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Uprisings in China, are foreign teachers making trouble again? [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, a valid and important point !!

I personally might hesitate to make a general statement about foreign teachers in China. However, just taking a look of some of the foreign teachers/visitors/foreigners' enthusiastic reaction about every little unsettled moments of China, it's not hard to see where they stand and what they expect to happen. Just count how many posts on the very same topics they have posted out.

As evidenced today, American most "reputable" news paper New York Times again falsely over-exaggerated report on the Hanan riot death toll, is it that hard for us to find the similarities between the two ??

Just in this forum, there is a so called "Greenpeace" member who claimed to come to China to help promote sustainable and diversified rice growth by warning people the harm of GE rice. However, she herself knows nothing about rice !! She directly went to a place in Yunnan where no rice problems but some other local problems. She knew the problem from New York Times she posted on this forum. She was asking what kinds of gifts she should bring to make friends with the locals. Is this to solve rice problems?!

Is she really helping China?! Or she carries her political agenda ? Her forum name is lizardfish. People can find her thread in Free Talk and Talk to China Daily.

It is coward and sickening. It harms Chinese people's fundemental interest. China must stand up against this type of covert action against China.

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It's well known

that students in western colleges are radical subversives and teachers were all students at some time.

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Here's the deal punks:

If I can't comment on China because I don't know Chinese, then Chinese who have never even left China can't comment on America/Israel/UK.  That's fair, right?  

I never said I was an "expert".

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rovi297 has been deleted
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ahchoo, so what ? Should we kick all the "foreign devils" out of China?

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here's the deal...i've run into many so called marxists here at the university of toronto who feel that social unrest is about to explode in china. they feel that the counter revolutionaries in govnt today need to be expelled immediately so that the communist rev can continue. These people don't know shit. They sit here in their safe north american homes and classrooms and read about bullcrap in books and they think they know what's good for people in a country they have never been to. Granted, not all foreigners who go to China have "evil" or "alternative" motives. I suspect most just want to life a different experience, to expand their horizons just like how young chinese go abroad. but some westerners come into china with real arrogrant attitudes based on preconceived notions of how the chinese are. It's that mentality thing..."oh, i'll show them the western light".

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Dead right Joe.

Recent college grad's are the worst.

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ubersauve, you better stop your crazytalk

what's say fair!  you talk talk silly...where the hell did you come from...great britain or something...

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