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China is never wrong and never will be wrong. ( by chairman for Mr. "T" ). [Copy link] 中文

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How does it feel to have your lips firmly glued to the backside of an entire country?

Who started it, you or the French?

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wow, i'm old.

i didn't realize i did that. i didn't realize i was over 200 years old. where does the time go?

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Big Progress for BiG C and Me!

I understand your point, and although I disagree with some of it, I realize why you feel the way you do.
So, out of personal debt, you feel forced to defend every and any action taken by Chinese people? Because they've been maligned and downtrodden in history?(In that case, you should also defend all black africans...they've had the rawest deal of all by most accounts)

I'm not angry or even disgusted by any of what you said in that post. I just disagree with the motivation and often the end result.
Chairman, unreasonable is unreasonable. There are no other ways to say it.
I firmly believe that you are more reasonable than you project yourself on this forum. If the absolute partisan slogans and the angry tirades at those who disagree with your point/logic are merely an involuntary reaction, then I apologize for not only myself, but others who may unwittingly be aggravating you.
But , you should understand why many of us feel the way we do. Take you story(arriving in China, half dead and being brought back to health) and contrast it to mine(arriving in the prime of my life, and in excellent physical/emotional shape, only to be but a shadow of myself ). Then ask me to rant and rave about how there are NO flaws in the system, country, peoples ideology. You understand?
If take you notice, you'll see that I don't back ridiculous posts of the Nuke'em nature. Or the "China is Stupid" nature either. In fact most of my posts are urging people to not stoop to namecalling and rampant racism. Some are personal experiences and others are answers to peoples ignorance*. *IMHO
As of late more than half have been responses to harsh and lengthy personal attacks. I don't back a Tsupasat post if I don't agree with it. I don't back a Seneca post if I don't agree with it. Or anyone else. I have on occasion, backed LGK, wchao37, or even you(on the merit of the post)...till you/or others responded to objections in a flash of rhetoric and brimstone.
My point is that when you back Stud in his racism, or J&J in his namecalling, I think you bely the experience and intelligence that you obviously possess. Why? Because you're loathe to tell a loyal but stupid PRC citizen to shut up? Be objective on the board, and it will help everyone here.

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"Dear me, if it was America, America, America, it would all be fine and dandy"

i don't think that's true...while you feel defensive for certain posters, i think america takes more crap on a  chinese forum than china actually does.

i certainly don't mind if a chinese is pro-china...i'd be worried if he/she weren't.  of course this shouldn't lead to a superiority complex...but showing love for the country that puts food in his/her stomach is something to be expected. but in process of doing so there needn't be any slanderous remarks toward the west or america.  you can quite easily say china is great without explicitly saying america is evil, or whatever other B.S.

just my take...gtg boys and girls and everyone else.

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China and the Chinese must " DEFY " you day after day, year after year, until China is at her maximum strength, then maybe, just maybe, China may find an error here and there.
This is a fundementally flawed idea.
The quicker that FLAWS are found and rectified, the quicker that maximum strength can be reached.

Have you ever played a sport at a high level? Ever been coached, or been a coach? If so, then you know that the sooner that technique is perfected, the easier it is to become a real force. Bad habits that are left unchecked are the primary reason that many aren't professional athletes. This is merely an analogy, but the same could be held true for many other areas of life.
Coaches that just allow players to develop their own style without criticism are not really coaches. Teamates that don't point out things that they see in you game (for fear of offending) are just weak teamates.

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chairman has been deleted
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Tekvicious from chairman.........

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