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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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Naturally occurring levels of testosterone don't cause violence.

Roid-rage occurs when weight lifters and other athletes take testosterone steroids at rates that are sometimes 500% in excess of normal levels.  Even then, a violent rage has to be triggered by some aggrevating event.

Testosterone makes your muscles heal faster after they're given a good workout, and causes muscle cells to grow faster too.  It also increases sex drive in men and women, but it doesn't alter sex preference.  Tests with homosexuals found that increased levels of testosterone caused the men who liked men to want more sex -- with men.

The cave man theory of testosterone really isn't supported by other corallaires.  For example, it's beleived that cave men were violent brutes who hunted as savage beasts and otherwise sought only to engage in procreative activities with as many different females as possible.  

Had this truly been the case, then cave colonies that fourished would have been those where humans, both men and women, had a genetic predisposition to give birth to females.  The reason is that while males can father many children, females are limited in the number of children they can produce.  So the most biologically efficient form of organization is what we see on the farm: a few bulls and a lot of cows; a rooster and a lot of hens.  Yet human children are born about 50-50 male-female.

Think of the bear who sits atop the waterfall and catches salmon as they jump out of the water.  The bear isn't more violent in the way the salmon is caught because of its sex.  He or she just wants a fish for lunch.  As shown in the photo below, the salmon experienced death by violent means.

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Why are jails filled with mostly men? Most murders committed by men. Women and men are not the same....and it took much money to do this research by the intellectuals, that a poor man could tell you it was just common sense.
A bull will charge you and a cow won't.

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Yes, women are under-represented in the USA prison population.

I think there are more men in jail for two reasons.  First, many people believe it is okay to put a man in jail but it is not okay to put a woman in jail.  The second reason is because violent women, like violent men, choose victims that are smaller than they are.  But small children aren't able to decry their own victimization in the same way that grown women can.  Also, a father will often intervene and prevent anyone he can, including a child's mother, from harming his children.

Now be honest, iluv2fish, if a woman began to violently harm a child of yours, assuming you have children, would you call a policeman or would you intervene directly and stop the violence against your kid?

It's true a bull will charge you if you trespass on his turf.  It's also true that a female bear with cubs will chase you down a hill, up a tree, pull you to the ground, and maul you for hours.

Maybe that's why we drink cow's milk and not bear's milk!

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Bears milk?

Ha ha ha

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one child

Matt605, I wish you'd back up your theories with some concrete evidence. Helen of Troy may or may not have existed, and Condi Rice didn't start the war in Iraq.

Anyway, I'm doing my thesis on China's one-child policy, and I've come across some interesting facts. The policy is enforced in varying degrees across the provinces, with rural and ethnic minority groups being given more of a chance to have more than one child. The gov't offers a monetary incentive/reward for these families that have only one child so they can support themselves better. While technically women aren't supposed to know the gender of the baby until its birth, there are many illegal ultrasound machines out there with doctors who will tell them if it's a boy or a girl. Also, many women don't necessarily want to abort girls, but they often feel pressure from their in-laws or husbands. I've heard it said that a girl is good to have around, because they can listen to the mother's stories and help the mother with the housework.

In general, the policy was a necessary measure, it seems, but it has resulted in some unfortunate events, such as the rising ratio between birthrate of girls and boys, and some forced abortions or sterilizations. There's also the whole question of what will happen to these single children (often urban) when they begin to have kids--will they have the requisite life skills to raise their own children? Very interesting topic indeed!

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One Child....

A beautiful baby girl is just as worthy as a baby boy. Bad Karma will befall those who bring harm to the little ones just for the sake of having a little emperor in the family.

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Don't ask why.

what i want to say is that this is a significant culture and traditional differences between CHINA and other countrys. but for the reason of my poor english , i don't know how to explain it clearly, On thing u should keep in mind is that  don't ask too much "why" before u haven't got the truth about it.

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