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As an English learner, do you like western festivals? [Copy link] 中文

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more and more people accept western festivals

  NOt long ago, Spring Festival was most important festival for Chinese people. I can't deny that it's still very important for many people esp. for old Chineses. But as we have more seven-day holiday, such as the National Day, the May Day, Spring Festival just means another holiday to travel, to go shopping, to meet with friends etc.
  As we know more western festivals, we have more chance to gather, to have a rest, to enjoy a happy life. I think that will be more popular esp. for young Chinese people.   

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If a festival has its significance ,we can accpt it ,regardless of its origin.

        I am not interested with foreign fesitvals, but I think thanksgiving day has great significance .we should thank people who help us ,but we always ignore .

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As an Englishman teaching here in China for two years, my friends have got used to, and enjoy when I celebrate my own festivals.  My school also like it as well, althought this year, they asked me, not to scare the teachers so much on Halloween hahaha.  My Chinese friends enjoy taking part in my festivals, as they also learn more about my culture, and the history that goes with it... they also learn many new words!!  I also too, like the fact that they introduce to me, many of your festivals.  So I just say, it's a good time to have fun, eat and drink more.... what could be wrong with that?  Two or more countries celebrating more festivals.... bring it on I say....... :)

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Honour your own Culture -- forget the western festivals. They are irrelevant.

Blue Tiger -- two words for you (he, he) --- "Bah! Humbug"

You said --  Be happy
Tony Lee, you are so cynical about things that can be happy. People cannot be conned into buying things. People choose to buy things.

Unfortunately the "keep up with the Jones'" mentality means that people easily get conned into spending far too much on presents -- especially for their children. Every year people spend up big on their credit cards and then spend the rest of the next year paying them off. Who cons them into it? Well, shames them into it is more correct. Their kids shame them into it, and they shame themselves into it trying to make sure their kids can keep up with their friends.

Christmas is a time for love and families -- and rampant commercialisation and greed and envy have turned it into a time of misery for many people.

The problem is not confined to the west. On the China Woman web site was a story about exactly the same problem here in China. For spring festival, people are forced to spend huge amounts of money to keep up with the Wangs. Spring festival is also a family time, like our Christmas used to be, but now the kids expect hundreds, if not thousands of yuan in the little red envelopes: relatives expect, and get, sumptuous feasts well beyond the capacity of the host family to pay for comfortably.Again, it is just commercialism and greed running out of control.

One post said the rest of the worl laughs at Chinese festivals. Rubbish. Most of the rest of the world would love the opportunity to travel home to ones hometown to spend time with their family but the truth is that increasingly, people just haven't got time. Christmas, for instance is only a one or two day holiday for most westerners -- hardly time to travel home.

Be happy with your own festivals. Don't shame your own culture by slavishly embracing theirs.

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Western festivals

can often mean very little to Westerners.

IMHO Christmas has been reduced to a charade, I am glad to be living in China this year so I can ignore it.  I would rather work on Christmas Day this year than go through the motions at home.

If your Chinese traditions mean anything to you, keep them.   If not abandon them.  Don't start celebrating Christmas, please no, just don't.  

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Enjoy happy atmasphere of both chinese and western festival~~

As a girl, I like festivals very much---- chinese festivals and western ones!
As long as it is meanful for me ,i will celebrate it with my boyfriend, and my parents! For example, i will remind my father of valentine's day on each valentine's day morning.and  the fact is ,most of time, my father remembers this day more clearly than me  ^  ^  maybe only a piece of rose, costing little money, but both my father and i are so happy to see my dear mother's smiling face and her joy just like a young girl ! maybe others chinese families don't do such silly things like us, but my parents, my bf and i really like this kind of "silly " very very much ~~
I like western festivals and often celebrate them even without knowing the origins of them ! why?? because what i really appreciate is just the happy atmasphere ! these days, when i go home after my work, when i pass by the shops, i see so many beautiful charismas trees , hear so many happy charistmas songs, which make me relaxed and joyful! if both my bf and i have time on charistmas day, we surely will have a good dinner together to enjoy ourselves! we will spend some money, even lots of money,but what if without charismas day?? we do not spent money having dinner together??of course not !!so charistmas for us is just a wonderful oppotunity to enjoy our lives!!very good atmaspere ! i like that kind of feelings^ ^
another point, i don't agree  "festivals = wasting time or spending lots of money" ! it depends! it depends on what kind of people you are and what kind of family it is! As chinese, even in traditional sping festival, in our family ,we do not give little chirldren money , do not give expensive gifts to each other!   "just take  yourself back home if you like without gifts please" -------this is a principle made by my lovely grandparents! so, when spring festival is coming, our family members can not wait for rushing home to enjoy  lovely family's warmth and happiness,without any burden ,no matter how far we are from hometown ! ! ^ ^
this is what i am thinking! sorry, say too much wasting your so much time reading ! ^ ^  i gave this reply while working,so if any spelling or gramma  mistake, forgive me please ~~
yours Dinah ^ ^

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The details of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a typical American holiday.It is an annual day of giving thanks for the blessing people have enjoyed during the year.The theme of thanksgiving has always been peace and plenty,health and happiness.
The first National Thanksgiving Day was set on November 26,1789 by George Washington in his inauguration.In 1864,President Lincoln appointed the last Thursday of November to be the Thanksgiving Day.

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