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If you want to save the world, begin with your own worthless corner of it, you b [Copy link] 中文

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Not long ago, the pedophile suspect of the CD board claimed that:

"As a rule Americans do not get upset by foreigners commenting on how things should be in the USA. Do you hear Americans saying "Hey! Shut up! What business of yours is it if we elect Bush or Kerry!" I don't think so."

(from )

Well, not quite so! Below is what "Real Americans" have to say about the resident pedophilic dog-fetishist's "pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinion":


UK anti-Bush letters spark outrage

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 Posted: 1613 GMT (0013 HKT)

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- A pro-Kerry letter-writing campaign by Britain's left-leaning Guardian newspaper, targeting undecided U.S. voters, has provoked outrage across the Atlantic.

The paper has encouraged its readers to express their opinions on the November 2 presidential election to voters in the key swing state of Ohio -- to the fury of Clark County, about 45 miles west of Columbus, the state capital.

"Hey England, Scotland and Wales, mind your own business. We don't need weenie-spined Limeys meddling in our presidential election," was one of the e-mail reactions to the campaign.

The Fox national cable television network tore into the newspaper and even John Kerry's own Democrats expressed horror at the campaign.

"We all feel it is not a good idea. I think it was unwise. It is so poorly thought-out," said Sharon Manitta, spokeswoman in Britain for Democrats Abroad.

But the newspaper, whose cartoons regularly portray President George W. Bush as a semi-literate ape, was unrepentant.

"We did consult a number of opinions and made our decision accordingly," assistant features editor Paul MacInnes told Reuters. "It has been an operation to give our readers an opportunity to express their opinions."

With just two weeks to go before the election, Kerry is running neck and neck with Republican incumbent Bush.

Ohio is a key swing state which Bush won by just four percentage points in 2000, and Clark County is at its heart.

The campaign is a bid to sway voters on the county's electoral register who have declared themselves undecided.

As of Monday night, more than 14,000 people had registered to write to a voter in Clark County, which has a population of just 143,000.

Individuals like film director Ken Loach, spy writer John Le Carre, historian Antonia Fraser and opposition Liberal Democratic parliamentarian Menzies Campbell have all written in their own capacity -- not that their names necessarily carry much weight in Clark.

The Guardian, which simply bought a list of registered voters and extracted the undecided, pledged that it would only give out the name of each voter once, to avoid them being swamped by unsolicited mail from complete strangers.

"We know that in many ways this is the world's election, and we understand the passion and concern in many parts of the world over it. But I wonder how people here in the UK would react to Americans telling them how to vote," Democrats Abroad's Manitta said.

"This will certainly garner more votes for George Bush. I have strongly advised other media entities who have come to me and suggested this against doing so," she added.

While some e-mails to the Guardian from Democrats in Ohio were supportive, others suggested the campaign was misguided.

But their mild admonitions paled into insignificance against the more reactionary views received by the paper.

"Real Americans aren't interested in your pansy-ass, tea-sipping opinions. If you want to save the world, begin with you own worthless corner of it," wrote one from Texas.

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For the record, the bigoted b!tch cynica has nothing good to say about China on

Seneca has called ALL Chinese women "sluts" on this board. [1]

Seneca has said "chinese girls have many unpleasant qualities hidden from view: I deem them extremely tyrannical and cantankerous." [2]

Seneca has claimed all Chinese have "thinking disabilities." [3]

Seneca has advocated to remove Chinese parents from their part to see to the education and safety of their children. [4]

Seneca has asserted the city of Ji'an in Jilin province was not part of China. [5]

Seneca has called spitting "China's oldest cultural achievments." [6]

Seneca has said "Not only is cheating a serious enough topic, it is the bread and butter of China's economy." [7]

Seneca has asserted that Chinese "stole" the Xisha Archipelago from the vietnamese. [8]


The list can go on and on and on ....

In short, seneca has absolutely NOTHING good to say about China and Chinese on this board.

Moderator, are you a CHINESE with pride and dignity??

If yes, what you should be deleting, instead, are seneca's posts of insults and venom!!

Better yet, you should have banned racist China-haters like seneca a LONG time ago!!

So, care to explain why you deleted my post simply stating the above facts?










Seneca's sample statements:


"Those answers tell a lot about CHinese thinking, don't they?
And, don't say you have never come across such answers; to me they are legion in my day-to-day dealings with Chinese. What Chinese have never perceived sensorily, they simply can't imagine.
That's a very limiting factor to their thinking!" - seneca

"Allow a Chinese to develop his or her thinking unfettered and you may be dealing with another genius before you!
Meanwhile, a backward culture induces a backward thinking that is at odds with many non-Chinese, not to mention with thinking Chinese as well." - seneca

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theStud: excellent (original) post

(except for those parts disparaging me, which were a little on the weak side.)

I missed this article. It had me in stitches. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Good old Guardian!

As to the truth or otherwise of my contention:

"As a rule Americans do not get upset by foreigners commenting on how things should be in the USA. Do you hear Americans saying "Hey! Shut up! What business of yours is it if we elect Bush or Kerry!" I don't think so."

1. You certainly showed that this is not absolutely true. Maybe, in general, it isn't true at all. Perhaps it is just that the Americans on this board (and my American friends and relations) come from a small enlightened minority who dont mind foreign comment on their political process and choices. (Score 1)

2. After all, not a single American forumite was in the least offended when I cheerfully suggested the partition of the USA into seven new countries. If I had posted a similar proposal for a certain other large nation, I think the posting would have been disallowed. And if the mods missed it, I am certain that you and your fellow GUARDIANS would have had some difficulty in keeping your reactions within the bounds of polite dialogue. Am I not right? (Score 2)

3. Mind you, there is a difference between saying, on a bulletin board or in conversation, that you think Bush is a menace who should be voted out and actually going so far as to send mailings to selected voters in another country in a direct attempt to influence the outcome of an election. (Score 0)

4. Of course, such techniques are not likely to be tried against China. I don't imagine the Guardian will be writing to voters in Chin-a's local elections hoping to effect appointments to the highest posts in the Chin-ese central government! Ha, ha, ha! (Score 2)

Anyway, good posting. Youve made a good point. And given me a laugh.

Be a pal, though, and post your score is in the Do I hate China thread. I promise I won't say anything horrid about you.

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theStud: Saving the world

In response to the title of your original posting.

Surely a good step in saving the world, as you call it, is the building up of bonds of friendship and understanding between people from different nations and intellectual traditions?

Is that not why we are all participating here?

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theStud: may I be frank about your seneca 'accusations' ?

1. I doubt that you have represented seneca's views accurately. This is based on personal knowledge of the way you have sometimes seemed to allow your patent enthusiasm for your native country to cloud your clarity of vision.

2. However, as you have continued to repeat the same accusations (well furnished with references it has to be said) I ask: is it that you really want forumites to read all these postings and report their view as to whether they concur with your negative judgement or not?

3. If I am going to go to the trouble of reading through seneca's back catalogue, I'm going to be a bit pissed if it turns out that you are exaggerating and have been littering the forum with the same posting over and over just because seneca got the better of you once. But if you insist, I guess it has to be done. Such accusations, in justice, cannot remain untested.

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My 0.16 yuan of RMB

I want to say a few words about seneca. I am quite new in this forum, haven't talked with most of the forumites yet. But, seneca has exchanged words with me a few times. Here is my impression.

While he/she demonstrated quite amount of details in discussions, occasionally interesting, seneca's assertions are sometimes found half-truth, even flawed without backing facts. He/she does have a tendency of belittling Chinese as a race, on various topics. I don't know where he/she acquires her/his knowledge, and how old he/she is. I don't know why. I thought even judging from American standards, some of his/her statements would be qualified as racist.

But I still don't want to make it that simple. I still hope it's due to his/her way of learning. There is no doubt that many western historical books, even today, still smell the old rotten colonial odor. I wouldn't be surprised if seneca collected his/her knowledge there.

To me, as long as we can trace the facts and stay on the topic, it's always possible to reveal the truth. So 'seneca effect' is not that important. All I need to do is to put a question marks after what he/she says, then go for the facts.

Still, I hope people can achieve some understandings of each other through discussions. Keep an open mind.

This is my observation. END.

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i've figured it out!!

thespud = seneca!

why didn't anyone see it before?!


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