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Welcome to join Colorful Domain English Club(BJ) (renewed 22Apr.2008) [Copy link] 中文

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Colorful Domain (CD) English Club

Colorful Domain (CD) ENGLIISH CLUB was founded in Beijing on May 30, 2004. Hudson and Bob are two prominent founders. Since its inception, this non-profit club has always been a platform for English learners to:
        Improve public speaking skills in English
        Get trained in leadership and management skills
        Broaden horizons
        Make friends
        Enjoy a more diversified life
The Club meets every Sunday morning between 10:30am and 12:30pm at Wu Yu Tai(吴裕泰)near Bei Xin Qiao Subway Station, Line 5 (地铁五号线北新桥站).
The Club is managed by the Organizers’ Committee, details of which can be found at Description of Organizers’ Committee of CD English Club

1.        Impromptu speeches: 12 min, 3 topics available
2.        Wordsmith: 2 min. a list of new words
3.        Prepared speech: 10 min, a well-prepared and well–delivered speech is to be followed by Q&A and comments/evaluations
4.        Group discussions: 60 min, 4-5 people forming a group, discussing over 2 topics previously prepared and posted by the Host every Wednesday on our website and” English Clubs ” column of Chinadaily BBS
5.        Presentations: 15 min, each above-mentioned group shall select a representative to draw conclusion of their discussion on their behalf

In addition to the regular programme, we also hold outings, parties and the like occasionally.

Come directly to our Sunday meeting place and get your basic information (English name, email address and occupation) registered by Crystal or Amanda, our Membership Administrator.  

As a member, you are obliged to abide by the following rules:
1) No Chinese language — as little as possible, actually
2) Punctuality — Seldom is there heavy traffic in BJ on early Sunday morning, so try to arrive on time, preferably 10:15 am every Sunday morning
3) Registration — Underline your name on the member list to show your presence
4) Pay RMB15 at the entrance for service provided at Wu Yu Tai (meeting room facilities, tea and cookies) — Wu Yu Tai offers top-notch tea that is valued much higher if consumed at other places
5) Politically correct — Topics of sex, religion and politics are not subjects to be discussed at our meetings.

Time: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. every Sunday morning
Location: Wu Yu Tai吴裕泰
北京市东城区交道口东大街4-17号,北京吴裕泰茶叶股份有限公司Please refer to the pinned message
(unless otherwise notified in case of any change of activity, time and venue)

The best way is by subway. Take Line 5, get off at Bei Xing Qiao(北新桥站) station, and get out from Exit D. Walk 100 meters westwards, and you will see Wu Yu Tai Tea House Company. Our meeting venue is on the second floor.

Description of Special Roles of CD Meeting

Basic requirements: good English, fluent and eloquent; enthusiastic and inspiring, familiar with CD’s agenda and CD’s unique style, skillful in organizing and communication.
Training skills: leadership, public speaking skills, planning and implementation skills, creative thinking.
Host the Meeting smoothly according to the set agenda. Remember time control is fairly important.
Prepare 3 interesting and sometimes challenging topics for Impromptu speeches.
Work out two discussible topics for the Meeting, one formal, the other more relaxed, and post the topics on our website and on BBS of Chinadaily by Wednesday.
Make sure Prepared Speechmaker and Minutes Writer available at the meeting doing their duties professionally.

Prepared Speechmaker
Basic requirements: well prepared and well delivered. And speak loudly enough to get yourself heard.
Training skills: public speaking skills, writing skills, logical and creative thinking.
Prepare soundly and deliver well-structured speech effectively within 10 min.
Inform the host your topic in advance (recommended).
Either serious essay, or delightful short play could be introduced.
Be as creative as you can
Visual aids (computer, projector, white board, DVD player) are available.

Minute Writer
Basic requirements: good memory and fair written English
Training skills: observation skills, listening comprehension, writing skills,
Write a 500-word-long meeting report in a concise, formal or casual manner
Post the report on our website and BBS of Chinadaily by Wednesday.
Personal comments/remarks are welcome.
Description of Organizers’ Committee of CD English Club

Basic requirements of Organizers:
An organizer should be loyal, responsible, reliable, enthusiastic, motivated and willing to work selflessly with a great team spirit.

Responsibilities of the Organizers’ Committee:
The Organizers’ Committee is in charge of overall management of the Club. Organizers are obliged to attend meetings/activities frequently and take responsibilities to develop an appropriate atmosphere and make every meeting running smoothly. Organizers should attend to newcomers and brief them on CD’s characteristics and help them get involved in quickly; meanwhile, encourage participants to be active. Organizers should listen attentively to questions and proposals made by CD members and pass them over to Organizers’ meetings to discuss ways to meet member’s demand. Organizer’s meeting shall be held whenever deemed necessary but no less than once in a month. Organizers must not miss these meetings without proper reasons and previously asking a Chairperson for leave. Repeated failure to abide by the rule is viewed as that the Organizer is automatically disqualified him/herself from the Organizers’ Committee.  

Current Roles of the Organizers’ Committee

Co-Chairpersons: Alhaji, Joyce
Act as leaders to the Organizers’ Committee, set down general policies of CD; recommend, approve and in certain circumstances, disqualify an unqualified organizer; supervise every meeting; convene the Organizers’ Meeting when necessary; Open every Sunday meeting with an opening speech and serve as evaluators and/or mentors upon request.

Website Administrators: Caesar, Maple Feng
Take charge of our websites. Make sure there are no abusive languages and no ads. Ensure Topics, Meeting Reports and Prepared Speeches and other important information are posted on our websites.

Member-list Administrators: Crystal, Amanda
Take charge of CD English Club member-list. Make sure every participant registered at every gathering and keep updating. Also be responsible to pass important messages to all members.
Notice: only Chairmen and Member-list Administrators are authorized to keep the full membership list. Information of this nature is considered private and thus confidential.

Social Activities (hiking, parties,) Organizers: Sue, Richard, Ellie

Legal Advisor: Richard

Supporting Staff (Coaches): Frank, Bob, Amber, Melanie, Lillian.

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to mediators

So many thanks for your immediate action and kind support!

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a good club

it seems that Beijing CD Club is the best one amony CD Clubs.
It embodies  team work spirit,vigor,and management with high  level.

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how many people attend at present time?

i would like to know how many people the club contains now?

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Come on join it

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no answer?

no one answers me?

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to Concorde

Sorry, on behalf of the Club volunteers. But indeed I cannot give you a prompt reply after 2 a.m.
The Club has around 200 registered members up till now, who have joined the Club gathering at least once.
Averagely, around 20 members attend the Club weekly gathering in recent months.
If you are interested, please come over to experience it. If not, you will also be appreciated for your ever curiosity. If you could take time to give us some suggestions, we would be much much more grateful.


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