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Welcome to join Colorful Domain English Club(BJ) (renewed 22Apr.2008) [Copy link] 中文

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a warm-hearted organizer, I support you.
I am working in Beijing and have always been searching for a club like this one,
I am urgent to improve my oral English. but a little shy to show my shabby English in public:)

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to Yammon

Never too late to start, but, the earlier, the better.

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hold out

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hehe I m doing Zhejiang YIWU Free Club now

I wish you could help me  a little bit?

the  former joiners of Beijing club?

jim,i was a student at that time while other are  almost great job holder.

hehe  so does it that mean we belongs to different society classes


hehe  now Jim the founder of zhejiang yiwu  free  english Club will want to realize some dream when i can fulfile in beijing club.

and i wish  we can work together to favor the english eduction in china and boost the spirit of sharing

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if anyone from Zhejiang who would like be a volunteer for our club pls tell me

here is a small but international city yiwu in zhejiang , and our groups members tend to be young worker and newly school leaver and young bizman in the ranging age of 18--24.

hehe. so we mainly contact by  qQ;244981868  zhejiang yiwu  english

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JOE(QQ :244981868)  (2006-03-08 11:19:01)

需要参加 或者 本周末 能来参加的朋友 请电话 或则QQ 联系

欢迎加入  浙江义乌 免费英语吧

主题: 共享 自信 快乐 学习  交流  




如果 你已经是我们的会员或即将成为我们的会员请遵守我们的(158)公约

Mr Joe JIM

“义务免费英语吧” 的协会章程   


Laws (love) of Yiwu Free English CLub, Namely (158)


A (1) Aims of (158):   

(158) is a free center for everyone to exchange ideas of studying English as well as a free zone for m8-king friends.It was founded in 20 March 2006  to help English lovers to enjoy  English communication and to learn English from each other as friends basically.It will go florish, better and better with our careful management.

二、(158)参与人员:参与人员 定义为广大英语爱好者,不分、年龄、性别、文化、国籍,只要为学习交流英语目的迩来 随时都欢迎,而且是自愿加入或退出!  

A (2) Participants of ( 158 )(Joiners):   

Joiners could be anyone who shares love in English and English communication  without any regard of ages, genders, cultural concerns as well as nationality. It's a free English Club which offers you a good performing stage to share your  experiences of learning English and to make friends.   

Everyone in (158) enjoy a free right to join in or to quit.However, once you join us , you should follow the principle of our (158) Free English club.  You are welcome anytime!  

三、(158)活动时间:本158规定的正式活动时长的1.5 小时,暂时预定在周日,从9:15 到  11:00,其间有两个15 分钟的自由交流的时间间隔(可以走动请教问题)。在正式的1、5小时的学习时间里,希望大家认真对待现场各个小组的学习交流的氛围,尽情的用英语交流学习提问,作答等等!

A(3) Activity Time of(158):

There will be two free talk time periods (15 Minutes/per period) within the Activity Time. The net time of our activity is 1.5 hours ( Everyone shall take the 1.5 hours seriously to enjoy learning andspeaking English as well as m8king  friends).  


A(4)  Attention Part of (158)   

All memebers in 158 share the  equal personal rights here and should be friendly treated.

Within our English Conversation,the personal attacks against one another ,the nonsense gossip of commericaliztions as well as rude remarks, all of which could hurt the common interest of (158) should be strictly prohibited.

五、(158)学习内容:学习内容会在每期活动前一到两天 提前通知大家,通常是通过qq,EMAIL,复印档案的形式发给大家,内容的种类和难易可由各个小组的 “会管”企划后,多人讨论后通过并且发布!


浙江义乌322000 增景(0收,  QQ:244981868  308864038
A(5) Study Content of (158):   

The team Guider of Our group will inform everyone about the discussion topic and study material one or two days before each activity.  All the related infos will be sent out through qq or  emails to our group members.   

Warmly welcome to our "158" Free English club if you have free time on Sunday and please leave your contact info here by means of QQ,Mails,Tel below to let us connected!  

Contact us Emailto Jo here, enjoye320@HOTMAIL。COM  QQ:244981868  308864038

QQ:  group: 18458003

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