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Okay, my first real attempt to spark some interesting discussion...Kang Youwei wrote that he believed, in time...the human race is going to melt into each other and through natural selection (after reading a translation of Darwin's On the origin of species which, sorry Kang (RIP), he obviously did not understand but most non science people don't anyway) that the ultimate race will be a composite of merely two: Mind of the yellow race and physical attributes of the White (even kang in 1899 had an inferiority complex when it comes to physical appearance! sigh.. there's no use is there?)

Point the world is rapidly changing and moving forward into the future...and higher education becomes more and more accessible and thus..facilitating the understanding and fascination with different cultures...added to the fact that the lines that used to separate us are becoming more and more thinner...even language barriers are beggining to erode...does anyone think that in another 2000 years...our very dear cultures and languages will fade away? IS the fate of human civilization the eventually coalescence of cultures into one boring ass homogenous culture? Personally, I would not like to see anymore languages or cultures die out...there world would not be very interesting without is the lack of variability that leads to extinction...ok, taht may not apply to us but you get the idea. well?

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The simple answer is no.

Your post conflates a lot of different ideas, but I think the central question is:

"Will we, at some future time, be all the same?"

And the answer is, obviously, no.

Think of the most "samey" culture you have experienced. Even inside that culture people have their own beliefs, ways of living, personalities.

In fact, the more the world becomes "similar" because of television, global products, etc. the more these litle differences become important.

By the way, on a related point, the idea of "race" is an illusion. Look it up. All we are is cultural, linguistic, and minor physical differences. As the French say: "Vive la difference!"

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Well genetically speaking...

...if there was this mass inter-marriage all over the world, we'd all end up looking kindof African-Asian .

Almost all of the White genetic traits are recessive.  Black hair is the dominant trait/ blond or red hair is recessive.  Blue or Green eyes are recessive.  

Skin color and height is usually sort of a combination of both parents, so we'd still have tall and short people and lighter and darker skin.

Are we losing our cultures that define our identities?  Good question.  I see a lot of traditional culture dying out everywhere, but then again, there's no such thiing as status quo in culture.  There's always evolution, borrowing from others, giving to others.

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but don't worry about it ...

If you are talking about milleniums, it gets worse.
The Y chromosome (male) is slowly disappearing, growing smaller by the millenium, and if the human race could survive another 10 million years, there will probably be no males.
Other geneticists believe the male chromosome will decay much faster and fertility will drop to 1% of its present level in 125,000 years, give or take a few milleniums.
Some geneticists believe eventually there might be different species of human beings who cannot inter-breed. Something akin to a mule. A horse can mate with a donkey to breed a mule, but a mule cannot breed with another mule - well, it would be very difficult indeed
Don't worry about it, not worth losing sleep over.


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Scandinavian sperm pretty expensive...

And finally, I wouldn't worry about the demise of blondes and red heads either.
30% of the world's sperm industry is in Scandinavia. The biggest sperm bank in the world is Cryos International in Denmark. It has a branch office in New York.
Due to the fear of accidental incest, Cryos, like other sperm banks, limits the number of shipments to any particular country.
Even little Hong Kong has ordered some shipments of blonde sperm - but I haven't the faintest clue why. Probably the expats.
If anyone wants to place an order, I'd be glad to supply links. You will need a turkey baster and, presto, instant blonde.

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Very Serious Discussion

Thanks for initiating such an interesting topic.  Thanks for calling it a  "serious discussion".  

This is a topic of significant concern Whites.  But most White refuse to acknowledge the implications.  And those Whites that are concerned and that do talk about this issue are considered "racist".  In American talking about this topic in public would be liking talking about sex in public in china.  Just consider bad manners.  

The fact is the future does not look good for the White race.  Whites make up about 10% of the worlds population.  But the problem is even worse then that.  The percentage of White woman that are capable of producing children is less the 3% of the world population.  

Significant inter-racial breading will cause significant loss for the White race.  It is very likely that with 50 years only 1% of the world population will be White woman that can produce children at that point it will be very hard for the White race to rebuild it population.

Other highly likely facts:
Whites will make up less then 50% of Americas population by 2050.
Whites will make up about 10% of Americas population by 210?.
Whites will make up less then 50% of England population by 2100.  When this happens in England it will be the first time in world history the an ethnic group voluntarily allowed themselves to become a minority.  
There will be no majority White country in the world before 2150.  (Maybe much earlier)

What does all this mean for the White race?

Who is to blame?

How can this tragedy be avoided?

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Australia is still 90% white...

QF88 and QF188 depart daily from Hong Kong.
But Anglo-Celts are not necessarily blondes or red heads, just so you don't get too disappointed.

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