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A probe into the possible fate of the two kidnapped Chinese engineers [Copy link] 中文

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Rocket propelled grenades (RPGs), car-roadside bombs, jacket pockets lined with C4 explosives, shoulder-carried anti-aircraft missiles -- these are all innovative modern conventional small arms first available in the highly-industrialized First World nations – but only now, together with TV soundbites and internet website videos, are they packing a maximal strategic punch in our world.  

Some of these weapons were first most famously used by the Mojahedeens in Afghanistan against Soviet occupation troops.  They brought about the withdrawal of those troops and contributed towards the dissolution of the mighty USSR.

Islamic countries, having little but fossil-based fuels to call their own in this struggle between the Titans during the Cold War, naturally became the battlefields and testing grounds of these small arms most adaptable to use by guerrilla armies and most importantly, by Islamic fundamentalist groups engaged in suicidal attacks.  

The best-trained of these extremist groups were the al Qaeda operatives which flourished after 911 and especially after the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, attracting new recruits from the economic backwaters of the Fertile Crescent and beyond.  Ironically, it was CIA which sowed the wind by training these guerrillas whom they had labeled as Freedom Fighters when the Soviets were occupying Afghanistan, and it was the agency’s mother country which is now reaping the whirlwind at the hands of these same fighters whom they are now calling terrorists.  

American inability to control insurgents in the occupied territories in Afghanistan and Iraq -- despite their having spent billions of dollars on the war -- has shown us clearly that these small modern arms, when coupled with the rebels’ martyrdom, have made traditional conquest through territorial occupation essentially meaningless.

Which country in the world can countenance an imperial overstretch emptying their own coffers and seeing their countrymen butchered or beheaded alive on websites 24-7?

Chairman Mao was most prescient when in 1970, during Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia, made this clarion call to action: “If only people in small countries dare to grab hold of weapons and arise in armed resistance, they are invincible and bound to win in the end.  Imperialism might look menacing, but it is the people that will win the struggle in the end.”  It was a concise and powerful statement of what was to come over the years.

It was not easy to make such a statement.  It looked so incredible -- what with American and Soviet weaponry displaying such colossal power -- yet history has proven that it is the people’s hearts that control the weapons, not the other way round.  Other than the use of strategic WMDs, in which case there would be certain reprisals, there is no force that can conquer the hearts of unwilling subjects in this day and age.

As aforementioned, the beheading videos on websites has now been added to the armaments of insurgents in guerrilla warfare and the psychological trauma inflicted on the nation involved is cataclysmic.  

After the Bigley beheading, the damage to the British psyche could not be compensated by even ten Nelsonian Trafalgar victories.  Their inner sense of self-esteem and well-being is shattered.  The reason why they went to such lengths to catch the Libyan airplane bombers responsible for the terror over Lockerbie, Scotland, was precisely to prevent further damage to their own sense of insecurity, but then they had a physical target --- Libya.  

They have no definable targets today in Iraq, and massive retaliation is out of the question.  There goes the reason for their sense of frustration..

First of all their immoral war is based on fabricated disinformation about nonexistent WMD, which they intentionally fed to the public to justify their war, and then they cannot in all consciousness afford to look like butchers killing the inhabitants of entire cities like Genghis Khan did – which is what would be necessary to deter and suppress insurgence once and for all.

Yes, no normal civilized being can suffer through a beheading video scene unruffled, and it is darn effective with a poignant message -- "You torture and rape our men and women in Abu Ghrab Prison and we sever the heads of a bunch of your pleading souls.  Two can play the game irrespective of national strength."

Allow me to digress here a moment to illustrate a point.

Most non-Buddhist folks are carnivorous once in a while, but if you actually see how the animals are butchered, you wouldn’t have the stomach to eat even a chicken leg.

Similarly, war and victories are just ‘fine’ for the hegemon if only the bomber pilots don’t see how their 500-pound bombs are maiming and killing five-year-olds on the ground, but it is another cup of tea if their countrymen are shown being beheaded alive on the internet.  What if a high-level female diplomat is captured and shown being raped online?

So let me re-emphasize this: traditional conquests in the mold of imperialism old and new has no more meaning in our times -- not that they had ever commanded a measure of respect anytime in human history.

Now let us turn to the two Chinese engineers captured by some ragheads a few days ago in the Afghan-Pakistan border (TOGETHER with their SECURITY GUARDS!).  

This case is suspicious because the leader of the kidnappers had recently been set free by the Americans at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  It is widely known that Americans would not even release al Qaeda-trained Xinjiang rebels (who called themselves the ‘East Turkestan’ group) to the Chinese government after some members of the group were released from Guantanamo.  In fact, the Americans allowed these terrorists to establish a political footing in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago -- this after acknowledging in public that these people hostile to the Chinese government were to be classified as terrorists!

Obviously the Americans want other nations to help them fight their 'terrorists' whom they had classified before as 'freedom fighters' under Ronald Reagan, but would actually allow real terrorists of the Chinese nation to go scot free and establish a 'government in exile' in the U.S.   

So ask yourself this: what kind of hypocrites actually roam around at Lafayette Park during lunchtime in Washington D.C.?

Is it any wonder, then, that folks like myself would want to suspect that people like this Abdullah Mehsud chap is actually sanctioned by the CIA to kidnap Chinese workers overseas?

Don’t you think it is suspicious that one of these former detainees formally declared ‘harmless’ by the Americans has now ended up so quickly in Afghanistan with enough financial resources to lead a group of ragheads and bang, what did they do – captured two Chinese hostages!!!!

According to reports, the two Chinese hostages are Wang Ende and Wang Teng, who worked on Pakistan's Gomal Zam Dam project for China's Sino Hydro Corp.   They are being held in a mud house surrounded by security forces and armed tribesmen in the Chagmalai area of South Waziristan about 200 miles southwest of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.  

No one has been able to get near to the mudhouse where the victims are located, for fear that the kidnappers, with explosives strapped to their bodies, might blow everyone up at the slightest provocation.

It was said that the engineers were kidnapped with one or two Pakistani security men early on Saturday showing that such security protection is for the birds.  When you are in the open and your captors are in the dark, it is difficult to guarantee absolute security for you.  What’s more, security breach in the form of betrayals cannot be ruled out since ascertaining political loyalty in the area is a dicey operation even for the Gods.

According to the media the semi-autonomous tribal region bordering Afghanistan has long been notorious as havens for kidnappers, and lately it has also become a hideout for al-Qaeda linked militants, including Chechens, Uzbeks and Arabs, who are protected by local tribesmen.

The situation is ironic for Chinese working in Pakistan because:  China has had excellent relations with Pakistan all along and cannot stop helping them build infrastructural projects such as dams and railroads.  The Chinese are not likely to withdraw the workers on account of their falling prey to terrorist activities in Pakistan once in a while, and yet they have no say whether the Pakistanis are willing to exchange captured al Qaeda operatives with these Chinese engineers.

I am not surprised if the Americans are later proven to be behind all this flurry of attacks on Chinese workers in recent months.

A dozen railroad workers freshly arrived from Jiangxi were gunned down a few months ago.  The Afghan leader Karzal, intimately connected to American oil conglomerate (Conoco?) as shown in Moore’s "Fahrenheit 911" movie, has paid lip service to the Chinese government during the investigation of the murder, and the Chinese are beginning to forget about the incident already.  There has never been a progress report on the case.

I have always suspected that the failure to find the killers is expected – the oil companies had hired them and who’s Karzal, their former employee, to investigate his own employer?

And before that in May, three Chinese technicians working on a deep sea port construction project were killed and nine wounded in a car bomb attack in the southern Pakistani city of Gawadar.  How many of us actually remember this incidence?

You ask:  what could possibly be the reasons for the Americans in allowing this kind of terrorist activity (due to paucity of hard evidence proof now as to who is profiting from all these murders of Chinese workers can only be analytical in nature) to be directed unashamedly and purposely upon the Chinese workers outside China?

To create a schism between Islamic peoples and the Chinese for one; to create the momentum for Islamic insurgency inside China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region a second; to stop China from engaging in profitable commercial activities which might be in conflict with American overseas interests a third; to make the bad situation in Iraq more palatable to the home audience by involving the peaceful Chinese (quote “even the Chinese are having it happen to them”), convincing them that what’s happening to American hostages and occupation troops are not unique and is not dependent on their military actions and wrongful and immoral conduct in the war a fourth …I can go on but you get the point.

Feverish tension is gripping every twist and turn in the case, with the Western media clearly hungering in anticipation of the beheading of at least one Chinese engineer, so that they could tell the world: “If the peaceful Chinese people who have never done any harm to these insurgents are getting their heads severed, why should we be feeling any compunction or remorse for what’s happened in the Islamic world?   Haven’t the insurgents proven that they are savages all along?"

That’s the reason it is very dangerous for Chinese to work in these danger zones right now, because these so-called rebels or insurgents have dubious backgrounds and the hapless neocons are desperately trying to find a scapegoat and an excuse for their misbehavior around the world.  What better way than to dehumanize the insurgents by having them behead a peace-loving Chinese or two?

Yes, it is therefore entirely possible that Americans are working behind the scenes to offer money to Abdullah Mehsud, the leader of the kidnappers whom they had released from Guantanamo, to carry out at least one execution.  One might be set free to pacify their critics for such immoral behavior for awhile.

This is why I am worried for the fate of the two Chinese engineers at this point in time.

Wei Chao, M.D.

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On the double!

Return the two innocent engineers.

What kind of security guards are these t-- o be kidnapped alive with their own wards?

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An analysis that China Daily should recommend for discussions

i do hope Karenb will read this article

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Muslim terrorists kidnap two Chinese engineers inside Pakistan and wchao37 suspects America of being involved...


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"After the Bigley beheading, the damage to the British psyche could not be repaired by ten Trafalgars."

It should read:  

"When I'm dreaming... after the Bigley beheading, the damage to the British psyche could not be repaired by ten Trafalgars."

We're not the Spanish you know.

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"Feverish tension is gripping every twist and turn in the case, with the Western media clearly hungering in anticipation of the beheading of at least one Chinese engineer... "

Give me one example of this clear hungering.  If it's clear one example should be easy. No sane individual wishes beheading by knife on anyone.

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Reason why I believe at least one Chinese engineer will be killed

This is because in this case the Americans are pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Just ask yourself who's profiting from this seemingly impromptu kidnapping?

The al Qaeda?  Hardly.  The al Qaeda knows that their demand of having the Pakistanis stop ALL the military incursions into their hiding places is a pipe dream, since Musharaff himself had been under attack several times by them.  You raise impossible demands only if you are prepared to kill someone.  That's the ominous sign here.

Demands from the kidnappers so far are very vague.  The news out from the backwaters of the country are conflicting.  One minute you hear that the hostages are about to be freed, the next their lives are endangered.  This is a very bad sign, since that means the capture was a windfall and someone is considering how to get the best political advantage out of the kidnappings.

The kidnappers don't want money.  They know they can't have the Paks stop all wars against them (how?)  And yet they have not set the two men free.  Why?

So that means they are waiting to see what the man behind the scenes -- the man the Americans just set free and declared harmless just a short while ago from Guantanamo --  Abdullah Mehsud -- wants.  He could be searching for a videocamera to record a beheading right now.  He might in turn be waiting for orders from above -- the CIA, for example.

Here's the problem on the Chinese side.

They think they have not done anything bad to the Moslems, so why should they be targets of terrorism?  

This false sense of security for the wrong reason could prove to be fatal for the two engineers, because China's strategic enemies are state terrorists and they can easily masquerade as insurgents in doing harm to the two men just the same -- for the four reasons I outlined above in the main post.

I feel that the life of at least one Chinese engineer is in danger, again for the reasons I listed in the main post.


1.  They should not have allowed the engineers to travel far from their heavily guarded living quarters, even with Pakistani security guards at their side.

2.  They should have sent their own Chinese armed security guards and not depend on the Pakistanis for protection outside the living quarters.  As China's good friend, the Paks shouldn't have a problem with this.

3.  They should not have let the insurgents take the two engineers away from the hut to the tribal land.  The engineers are in more danger in the tribal lands because there would at least be one video camera for recording a beheading event in the tribal land.  Such a camera was not available inside the hut.

A Chinese killed by explosives strapped to the body would have no propaganda value for the insurgents, so that's where they would be safest -- inside the hut.  Once out of the hut, they are at the mercy of people carrying video cameras.  So they are in great danger now.  The Paks have been tricked into letting the four kidnappers go through the encirclement lines to reach safety in the tribal land.

The fact that they could still threaten to kill the Chinese means that the tribal lands are no safe haven for the Chinese engineers as they were initially made out to be.

It only allowed the four hungry, thirsty, tired men to be replenished and receive further instructions from their leader -- the worst scenario possible.

They should have disallowed exit of the four kidnappers to the tribal land, cut off the supply of food and water to the hut and most likely the insurgents would have surrendered because the two engineers are of no value to them when the kidnappers could not have further instructions.

Now that they are in the tribal land, their lives are in grave danger.  I believe at least one of them will be killed and the leader of these insurgents will see to it that this is done.

At this point there isn't much one can do.  The most important thing if it were left to me would be to make sure they four kidnappers do not have access to their leader -- Abdullah Mehsud -- the man set free by the Americans at Guantanamo.  Again, that seems to be difficult at this point.

I think the Americans will make sure that at least one Chinese head be severed in front of a videocamera and blame it on the Islamic militants.

There will be no traceable evidence linking them to the event, but the fact that the leader was set free recently by them and declared 'harmless' is ample evidence that they are behind the crime if any of the Chinese engineers get killed.

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