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Chinese girl in US looking for friends. [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you, Xu!

That's exactly the purpose of me joining this forum. I believe that I'll be back in China in the future for business. Good to know what's going on in both China and US.

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nice to see you!
my english name is poul zhang
i' m  in shenzhen now
i would like to make friend with you!
  waiting for your news

best regard

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me too

nice to meet u here
i m a boy from Zhuhai near by Macao 21years old
this is my
send some for me when u free then i want to know u

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Hi Poul Z. & Crazy Donny!

Nice "meeting" you guys, too!

Thanks for your email addresses, when needed, I will use them!

But for now, I'll open my blog(rambling) to all...

I believe there're many good people in China, young or mature, who possess great potentials to achieve big things... However sometimes, a global competitive way of thinking or education is quite lacking. The purpose of my blog is to share some principles that I have learned in the past 6 years in the areas of doing business, having a meaningful life, etc.

What's the purpose of having a business?
Most conventional answers are, to generate a revenue, to be self-fulfilling; these are not wrong. Yet I believe the purpose of having a business is to serve other people's needs and wants. By simply looking at a question from a different angle, we have a mindset that will help leading towards revenue and self-fulfilling. I mean if our services or goods cannot solve anybody's problems, no one will do business with us, right?!

"Big people have big dreams; small people have small dreams. If you want to change who you are, begin by changing the size of yoru dream."

Instead of saying to yourself, "I can't afford that;" ask yourself, " How can I afford it?"

People who kill other people's dreams are people who have given up on their own dreams.

Never let temporary financial setback diminish the size of your dream. It is the vision of your dream that will pull ou through rough periods of life.

Dreams without actions will remain dreams.

Please do not try to find logistics from one paragraph to another, as this my rambling... Have fun guys!


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dear  brouveret
     Thanks  your  kindly  suggestion   in  you mentioned  that
the best  way  of  learning  english  is to interact  with  people who  speak
english  on a daily  basis.but  i  am  regret   that   i  have  not    such
an  english  environment.because  our  colleague communicated  each  other in  chinese.
        Now  i  persist  on  listening  to  VOA   special  english  and    watching  english  TV  program every day  for  improving  my  listening
ability. and  i  communicated  with  client  in  english  by  email.and  every
morning  i  read  aloud  in english  for half an hour.can  you  tell  me whether  my  method  of  learning  english  is correct  or not? thanks again!
        raymondy   Oct.19

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Learning English...

Hi Raymondy,

What you're doing is great... What I would add is that you must have FUN while learning English.

I didn't go to any college to study English... Most of my learning is through watching English movies with Chinese subtitles, and listening to English songs.

This year in August, I just published a business article in a world-wide business magazine... Some of my American friends say that my English is better than a lot of Americans'. I think it's somehow true because how Chinese education has been emphasizing on the grammar; what we really need to gain is vocabulary.

What's also important is to try to speak English in the English way; I see a lot of postings are written in Chinglish:) Well I used to do that as well.

Finally, I'd like to share a great website that is hosted by an American professor who teaches MBA in XiaMen University. His content is awesome, and very fun to read. You can email or join their forum as well.

Enjoy reading professor Bill Brown's writing!


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good luck

how are you ? what do you do in the long have you been ae looking for chinese friends or usa friends.are you lonely.yourself in usa? have nice day to you.

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