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How to become a Chinese Citizen? [Copy link] 中文

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To Travelfreak

I don't agree with you. Why did you put it that way?
I always think that it's a optimistic attitude for one to leave home and explore a different life in a different country. I think because they want something new, want some change, they are eager to know a different culture, different people, this is a very healthy and positive attitude towards life. I admire such an attitude. Wherever we go, try to find chances to learn something, whichever country you are in, poor or rich, you can always abtain something good from the country and its people only if you have a ready mind for it and that should be the goal of your working and living in that country. People look at things from different angles, from the same stuff, some have got something useful, some have got nothing and some have learnt to critisize..
It's a chance to learn, a chance to critisize, a chance to reveal oneself.
how you will perform all depends on you.

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re:How to become a Chinese Citizen?

With the speed-up development of economy,China is becoming more and more attractive to most foriegners.And some of them want to become a part of Chinese.In order to establish the enterprises of themsleves more and more overseas students have been back to China.Almost all of the multinational companies have invested in China,and they are benefittuing from the investment.
    In the past hundreds years,it was a beautiful dream for most Chinese people to become a citizen of America.Now,the situation is changing day by day.The new policy of Chinese green-card has come into force months ago.It is a clear and definite singal that China is becoming more and more open to the world.According to thr reports,hundreds of foriegners have applied for Chinese Green-card.
    As far as I am concerned,It is not important where a people is living,the most important thing is that he could enjoy himself in the country.So,it is not seldom that more and more people want to live in Africa because of the feautiful environments and clear air there.To me,I prefer to live in Europe,so I can feel different styles of culture.

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"Now,the situation is changing day by day"

yeah, perhaps to a  very small degree....

the problem is that china doesn't recongnize dual citizneship.  I don't thinka  brit, america, frrench, german would give up their citizenship.  But, if the intended to stay for a long time or possibly forever they'd try and get dual citizenship.

In america and canada and twan you can have dual citizenship.  food for thought....why own't china recognize dual citizenship?

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dual critenship

The reason why China won't NOT allow dual critzenship is because china is communist.
It's interesting when so many mainland chinese immigated or want to go to another countries( U.S.A, canada, U.K) Then there are actually people who want to become Chinese...very very interesting!!!!!

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anyway,welcome to join a big chinese family!!

Did you look for a lover in your city of china?  If yes, you should ask her to find out the related process for your reference. I think she will help you to do it. and another way that you should go to the local immigration dept. so that you could konw some land settlement policies about foreigners. or go to local administration dept. of police office to have a consultation! The policies for settlers are changing day by day. So,the settlement policies is different as before. You’d better visit some different local governments to find out the result by yourself for what you want!!
Good luck!!

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Where is original poster

Asalaamualaikum (blessings and peace on u)

I really wonder that where is Mr. snidley nowadays because he started this post 18 days ago and still didn't reply to this post & his last post on this website was on Nov-17.

By the way topic started by him is really interesting.

khudahafiz. (god bless u)

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I'm here..

I have read all your posts... sorry I have not answered sooner.

As for the comments about my English... I was born and raised in Upstate NY, and am am "real".

Many of you were wondering about my reasons for wanting to change my citizenship to Chinese.

The simple answer is:  I consider China to be my home, I have had the same girl friend for more than 2.5 years. I like it here.  I have no desire to return to the USA.  My life is in China, not the USA.

I will take the advice that some gave to me suggesting I visit the local government offices in Nanjing and see what they say about the possibilities of converting to Chinese.  When I do, I will report the information here.


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