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China is never wrong and never will be wrong. ( by chairman for Mr. "T" ). [Copy link] 中文

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Send one US dollar for your Clean Bill of Hate Certificate.

Don't listen to meiguracing or mikeghet, they are biased American's.

They will complain that their dollars were this and that and the other.

Both of them are only interested in oil.

Both are members of the Bush family.

Clean Bill of Hate Certificate signed by the Head Bigot, cost $ 1 USD.

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Well.. swedish history were once bloody.. we kinda took control of large part of north europe and bit of russia.. but then things changed and we become very peaceful and neutral.. some would say we lost far to much being that way, both in lifes and "honour"

Not that it effected china that much, beside that little thing with the vikings and england

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Yes, much honour and glory to the Vikings, small robust boats in giant seas, huge men, brave men, the terror of that world all the way to the South Western Chinese borders, all the way to the top of Africa, but they did much good once they took control, in particular around Venice and places like that, very artistic with more class that people know.

Yes, you will not any flack from me about Vikings.

Magnificent story, the Vikings, the whole Saga was awesome.

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yay svedes

sorry, i didn't know where else to post this...;-(

courtesy of the DoD
U.S. and Sweden to Conduct Anti-Submarine Warfare Training
The U.S. Navy and the Swedish Navy will begin a bilateral training effort that provides a Swedish advanced diesel submarine and crew for U.S. Navy fleet anti-submarine warfare (ASW) training.

Commencing in early 2005, the partnership will focus on ASW system test and evaluation as well as the combined development of naval capabilities.

“Recent establishment of the Fleet ASW Command in San Diego, Calif., combined with the planned deployment of a state-of-the-art Swedish diesel sub and crew to the West Coast, provides our forces innovative opportunities to train during combined exercises,” said U.S. Fleet Forces Command Director of Readiness and Training Rear Adm. Don Bullard.

The Swedish Navy will provide an advanced diesel submarine, a Gotland-class air independent propulsion (AIP) submarine, for the U.S. Navy’s long-term use.  ASW training will be conducted from San Diego.  The Swedish submarine will be Swedish-flagged, commanded, manned and operated.  U.S. Navy personnel will be onboard the Swedish submarine as riders and observers for training purposes.

“This U.S.-Swedish effort will demonstrate the further development of international interoperability between the two nations,” said Inspector of the Royal Swedish Navy, Rear Adm. Jörgen Ericsson.  “Sweden is currently reorganizing the Swedish armed forces with extensive focus on international operations in which the Swedish Navy contributes a unique capability in maritime security in the littorals.”

The mission of this training effort is to conduct focused and integrated ASW training and assessment of the U.S. Navy’s fleet ASW operations, tactics and doctrine, and ASW education.  The U.S.-Swedish effort will focus on the following improvements to:

1)      The performance of fleet operators on all ASW platforms;

2)      The ASW performance assessment at theater, carrier/expeditionary strike group, unit- level ship, aviation    squadron and submarine levels against standardized, common metrics;

3)      Individual student ASW training and qualifications;

4)      Overall theater undersea warfare capability.

Nations around the globe continue to acquire quiet and lethal submarines designed to operate in littoral regions and the open ocean.  With advanced weaponry developments, the nature of ASW has changed, increasing the risks to operations at sea.

Control of littoral environments is essential to ensuring prompt access for joint forces moving ashore from the sea.  Future ASW effectiveness in this critical area demands a dedicated focus on and sensors, new operating concepts and fleet ASW training.  Through U.S. and Swedish efforts, both navies are meeting this challenge head on.

“This will vastly improve our capability to conduct realistic, effective antisubmarine warfare training that is so critical to the Navy’s ability to accomplish our mission,” added Bullard.  “It also expands our efforts in developing coalition ASW tactics, techniques and procedures.  This is a great opportunity for both navies and we are very excited about it."

This bilateral effort is a great example of the U.S. and Swedish navies’ commitment to ensure that our naval service and those of our allies and partners retain operational primacy at sea.


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International Trades

Not sure what you wanted to point out with that :)

Even if sweden is neutral, "peaceful" our military still coop and train with out nations around the globe, china included. (From what I remember)

We have let some countries "borrow" our own jet fighter design  the "Gripen" etc. its not very suprising that the navy agree on this.

Anyway, I not sure what you getting at so enlighten me.

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china is not always right, the ccp has sold out its people for so long. but i will never forgive the west for shoving their culture down the east's throat either. never. i am chinese and am proud (after soul searching and one painful episode of identity crisis). i will never forgive the western cultural imperialism for driving into the minds of many beautiful eastern women and some men their standards of beauty, resulting in plastic surgery, and notions of taller, bigger, hairer = more masculine and hence more desirable. NEVER. hooters in shanghai? what a god damned disgrace.

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To Chairman and his readers

Chairman has turned to me to get my word on him.
Please at least give me credit, that I have always claimed an extreme and present " BIAS " to China.

I have said that I am one eyed.

I have said it from the very first tap on the keys so long ago.

My position has never changed.

I have so many times admited to so many things.

But to this day, as recently seen on the front page of the CD, I am seen as the bad guy and China Haters are seen as the good guys.

This is human nature for the educated elite.

They find that they feel they want to be the guest or friend of the foreign China Haters, but I am a loner, I hunt alone, and they just plain prefer the enemy to be their friend, because they just do not like the feel of their friend.

Sad isn't it AndyDob.

Being one of the most active participants on this forum , he deserves an answer from whoever he asked. Sorry that mine comes late, but I have very limited time these days.

I fully agree that he has always claimed an extreme and present " BIAS " to China.

He has said that he is one eyed.

I cannot deny nor confirm >>"I have said it from the very first tap on the keys so long ago"<<. I came to this forum much later than Chairman. I came in March. I nevertheless can blank sign that this is also true. I have this faith in Chairman ,he has always been like this.

Is it sad, Chairman? Well ,I guess yes. But who is to blame? Answer yourself only.
You have your fun, others have their fun. You pull strings to your side, others may do the same but in oposing direction. And you can see how fantastically bizzare strings can get  messed.
Now I see from people's comments that additionally somebody opened the PM safe and thrown the letters to the street.
When you glue in some posters with words taken directly from the history museum/section 1949-1978 - what the hell you expect from the readers? What do you think their reaction would be?
I can tell you openly that what ts,Hedan,Tek and many others say in oposing voices comes from what they were learning, I opose your ideas since I know their danger deeper.
You do remember my compression of the sense of your comments about the crater on the sea. The essence I pulled out to make it V I S I B L E  for these blind folks who would take them seriously.
Chairman, I like wit and jokes, I like also this black british kind of humour, I like smiting and kicking if all is done within some borders.
You have a great potential to make this forum be more interesting.
But once I see you give a dynamite to kids - I say STOP and destroy your game.
And I do not say sorry. I just do it. And will. Not so much against you , but all against some stupid and dangerous stuff you smuggle in. I have done it with ideas coming from others as well. I remember my first clinch I had on the forum (surface) was with an american guy about US border control policy. Then I had some "different opinion" with Wchao's theory of how Chinese are so "special". Then I danced with others...

If there will be a day you see me backing up such nationalistic/chauvinistic/imperialistic nonsense (less it is a part of a joke) - you may rightfully suspect somebody has hacked my handle.

I have seen enough and went through enough to get a lesson you can't revert by 10000 "China"s.

As you can easily see there is a chance that most absurd ideas coming from nuts can spread in a miraculous way among people, who otherwise are perveived as clever.

Mchao. Seen as a guy with brains, many well written articles on his side - and now he comes with the nutty stud's equasions( look in the section Talks to CD).  You did it also a time ago.

Isn't it a good proof that the idiotism is very contagious, and few people are immune?

I just chose to be immune, Chairman, and no sorry for that. :--))

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