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Adolf Bush and his second merry-go-round [Copy link] 中文

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here's the memorable "pm-gate" post

here ya go, wchao.  since you liked it so much ...

and, no, i did not forge any message titles.  and, no, they are not emails; they are private messages (or pm's, as we say in forum-speak).  

real stuff; real interesting.  so sit there and squirm until the mod comes on in about an hour and a half.



my analysis of wchao, thestud, lgk, coolmax, and judge & jury's private message inboxes ...

due to the recent system glitch, forumites were able to read view one another's private message inboxes.  i was able to see the inboxes of wchao, thestud, lgk, coolmax, and judge & jury.  

here are some of the things i found out:

thestud is entirely focused on "combating" perceived china-haters.  all of his forum participation is based on this goal.  he seems incredibly insecure, even sending wchao a message asking if he can "fire" in a certain thread.  

i could not access chineseyang's inbox, but she is mentioned several times in these other people's inbox.  thestud complains about her "biting" him, and then he asks her to stop posting in a thread (presumably because it will boost it up to the top).

chairman easily confesses his different handles to both wchao and thestud, and shares the same "us-against-them" mindset as thestud.  he writes one pm to thestud that is titled: "follow my lead and try to get cytheria and coolmax and whampoa as well"  (dated: 2004-10-27 01:14)
this shows he collaborates with thestud to enlist these other forumites assistance in their "battles."

wchao is a very sneaky guy, communicating with both tpj and his commited enemies, thestud and chairman.  he seems independent from those other two, even though they often plead their cases with him that tpj is bad, lgk is good, etc.

i was able to see coolmax's private messages, none of which show any strange behavior.  at least i can see this guy is not here with the sole intention of "fighting."  

luf2004 has exchanged many messages with thestud, and his stance can be summarized in these message titles (to thestud): "I am with humanbeing" (2004-10-26 00:56), "thestud, pride wouldn't help you anything" (2004-10-26 00:46),  "why you fight everyone?" (2004-10-26 00:37)

i find these messages to be very insightful.  for one thing, we can see chairman is not thestud.  nor is wchao thestud.  chairman is most definitely tombraiders (aka judge & jury).  coolmax, whampoa, cyntheria, and chineseyang are seen as people who need to be convinced to join in "battles" against "enemies."

anyone able to read my inbox?  ;-)


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And for you, nosferatu..

Thank you for the note.

You said:

<<<You are over-analyzing the US election results and trying to make lame excuses for the losing party rather than accepting the facts: the majority of Americans picked Bush and many other Republican candidates because they agree with his goals and priorities. Kerry and his promises were rejected. They were rejected by a solid majority of over 3.5 million votes in a democratic process.>>>

I reply:

Hey hey, are you sure the majority of Americans chose Bush?  Did he win a mandate or did he not?

If an election cannot be decided on the day that it was held, that means no clear majority voted for the incumbent.

The popular vote in your electoral process was won by Al Gore last time and yet he did not win the election.  So your solid majority doesn't mean a thing if the North Ohio count in Cleveland had gone to Kerry.

As in the case of the 2000 election, the country is still divided under Bush into two distinctive camps.  Could George Bush finish any of the conquests without the mandate from his own people?

Let's look at the votes.

The 2000 election was stolen from Gore by the Supreme Court with its Bush-appointed majority deciding on the outcome of the recountability of the dimpled votes.  

With the recounting rejected by the Supreme Court by a vote of 5 to 4, the margin of 537 vote difference decided the outcome.

This time around with all the advantages enjoyed by the incumbent and four years' preparation in consolidating the Republican vote in the pivotal states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Bush still came up short and lost Pennsylvania.

The Ohio vote difference was again very small.

Bush is a known quantity as far as his attitudes on China are concerned.  Our leadership has devised a detailed plan in relating to this man.

Kerry is an unknown quantity.  He would have been a better choice for America because he has been in Senate long enough to know what needs to be done to benefit the people of America.  

Similarly, his veep John Edwards came from a disadvantaged background and he also understood the needs of the other half of America.  Together these two could have united the two parts of the nation.

Not Longshank Bush -- the one born with two silver spoons in his mouth.

Yes, Longshank Bush spent most of his time in his Crawford ranch during his first presidency, and dodged military service for his country.

One loved America by action, the other by lip service while engaging in irresponsible actions like the DUI conviction.

One went on to oppose the war after going on two tours voluntarily in Vietnam, an action which showed that he had guts even as a young man from a privileged background.  

Yes, Kerry could have dodged the military service if he had wanted to, just like Al Pacino's Michael Corleone could have in "God Father I."

If I were in your shoes, for this reason alone I would have felt ashamed in having voted Republican for Bush.

Do you truly understand the stakes involved -- that in the future, young men of means and ambition will not want to do military service for the U.S. and risk their own lives?  

What kind of role models are they presenting to the nation?

Two dodged the military draft and both got re-elected to the presidency as Democrat and Republican.

The other volunteered to go on two tours, won purple-heart medals and saved someone's lives, and yet he had to endure cross examination for his bravery and lost the election.

In other words, they see the example of Clinton and Bush both being successful in their pursuit of the presidency while Kerry who was a man of action, an American patriot, being rejected for the presidency of your 'democratic system.'

Comparing the Chinese and Amercan systems, which do you think brings the better person to the top position?

Isn't the answer very clear?


<<<You have every right to disagree with that choice, but it was America's choice to make. I for one am confident that it was the best choice. Time for you to get over it.>>>

I don't have to get over anything.

In fact, China is blessed now that the incompetent Bush is allowed to ruin America for four more years.

He is Allah's great gift to China!!!

No matter what he can come up with, China has a solution devised already.

We are not so sure about Kerry, because he is such a true American patriot.  He would have been wise and able to pull the troops out from Iraq whenever he wants because he agrees with the rest of the world and half of America that the war was wrong.

It's going to be tough for Bush to do that.

For one thing, he has never conceded he is wrong.

So he'll be squandering billions more in Iraq.

For China, that is not a bad thing to do.  We can shorten the time needed to narrow the gap of national strengths between our two countries much faster under Bush.

I was lamenting for the ordinary people of America.

It could have been a win-win situation for everyone in the Pacific Rim without having to go to war.

I think they have some very bad luck in having Sharon and Bush being contemporaneous with each other.  That is a double-whammy for accelerating America's decline in soft power, let alone the obvious ill effect on its economic power.

I care about the plight and suffering of ordinary Americans including the minority soldiers who are sent to die as cannon fodder in immoral wars, and that's why I was hoping for Kerry to win too.

Both China and America could have lived under the assumption that the other nation would be acting INTELLIGENTLY.

Now things do not look so good.  

Bush was fooled by Iran to go to war against Iraq.  Will he be foolish enough to be similarly fooled by Koizumi to go to war against China over Taiwan and the oil in East China Sea?

We just have to wait and see.

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ts, get out of my thread

When I said email I meant the pms.

btw thestud is not me.

Look at your own xipixiaolien attitude.

Since you still haven't repented, you are not welcome here.  I won't go to your threads and you don't come to mine.

I have absolutely no respect for or any interest in talking to you.  

You are not welcome to join me in conversation here or anywhere.

So leave before I summon a bouncer from a Jerry Springer Show to shove his four-feet golf club up your ass.

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are harrison and schmidt your ghost handles or not?

simple question.

threaten me all you want, little man.  this is an internet forum, what are you going to do?  write more nasty words?


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One last time....

....Get out before I call the internet police.

I despise people who make up things to make others look bad.

If not for the cerebrum copy of my pms, my friends would have no idea whether what you implied was true or not.

A person of your moral calibre won't know what  the word "little "means.


Everyone knows which ones are my handles, because I make no effort to change my style of writing.  

All the mods here use more than one handle.  Bamboo has two more that I know of.  What's wrong with that?

Go to look at 'bao bao' in this forum.  

That is the same one as luf2004 -- purposefully misspelling words and using poor grammar to deceive you into believing the handle belongs to someone other than an old farrt.

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While you keep posting other people's "private messages", do you understand or realize who is the real victim of your no so honerable doing?

The answer is LGK.

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Shan Huang

Good point!

LGK is now the king of lying, sniveling, stealing, peeping China-haters on the CD board.

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