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China is never wrong and never will be wrong. ( by chairman for Mr. "T" ). [Copy link] 中文

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That is hilarious


That exactly what is like talking to almost everybody I have every meet from china.  I don’t care how polite, how smart, how educated the chinese person is.  At some point, there will be a conversation that will eventually lead to an outburst like that started at the top of this thread.

But the outburst at the top of the thread left out some things:
- The chinse invented the 4 basic building block of the advanced civilization (the 4 noble inventions):
o Gun powder
o Paper
o Compass
o (ops. I have forgotten the 4th item)
- The white devils stole the great invention with treachery of Marco Polo.
- China really invented everything ever created since everything invented was written on paper that was stolen from china.
- There are only two races of people in the world, the superior Chinese race and the inferior Foreigner race.
- Chinese has always been a peaceful nation and only uses force when it needs to reclaim renegade province or stolen islands.
- Tang Dynasty, blah blah blah …
- The treacherous British tricked the clever Chinese in becoming addicted to opium.  
- China is the world’s oldest ***CONTINOUS*** (repeat CONTINOUS, one more time just incase you missed it CONTINOUS! ) civilization/ culture/society/language.  This proves beyond any doubt that china is the greatest nation ever.

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Moderator, why are you allowing a racist handle such as patrick88 to survive?? a

You can delete this post but NOT before you ban the handle patrick88 and delete the original post (its link is listed below in parentheses for your convenience).

As a Chinese, do you have any self-respect????



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  tourism suggestion ...
The chinese tourism industory shoul be using you in there adds ...

"S; china is the only place i got laid more than i asked for.
and i do gain more the average chink..""

Hey white devil, there are more then 1/2 billion woman waiting for you.

2004-11-02 15:05

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hey the"stud"

What is your problem?

Racist handle?  Are chinese the only people pemitted to postfix/prefix handles with 88?  Did I steal the lucky chinese number without asking permission from the empior?

By any chance were you a hall monitor when in school?

Were you regularly referred to as snitch, wimp, and tattletale by other children when growing up?

Do you have some type of latent desire to be you thread monitor?

And by the way, my post was well within what had already been posted in the correspoding thread.  

If you affended you should just tell me and maybe we could come to some understanding.  

And last of all, your handle is offensive.

And what type of “stud” are you anyway?  Do you provide services to woman that want wont to have a wimp as a child?  

And one more point, you are more likely a virgin.  The fact is, no woman of any race will waste her time with a whining snitch.

Ahh, that unless you a gay "stud".  Well that would then explain everytihing would it not?

Get a life.

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The moderators just deleted your post.

Now you have reposted.

Isn't this exactly what you're always bitching about?

You're the worst "spammer" on this board.

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chairman has been deleted
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Vintage quality responses in this thread...

Reminder: Author is prohibited or removed, and content is automatically blocked

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