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King George is to lead Medieval America to Total Diaster [Copy link] 中文

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No matter whether the site is a hoax, the fact that so many around the world believe it to be the case suggests that Bush is truly not amongst the best minds that ever won the U.S. presidency.

The scores do not seem to be targeted at Bush.  The popular Reagan does not have a high score either, but then his communications skills were legendary.

A high IQ is not the best guarantee for success in life.  Character is.  Reagan may not be the smartest president around, yet his ability to form a consensus even with his enemies is well known.

This is a fair evaluation of the presidents I believe.

Thanks to Shan Huang for this post.

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America has already been deeply divided

America is now not only politically divided, but culturally and economically divided. King George will further drive the highly educated and productive coastal blue states, such as California, Massachusetts, New York, even Washington away, leading to a possible complete geo-political break up, someday. And California will be the first one to leave.

While 11 Republican redneck states passed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, blue California overwhelmingly (65%) passed a bill to support stem cell research with state funding.

The rich blue states will get richer because people there are educated. Take the geographic location of American educational institutions as an example, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Cal Tech, Columbia, Brown, and many more, 95% of the best American universities are located in the coastal blue states.

The poor redneck Republican states will get poorer because they don't receive proper education, let "King" and "God" to govern them, how can they compete in this modern day global economy? All they can do is whining about job losses.

Why would the blue coastal states take such red burdens forever on their back? Never forget Americans are highly individual and free, or say, extremely selfish. They could  leave and form a United States of Coastal America, a new federal, so what?!

For now, the blue states will march and live in 21st century; The Republican redneck states will go back to medieval DARK AGE.

So, don't be surprised if America breaks up into pieces, someday.

Thanks, and welcome, wchao.

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Look at this map -- educated blue states and poor Republican redneck states


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Australia - the 51st State

See that blank spot, the way Australians voted for first strikes against Asians, please put Australian around the Panhandle. They fit right in there, same sort of people.

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Yap, Aussi is a redneck too

They could join in and form The United States of Redneck America.

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See New England and New York and the West Coast?

They are totally different to the mid-west and the deep south.
In the case of Australia, the deep north and the wild west.

As with any other countries, there are people with different mindset.  I couldn't begin to think like one of those rednecks, they are like aliens to me with their "pre-emptive strikes against Asians".

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Thanks for letting me know "the deep north" and "the wild west"

No one can understand there are such people existing in a civilized world. If they can they would bring back slavery and racial genocide.

They are often lazy, don't want to make effort to be educated. But they want to be superior than the hard-working, smart late-comers. That's their mentality.

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