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The true nature of the Taidu movement [Copy link] 中文

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Let me first clarify that Taidu is not equivalent to "hate being Chinese,"  "subordinate Chinese legacy," or "resent China." There are people who believe that TW would be better off had it been an indepndent country; and these people are automatically labelled "Taidu" or "China-haters" not only by the mainlanders, but also Chinese in TW and overseas. There are a number of causes for the Taidus and they may be broken down into the following categories.

1. Victims or descendents of victims of the KMT supression
These people are the descendents of the Chinese who moved to TW hundreds of years ago. They see the KMT as an "outsiders", invading their home and depriving them of their rights. They have been in TW for so long that they longer claim their roots in China. They comprise of a major part of the diehard pro-Lee, pro-indpendence Taidus. This group is the founding father of the Taidu force.

2. Intellectuals and scholars
In several fields of advanced sciences and engineering, TW's current status limits its access to certain technologies and know-hows. There are some quasi-academic political research instututions that require memberships as a sovereign state (e.g. WIPO, WHO). In addition, due to the lack of access to some key equipments and knowledge transfers, some of TW's brightest researchers often have no choice but to continue their studies abroad. Problems of this sort will not be solved by simply reunifying with China. This is a very very tiny bit of the eligible voter population.

3. Overseas Tai-wanese
Like the overseas Chinese who hold permanent residences of wherever they are, these overseas Twanese come back to TW to vote and to give opinions for which they will not be responsible of. Some are quite persuasive and are able to influence the decisions of their relatives and friends when election nears. This is also a very tiny part of the Taidu group.

4. Those who vote for the party, not the policy
These people are the blind followers of the pan-green force. Their causes may be have racial or lack of education. This is also a small part of the Taidu group.

5. Undecided voters
A lot of the pre-election polls show that somewhere around 30% of the voters were undecided weeks or even days before the election. This is a very interesting group of voters and the one group China must win in the following elections. These people can be swayed either way and they are NOT Taidu. In fact, some may cast their votes for the Green simply because they "wanted to give green a chance," following years of KMT corruption. The problem I see is that China is speaking to this particular group of voters with the wrong tone, which gave Chen the opportunity to exploit it. These people don't really care about Taidu or Reunification, all they hope for when casting their ballots is a better TW. In some regions or aspects that affect them the most, maybe the pro-indpendence Green does better, but the fact that they voted Green does not necessarily mean they are Taidu.

Every time TW people vote, they are not only voting for whatever policy each candidate has, but also whether the candidate is Taidu or Pro-unification, or pro-status quo. This really complicates things and complicates the decision making processes of the voters, on top of the instigated Chinese military threat. Now here is the psychological turning point I want you mainland decision makers to understand. When a voter is deciding between a pan-Green and a pan-Blue, and if he somehow gets the impression that he will be PUNISHED for the decision, that's the exact point in time that he gets angry. And when he gets angry, that's when he will vote against China. He is angry of the fact that China is preventing him from making a fair choice, a choice which he thinks is better regardless of whether the candidate is pro-unification or Taidu. And when he is angry, he is not thinking clearly, that's when the headlines of "600 missiles" get to him. So at the end, more and more voters will use their votes to convey the message "don't mess with my decision making process by threatening my life and my family." I hope China is getting this message and approach the TW problem from another facet.

Use culture, use history, use economy, use fashion, use education exchange, stop threatening our lives with the hostile rhetoric and missiles.

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Moderator, please remove either the handle "twchinese" or this thread


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Good one, twchinese,

I hope more main land Chinese could read your post. The decision makers in main land should have a chance to read this post to understand a real t w.

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thanks, twchinese ...

for providing the perspective of "taiwanese chinese" here on the forum.  your voice is small, but powerful.


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Who gives a damn about 10 million losers out of 1.4 BILLION Chinese citizens ??

Academicians want TI because they could do better research?

LOADS of crap!

Give us a break, twcrap -- you don't deserve to call yourself Chinese !

Who cheers to twcrap? China-haters tsup@ssy and crazyazZ etc!!

That alone says it all.

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That alone says it all...SAYS WHAT?

Who screams irrationally against an arguement, 'speaks' even louder than who agrees.

I want to thank the OP(original poster) for his insight into the Taiwanese citizens thought process. You will always have a hard time bullying those who have not grown up under a bully.

In answer to this question:"Who gives a damn about 10 million losers out of 1.4 BILLION Chinese citizens ??",is only another question.
If nobody cares, then why the big deal?
Obviously Taiwan isn't going to take over the PRC, so why the threats, etc?It's obvious that some people care a great deal.
Maybe it's because the 10 million are on average having a far better lifestyle.
Maybe it's because they've proven that Chinese people can be neither Communist or Colony, and still make headway.
Maybe what TW represents is the real problem?
Comment at will. Especially if you are from Taiwan.


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