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To anti-devil, Wendy has been a person who tries to sell her Bible here [Copy link] 中文

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to Wendy

Pls tell Sweetcandy  that her English is good enough.

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sweetcandy, your English is quite good, and it will improve if you continue to post here, you will also learn to type quicker.

If this last post of yours took you 15 minutes to compose, i promise you, if you keep coming here, in a short while you'll be able to do it in 4 minutes, and better, though it is quite good now.

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To linvshi,

linvshi, can't you be more understanding and friendly to Seneca? Well, if you only listen to one side(thestud), you will be benighted, if you heed both sides, you will be enlightened. (兼听则明,偏信则暗)

linvshi, I wonder if you have heard of a Chinese saying "恶人先告状'', which means in English 'the villain sues his victim before he himself is prosecuted. thestud's words and behaviors have left me an impression that he is that sort of person, who  always files the suit while being the guilty party.I have explained my honest thoughts and expressed my sincere wishes to him for many times but he just take my honest heart as donkey's liver. To disagree, one doesn't have to be disagreeable, sadly, thestud becomes more and more disagreeable!

To be justified and fair,  all the disgraceful filthy and abusive words are out of thestud's mouth, right? Have you got a proof that seneca  called all Chinese women sluts? Is there any misunderstanding or frame-up? Did thestud act as a trouble-maker and just quote it out of context? I personally consider Seneca as a straight-forward person, he has critical thinking though but I believe he criticizes because he cares about China and her people! To me, he is much more  trust-worthy than thestud.

when disputes and disagreements occur, perhaps we should have more tolerance and understanding for the people holding different views, esepecially those who are from different countries and different cultures. As a famous Chinese saying 言者无罪,闻者足戒 goes, blame not the critic, heed what he says.

You accused me of expressing hatred in all my threads. Do you have to call white black or there has been too much misunderstanding and distrust about me  in your heart? Well, I wonder if you care to read one of my earlier thread at the following link:
Others see my deepest love for my country and people from my threads, I can't understand why you only see hatred.....I have to admit that I am not very happy about the social in.justices and corrup,tion but I think I will take my honest forum friends' advice and refrain from showing disrespect to my go.vernment in the future.

Take care and bye!

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To linvshi,

I have been kept watching for a while before i involved myself in this thread, which targeted at my dear friend , wendy.I happened to have a good time with Wendy last Sunday. Being an organizer of CD Guangzhou English Club, Wendy impresses us with her kindness and friendliness.  In fact, I hesitate to intervene in any pointless debate like this,since any participants would have to agree with one  side and against another one. But there is one thing, i'd like to let you know, there is nothing wrong with one's preference of Bible. as well as other books ,,Although most of our Chinese are antitheists, we can approach Bible in another way, say, reading it and absorb sth which might be useful for our improvement. I dont intend to persuade you to read it, pls bear it in mind.

On the other hand, I'd say in this forum you may find a lot of comments or ideas with which you may disagree, but are they all so harmful to you or to our country?

To live and to let live , (sorry, i cannot remember clearly of this sentence),  if you disagreed with other's ideas , pls argue with them rather than started a thread of name calling. I dont think all of my friend's comments are perfect, but I am sure she concluded her ideas according to her perception of the world. Please bear it in mind, she is an average Chinese girl, she is not saint. It is unnecessary for her to be PERFECT. (of course, this doesnnot mean she must have a lots of shortcomings.)

To be fair to ourselves and to be fair to others. If you really disliked her ideas, please argue with her based on solid evidence and in a proper way.

To tell the truth, I just picked up the Bible days ago and read some chapters and I found there are lots of ideas i cannot agree. While I would never persuade anyone of you to give it up. Everyone has his own taste, why should they always have to agree with me?

I hope you can see what i have talked above and think about it. There are lots of we can learn in this forum except the evaluation of a certain person. You said you are learning English, so do I and Wendy. Of course , her ENglish is much better than I. I hope we can all make a progress both in English and in other ways. In addition, I have viewed some of your other posts and I'd like to be a friend of yours, if possible.

Good day.

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To sleepye

I don't mean to attack those with different ideas or believes. In china there are many churches, temples which are open to anyone willing to enter. In colleges especially students of English have lessons about the Bible and they are encouraged to learn about western culture, needless to say that I have more than one of the books on my book shelf.
since you have viewed my posts I don't think i have to give my opinions again. It's true that religion or belief is free, but nobody can be100% free, there are rules to follow in life or even in this forum.
I think Wendy is going through all her postings and mine and understands what I mean by respect to each other.

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testud, are you the moderator of this forum?

Although my post has just been deleted, I am trying to post it again but the heading has been revised.

If you are brave enough, please come up to confront me directly but not just hide in the other thread to slander me accordingly.

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curtain falls with a sigh

Chinese or Chinese American or anything just don't matter.
One would wonder what has helped her /him develop a hatred in her/his heart.
Many years later her/his God or chirdren will ask how much she/he has loved for her/his life, before the curtain falls, one has no way to lie to oneself, just no chance to regret.

-------------------------curtain falls with a sigh-----------------------

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