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20 AIDS facts [Copy link] 中文

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aids is projected to be the largest epidemic in china in the future.



illegal blood transfusions?

what is the reason?
ignorance, lied, and a false sense of security.

fact 1:
injectable drugs dont spread aids, dirty, used, shared needles do.

free needles distributed from clinics.

probability of success:
low to none

precieved encouraging of drugs, a strictly forbodden activity

solution 2:
increase border control and include on sight executions, and better equipt personnel


undermines government law, destroys society, drugs are the enemy of china

fact 2: blood transfusions do not spread aids, illegal procedures by unqualified personnel for profit do

increase penalty for possession of illegal blood,  even to include death for anyone dealing in illegally obtained blood


beurocratic/ administrative

fact 3: normal sex, oral, or anal sex, even with the use of a condom, can spread aids.

solution 1:
sex between virgins after marriage. no other type of sex.


reason: common

solution 2: no sex at all


people should get married and have children

fact 4:
the ONLY safe sex is NO sex

fact 5:
aids is highest in african people, and in gay males.

fact 6:
if you have any type of sex, even with a condom, you are at risk of contracting

fact 7:
condoms can only REDUCE the chances of contracting aids, not prevent it. often worded 'help to prevent', for sales.

fact 8:
aids (or the hiv virus which causes aids, henceforth just called aids) can take over 6 months to appear in your blood.

fact 9:
after a negative result from an aids test you can unknowingly spread aids to any person you have sex with

fact 10:
after having no sex for at least 6 months, is the only time an aids test is accurate

fact 11:
Each time you have sex, you must wait 6 months for another negative aids test before proceding with another  sexual partner, 6 months and then a test between monogamous partners.

fact 12:
if you sleep with only one person in your life, but your partner has had sex with 10 people, and each of his partners have had sex with 10 people, and each of there partners as well, and so on, you have successfully, in essence, slept with hundreds of thousands of people, and are at a high risk of aids. by this, most travelling westerners have had sex with millions,

fact 12: if you are found positive for aids in china, you will be isolated, your life, over.

fact 13:
no one gets tested for aids in china

fact 14:
you can live with aids over 7-12 or more years, unknowingly infecting anyone you have sex with, if you've never been tested.

fact 15:
westerners teaching in china are the only people required to be tested for aids.

fact 16: less than 20% of foreign teachers get tested.

fact 17: almost 100% of foreigners sleep with prostitutes

fact 18:
younger generations are beginning to have sex due to high marriage age, stressful school lifes,  bf/gf acceptance, and changes with the moral character due to external influences

fact 19:
hundreds of thousands of people are infected and living with aids unknowingly in china, and wont know til they fall sick with aids, and are spreading more aids daily.

fact 20: you could have aids, now, today, even if you never had sex, from any number of other possible ways to exchange bodily fluids and with any others, dentists, sharing toothbrushes, risky deep kissing, and other blood to blood, contact.

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I have so many female friends who go to CHINA to promote trade and have nothing but good things to say about CHINA.

They were surprised the hosts in Shanghai have excellent English translators, five-star hotels, and the Chinese people are so nice and cordial !

My friends' companies not only turn things around in last two years and able to make a huge profits.

She NEVER sleeps around with any male prostitutes.

YOU are not telling the truth.

Not all white women are sluts, they represent the trading partners with CHINA and promote economic growth and improve the living standard of CHINA !!

I hope you DO NOT INSULT our guests in Shanghai which bring hundreds of billions dollars to CHINA !!!

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The largest epidemic is still common cold-- the FLU !!

Amen !!

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i doubt  a foreign woman in china would ever meet a man whore, though they exist.

dont be so funny

equality is not to that level in china...

when i say prostitute i meant female

i didnt mean lesbian westerner women paying street whores either

i meant western males

the majority of foreigner in china

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your post was

very promising but became more and more ridiculous as it went on

assuming it's not a piss-take, i'd like to know why so many chinese people are so pig ignorant?

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you also can't count


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explain, lizard brain

you're in denial, lying to yourself, and others to justify your fornication

everyone, you sgould wait 6 months after meeting someone to have sex, then you both should get an aids test, if you break up, you need to wait 6 months from the last time either of you had sex.

any one else is a potential aids victim, like this guy.

you should be shot.

luckily aids is the perfect virus...

too bad u gotta take others with you.

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