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How to become a Chinese Citizen? [Copy link] 中文

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Anyone willing to give her/his American citizenship to acquire Chinese citizenship
seriously needs to see a psychotherapist.  I would not mind acquiring Chinese
citizenship but not at the risk of losing my more precious American citizenship.
When China affords me the same rights as I have back home, then maybe, I will
consider acquiring their citizenship but never giving up my own.  Just my humble

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It is not as uncommon as you may think it is, for an American to want to leave this country. The reason I found      this article myself, was a google search of  "how to become a chinese citizen" .

I have no idea why people would find it hard to believe that an american would want to go to China.  I
personally do not see anything wrong with China except the fact of limited rights of speech, but yet in America
it's not far from being the same if not worse.
The biggest problem in america is the fact that everyones eyes are closed as far as citizens. No american
wants war with any country, the ones that do are just acting out what they see in the media. I personally
can not stand the way america sticks it's nose into other countries affairs. We have no buisness being in other countries fighting, it's wrong.
China is controlled by a goverment , America is controlled by it's corperations.

Most americans want peace, true peace.  I would be proud to be a citizen of China ! I love reading about China.
If it was as simple as going to an embasy to become a citizen of China, there would be a lot of people from
America wanting to be in China as well.


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LZ is wumao!

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This is my first time posting, I hope I am doing it correctly.

I am also interested in this, I am not an American, but each person has their own reason for wanting to do what they do.
I will be applying for my Chinese Permanent Residency in about a year, I will then have been married for 5 years, and been in China for more than at least 9 months in a consecutive 5 year period in China (much more than 5 years actually), I have a Child with my wife, we are buying our second apartment, I don't see any reason why I would not be granted Permanent Residency.
I am however a little confused as I have asked and read the law thoroughly and it says there are several conditions to be met; 1 - being married for five years, 2 - residing in China for a period of no less than 9 months in a five year period. I have repeatedly asked and the law is not known that well in the departments, I asked my local PSB in Nanjing, I have lived in China for more than 5 consecutive years, condition 2 is met. I will be married for 5 years in another year, almost met condition 1. I have asked if I can live the last year or so in another country as it DOES NOT say that I have to be married 5 years IN CHINA, they are 2 separate conditions and we were planning on going away and living in another country for a year or 2, but it seems no-one knows the laws properly, Beijing answered truthfully and said "I really don't know, we have not come across anyone questioning this before", Shanghai says that it must be 5 years married in China (but knowing Shanghai, they just don't want to admit they don't know), Nanjing looks blankly and says call Beijing, Shenzhen says they don't know. I am not sure if it will allow me to input the Chinese, but it is clear that these are 2 different conditions.
There are other conditions, but that is easy enough to meet as we have real estate (in both our names), a child, a car, investments in Chinese stocks (not in my name) and various other forms of proof that China is my home.

After that, I will try to become naturalised and hold a Chinese passport and ID card, it is not hard for a Chinese person to leave the country, many Chinese people I know make more than I do, so travelling and is not an issue. When/if I become a Chinese national, I will then get Australian Permanent Residency and will be afforded all the same benefits as I have now, only difference is I will not be fined every time I do not vote. If I have a serious medical condition, or need to go to Australia for any reason, it will be the same as having an Australian passport, the health care system will take care of me and that's all that matters really.

I am not saying China is right for everyone, in fact, it is hell for many, for those, it is completely understandable to not want Chinese citizenship, but for those who feel like me, give up your respective ex-countries passports, if they don't have some sort of system for you to go back, such as I can just get Australian Permanent Residency, then so what, they are not a very good country to be a part of and should stop acting like spoilt brats.

I am curious as to hear whether the poster has actually received his P.R or Citizenship, if so, please let us know, the law is black and white, but the interpretation is somewhat grey.

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post # 2 is right

the FIRST  post

and the LAST one

are a joke


that's their "dream"

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mikeghet Post time: 2004-11-23 17:18
"Welcome to stay in China permanently. I take this opportunity to tell you that China is the most fa ...

i like how american trolls make so many efforts to discourage people from taking up u.s citizenship, but some of the reasoning is totally flawed. you claim that he shouldnt take up Chinese citizenship because the Chinese passport is discriminated against, but why would you want to go to any country that discriminates against your countrymen. as far as i can see, if the country doesnt want Chinese there, then the country isnt worth going to. not everyone is a parasitical "businessman", and therefore doesnt have the need to travel to countries that are unwelcoming of Chinese

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