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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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If you seek the truth.... will find the answer to the why's.:)

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women donot start wars?

i just want to clarify one point.  i think our society is predominated by men, so few women have the chance to launch a war.

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In response to initial post

A lot of people are making the problem out to be worse than it actually is. We can sit down and think of improvised ideas on how to distribute resources in a way that we can meet the needs of the nation. In addition, with the assistance of more advertising campaigns on reduce, reuse, recycle; we can control the sanitation to the standard Singapore is at or close to, considerign Singapore is a much smaller sountry and therefore easier to manage. To summarize even quicker, just more thought and action on these thoughts is all we need. I think a two-child policy is better because of the adverse economic effect of one-child policy as well as some minor social pressure it places on China but I have to say the culture and mentality of Chinese adapts to this pressure extremely well.

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a little more to "sockmonkey"

yeah, seems you have done a pretty in-depth research on the one-child China National Policy.

and the most of what you said are facts.

one more thing you did not mention:  in China's urban cities, say beijing, shanghai,  if both of the newly weds are one-child themselves, they are now allowed to have two babies.  why this? maybe the government begins to think the decreasing urban population.

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The quote says it all.

Originally posted by iluv2fish at 2004-10-12 00:44
This is very foreign to me.

That's right fishy...China is not a colony of America and has many different parts to her "whole." To you, the way things are done in China is "foreign" and that's fine.

Too bad what you still want - on and on ad infinitum - is for China to become a kind of bastardized copy of what is already a bastardized copy of something else.

China and Chinese people do things in the China way - deal with it...or not. The one child policy saved China and Chinese people much misery and is now being slowly amended to suit existing conditions. Nice that isn't it? A government that not only knows what is going on but will apply policies to ameliorate a situation and then amend the policy when conditions change to a status where such amendments are feasible.

Wouldn't it be nice if the American government had the intellectual and analytical ability to do similarly.

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Reply #51 iluv2fish's post

Hello!!! It is since ancient that boys carries on the family trees!!!
So farmers can have two child if 1st is girls. So do minorities race, as many as they can afford!!!

How to overtake USA???
With boys,China has many uses!!! So use the population as another advantage
over disadvantages.

Only in a male body,can a man be transform in Buddhahood!!!
Hope you get this line right,Mr Fish. And one Buddha represents billions and billions of life!!!

Kind regards
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Careless...I did not understand your last post....

about Buddha and all.
At least you understand and have the intellectual capacity to understand the question I ask.
Canchin, read my post again as I think you missed the point...again.
Fish-(I get it. Chinese families can have only one child because of the population explosion in China. Why do they want boys and give up the girls? This is very foreign to me."

Canchin-"China and Chinese people do things in the China way - deal with it...or not"

I know that Canchin and I do not disagree with that point. We as a world people that are here on this website can share ideas, dreams and failures. This is what we should strive for.
To think every idea that the Americans have is correct is silly and you Canchin are being
silly if you think every idea about China from the C*C*P is good. The C*C*P makes mistakes
just like the American government makes mistakes. The only difference I see is, the mistakes that the American government make are our "the people" mistakes. We as a Nation, did
elect George Bush again. We must live with it. I personally think he is doing a great job, but many Americans do not but WE the people made that choice.

How did I get onto this? The original question was, why "do away with" the girl and keep the boy? Now Canchin, I would still like to hear your opinion on this (open minded) that you are clear of what the question is.:)

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