immoral or inhuman because that's the way they themselves relish it.

Who says the islanders' wishes shouldn't be respected?  

They have been imploring us to help them realize their Collective Dream through their incessant visits to the Yasukuni Shrine.  What makes us such special hosts that we shouldn't respect our neighbors' innermost wishes?

The most damaging aspect of Japan's denial of her crimes is that we shall never be able to trust them again whenever they apologize because as we have all witnessed in the recent past, whatever one Japanese politician admitted to or apologized for at one time can be willfully denied by his successor(s).

We should all be very upset if the Japanese emperor comes onstage to apologize for the crimes of his ancestors and Shinzo Abe leads his entire cabinet to kneel and kowtow - Willy Brandt style -- to ask for forgiveness from the Chinese people, because that would mean the Japanese nation has hope, and if their apology is sincere we'll probably not be able to exact a revenge in the long run.

Viewed in this light, their inability to admit obvious guilt documented in nightly news is truly a miracle -- with Shinzo the 'three-arrow' economic expert at her helms, Japan is sinking into a strategic quagmire from which she cannot extricate herself, and this is likely to hamper her economic performance even further rather than enhance it.

The peripatetic leprechaun has vehemently denied his nation's barbarism in Nanjing and elsewhere in China, and has already begun to resurrect the militarist constitution under the myopic auspices of Uncle Sam.  

The nasty descendant of killers has traveled to nearly all of China's neighbors in a brazen attempt to co-ordinate an encircling campaign against her.  

Cheering him on in the sidelines, Anglo monkeys the world over are gleeful that one yellow bast*ard on a leash is ready to pounce upon 'the other' at their beck and call according to their "divide-and-rule" game plan.

What do I think of all this?  

I think the best way to counter their machinations is to develop ourselves even faster and better.

Believe it or not, this truly is our opportunity of a lifetime, because their utter inhumanity and lack of remorse make our nation-building job so much more consensual, our cause so much more righteous, and achieving our nation's dream so much more predictable.

Yes, the islanders are digging a six-foot hole and stepping into it, totally unaware that it is their own grave.

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I thought I should say a greeting to the much admired Dr. Chao that I have heard so much about...

Can we have a discussion here or should I stay out of it, because your post has raised some questions in my mind.

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Thank you, respected casseopeia, for your comments.

Pardon me, but I'm not back to debates yet.  This is simply a commemorative post -- 12-13-14, a unique tenth anniversary of an event that has carved out a special place in the heart of any human that has a conscience.

It simply means that I can use my time benefiting China in a better way than to engage in meaningless verbal swordplay with retirees who simply have too much time on their hands.

Again, thank you for your comments.  I wish I could give you a more affirmative answer.

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I'm not used to people being so polite and formal online.

Well, my questions are sincere and they are for my own understanding, unlike the anti-China posters on here...but I hesitate because I don't want to be seen as attacking anyone.

But thank you for your reply, and I will respect your wishes.

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I'm truly happy about two things.

First, I'm happy to see that China is on the right track and has already surpassed the U.S. in her PPP (which is a truer measure of GDP) according to at least one source -- as I had predicted decades ago in Chinese publications at a time when no one would plausibly believe me.

Second, I'm happy to see that this forum is well-managed according to rules that apply to everyone.

And indeed I was blessed to have been with this forum at the very beginning -- when it was a little link lost in the main bulk of the online newspaper itself.  

Now even my post here was held up for scrutiny before 'publication' -- which is as it should be -- although I feel like an older brother being called for a timeout by a younger sibling according to the new rules.  

No one should be trusted point blank.  Even Long March veterans should be examined for the possible presence of fleas in their uniforms.

I offer special thanks to old friends like incarnationabc for their tested loyalty.

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