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Chinese girl in US looking for friends. [Copy link] 中文

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To Jobseeker.

It's easy to find a job in America, however, you may not like the job. Those jobs do not pay enough, that's why they're open.
It's not easy to find the job you really like, and it pays you not only enough financially, but also psychologically, meaning makes you feel good at what you're doing.

I think if one wants to find a job overseas, one first must be good at communicating with people.

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To qxqedward.

You can start by watching CCTV's English channel, movies in English with Chinese subtitles; listening to VOA, English songs; and come to read at this website. I have learned a lot from other people here.

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Thank you for your experience and your story in this web, you are a good excellent,and luck lady!

you worked in hotel field for several years,then, you do your own business untill now, how can you do that?  You gaved up your job at that time,you choose the venture

In fact,I don't like my job now,I want to do my business ,just small, maybe, just a small store to sale sth to people, because I haven't any experience about this,I find it's very difficult to start this,I don't know kow to do that,how to do investigate about this project?

I choosed some project, for instance, do a small store for girl's bag, or some decoration,not confirm now

So, could you give me some suggestion about this?How could you make a big decision to do your business?

Thank you very much!

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To chinass... and all.

Today when I was driving home from my Gym, I was thinking about sharing with all of you about my job and business history. Chinass asked raised the topic just in time...

I came to US in Jan. of 1998 to study my 2nd year in a hotel management school after 1st year spent in Switzerland. I chose to come here due to some obvious reason, easy to get a visa here than it is in Switzerland, plus I got a scholarship from my college to come here.

I graduated with an Associate degree and started my internship in Aug. of 1998. Worked hard, although the job did not pay much. At the beginning I got paid only $8.75/hr. That was only $17,500/yr.

After five years slaving in the hotel business, I managed to change my jobs several times, each time I went for a better hotel and got paid a lot more. By the time I quit my hotel job in Oct. 2003, I was making about $60,000/yr, it was a concierge position at a 5-star hotel. I even shook hands with Bill Clinton, and Tom Cruise, etc. celebraties. That's a whole different story...

Meeting my husband online definately is the thing changed the course of my life. Together we read so many books, and so many new ideas were within my reach. After we were engaged, and I have found THE business to work on through a year and a half's research in spare time, I quit my hotel job!

That was really exciting!

I have another posting here, the topic is "THINK AND GROW RICH," if you're interested in knowing more about the business, go ahead and read that. I also have a topic called "I met my husband online" here.


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Hi,brouveret, nice to meet you!

Hi, brouveret,
       NICE to meet YOU!
       I’m hunterhe, a guy from Guilin, a beautiful city in the north of Guangxi province. Being busy with some private things, I haven’t logged in this site for many days. When I came here again today, suddenly did I notice there are many differences from former days on this forum, just because of brouveret’s coming! After reading all of your postings in this topic you initiated, I know I had a good time just now, everyone else as well, I think. Many of your words are so reasonable, systematical and interesting, some even are full of philosophic theory. I particularly like the posting of ‘The Four Agreements’ and admire you for telling us so much about the website of Dr. Bill Brown and other ways of learning English. I benefit a lot from you. Thank you very much! You do a good job! And so long as I have a chance, I’ll have the honor to read your postings in other topics.
        And now, please allow me to tell something about myself. I have been working for a cotton textile company in Guilin since I graduated from the university several years ago. Because I seldom used English in the usual work and there wasn't a environment to use or speak English in my spare time, English is hardly impressed on my memory now. But I know that it's more and more important for Chinese to learn English well, so I started to learn English again several months ago. I also see language is mainly a communication tool. At present, I put emphasis on listening to VOA Special English for improving my oral English, especially for my poor listening. After understanding what I was listening to, I tried to recite it through reading aloud myself every time. I don’t know whether it is useful to me, because I just did that at the beginning. Would you have some good idea for me? Sometimes I read some English magazines. I am nearly crazy for improving my English. I know a long and lasting campaign is waiting for me. This is me, a guy from Guilin.
         Just like you said“Strangers are friends you have not met”, I am a stranger for you this time, I hope we will be friends next time.

         By the way, I’m sorry to trouble you to explain two words I don’t understand in your postings:
        1.If only I could measure up to it
        2.This is just my 5-cent worth of thoughts
        What does the letter“D”mean in the two sentences?

         Thank you!
         Have a nice weekend.
         Yours sincerely ,

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thank you

Thank you for your reply

I knew more form that,yes, I also read you post"THINK AND GROW RICH," &  "I met my husband online" just now

At first, the romantic story ! In fact, I'm married in Nov.2003 too, my god!
Secondly, I don't know if I totally understand your opinion about your business, in the iatrical field, I think I can't meet your criterion ,at present(^o^),maybe,if you like, you can send more information about this to my e-mail

Open one business,I really know little about this,but, I really want to do this.I want to own my store

You did a half's research,yes, I still researching ,if you have some good way to researching! what is I have to do,?some method to researching


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Hi ! Nice to meet you!

It's the first time i have left message on BBS in english. I am a student now . By the time next year , i will have entered a college.Maybe we will have generation gap.Because you are an adult that have career and family,while i am a student being occupied with homework. Having seen the words you left ahead.The first impression of you on me is a very kind and warm-heart girl.That  encouraged me to write to you.                                                                                                                                    i often listen english songs and movie.i like english as well.but my english  level is still avarage.i am especially poor at listening and prounacation is poor.i wish i could say correct and fluent english.i want to improve my english not only for the exam  but also want to make friends like you or foregners and to understand what you are talking about  and what  the movie says.                                                                                                                                      i am looking forward to your help and the chance to use english that  you give.   thank you !

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