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Chinese girl in US looking for friends. [Copy link] 中文

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making friends

hello,xiaoyingtao2,I am a college student .I have seen you message , and I want to make friends with you too,my qq is 271391243

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Hi XiaoYingTao!

Hi girl, sorry I did not see the second page of postings... that's why my reply is a bit late... please forgive me.

I have never been to Xian, would love to visit one day. It's a historic city.

Oh, I see many people have QQ numbers, which I do not have. I chat with people from overseas via MSN or Yahoo.

Nice to meet you!

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Hello Sally!

Dear Sally,

Nice to meet you... the website you have got is correct. It's normal that sometimes you can not access it in China. I have emailed with Dr. Bill Brown, who hosts the site and he could not access it either from time to time. It is because the site is being monitored I guess.... no big deal.

Try some other time, it works! I can read it here in US with no problem!

Thanks for pointing it out!

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To Cindy...

Nice to meet you, and thank you for your thoughtful words!

I'm here to help out and to exchange ideas and thoughts.

I remember when I was back  in China, it was a time like most of people on this site are experiencing, having enthusiasm to learn, but lacking some people who have been in foreign language environment to talk to.

You can email me from this site if you have some question...
Take care!

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To Hwlgh1... and all.

I learn new words and slangs everyday... depends who you are talking to, most times, people are kind to answer your question, "What did you just say?""What does that mean?"

My husband is American, he teaches me not only the language but the American culture as well...

When I was in college, culture shocks came almost everyday, and with my full awareness... American food, supermarket, WalMart, 7-11, etc. News, media, first amendment to constitution...
After college, I was working in the hotel industry, because that was my major. After working in the hotel industry for five years, I collected more culture shocks... although I would say I was less "shocking".

Almost a year ago, I left my beloved hotel job and started my own business, then married my husband. We now work the same business together...

More recent culture shocks are: the movie "Team American" which I don't think you guys will see in China; Slurpee from 7-11 (it's a soft drink that has tiny ice cubes mixed with syrups of different flavors.)... The muppet show... Oh, these things I will learn my whole life, the most important thing is I enjoy learning it, so they are almost not  "shocking."

Ok, if any American folks happen to read this posting, they'll be smiling or laughing just like my husband.

You know how sometimes we laugh at foreigners about their disvovery of Chinese tradition or food, etc....

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Hi Bobby.

Nice to meet you...
I have been to 长沙 only once...
Accidentally, I figured out how to type Chinese on my laptop. However to keep the purpose of my posting here I'll use mostly English characters.

I do have a hotmail address... right now I don't think it's necessary to tell everyone... you can email me through this site and I do reply... five people already did.

"Strangers are friends you have not met." some wise person once said...

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about the website!

Hi, Brouveret, so nice to be here. Are you sure the address of the website you recommend,, is correct? Why is that  I can't viisit it? Any clue? Thanks.

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