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Adolf Bush and his second merry-go-round [Copy link] 中文

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the reason you guys are weak ...

is because you cannot engage in serious debate.  only shan huang tried for a while when he insisted that yahoo news was controlled by u.s. politicians.  

this thread is a great example.  wchao starts off by writing one thing, to which i respond with a reasonable, direct answer.  does he reply in turn?  read and figure it out for yourself.

wchao, the internet police are not going to answer for you.  is it really so hard to write a post without saying, "do this, OR ELSE ..."  i mean, c'mon, you've been saying that all your life, haven't you?

you did, at least, answer the question about schmidt and harrison.  now we all know for sure that these two are your handles.  i never thought any other forum accounts were yours, only these two.  i was suspicious mainly because they reappeared when you did last month.  great moral standards, by the way, in using multiple accounts.

as for the pm-gate affair, i think it's lovely to have exposed you all.  i could have posted the message box contents (the titles of the pm's), but instead decided to do a little "analysis."  sure it's a little sly (after all, i'm a jackal), but certainly not deceitful, especially since i didn't lie or make up anything, as wchao insists.  

of course, you are always welcome to keep bringing it up ... to which i'll have to answer by posting my "analysis" over and over and over.  (the internet cops are here, and they're not doing anything.)


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tsupasat, really?

Who can't debate, so keep posting others' "private messages"? Isn't you? If you can debate, why do you need to go so low?

You didn't win the Yahoo debate. You were chopped into pieces by me on Sudan debates, on Abu Prison debate, on media debate, what else? I can't remember all of our debates.

Then you start to need LGK's help. Accidentally exposed him.

What else can you accomplish??

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seneca, accidentally, I have a proof, look

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Which election do you wish to debate?

Wei Chao -

I was speaking about the 2004 US Presidential Election, where the Republican candidate won a clear majority in both the popular and electoral college vote.  You are traveling back in time 4 years to use out-of -date statistics in order to claim the election is not legitimate.  You inablility to accept the facts does not change them.

Regarding you focus on one small portion of the United States:  I suggest you use the Internet to find a breakdown of election returns for the entire United States to see how much support each candidate received.  You will see that the Democratic candidate's support was primarily limited to the precincts near/in the larger cities, but that the majority of the nation supported the Republican candidate.  Even in the states won by the Democrat.

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Yes, The majority of the states of US are undeniabley redneck

Look at the map one can clearly tell the blue states are more intelligent and better educated, the red states are simply rednecks, poor people who never received proper education such that they elected a Moron to be the president of the United States, let SEX to define American moral value, obsessed with gay marriage and abortions.

What a shame !

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Yeah, the Monkey is BACK

Yeah, the Georgie Monkey Bush is BACK

The monkeyS swing from one end to the other and then back again.

This speaks volume, not forgetting the video clip from Osama Bin Ladin.

God bless the World, we have a less safer place to live - for four more years, for sure.

wchao:  “I was lamenting for the ordinary people of America. ….. I care about the plight and suffering of ordinary Americans including the minority soldiers who are sent to die as cannon fodder in immoral wars ……”

By all means, I do “sympathize” with the ordinary Americans for what they have to go through (yes, I mean the swinging pendulum), but NO MORE.

This is all about DEMOCRACY, it is their right and freedom to choose. Their Choice.  

In a western democracy, it is not true that all your wishes will be fulfilled or will come true; not true that the good will prevail over the evil – an axiom no more or, perhaps, never unless you have been cheated.  

It’s no longer necessarily that the right-thinking, the progressive or moral men and women will win and will lead.  It’s about QUANTITY and NOT quality.  Democracy is beneficial only when all her people are sensible (well-informed), moral and capable of making right choices.  

But, if you can brainwash and scare just 50.00000000001% of the lesser people (ignorant, fools, idiots, madmen) into believing you, following you, your battle is won.  Yes, that's all it takes - a gamble.  

That’s the risk about democracy (in this case, a degradation) – yes, it’s QUANTITY that counts, NOT quality.  That’s why many sensible countries are REJECTING the American, the Western Democracy.  

The other reason why I have little sympathy for the Americans is that they may suffer, but they will be okay no matter what.  I worry for the people around them.  One way or the other, the Americans will drag everyone of us down to suffer with them, to pay the price for them.  Some have already paid if you noticed.  The Americans have made the world a less safer place to live, that’s obvious.  All because of a madman called Bush.

When the Twin Tower was crashed, I was shocked (never had it happened before) and I felt sorry for the unfortunate people who died there and their families, but only for a moment.  Think of why this happened and the atrocities of the Americans, all my sympathies for her people evaporated.

On the other hand, I feel sorry for Osama Bin Ladin – how he must work even harder now and how many more suicide bombers he has to sacrifice.

Was the video clip really a mistake?  Well, only time will tell and until then, we do not know the agenda of OBL.

All my best wishes to OBL.

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Comparing Bush to Hitler is disgusting and obviously a mile off target.  It's the lazy rhetoric of Guradian readers, or more likely their 12 year old children.  

Now Adolf Mao on the other hand...

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