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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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Like the good book say...

"you reap what you sow".

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It seems from your tone, that there is not equality between men and women in China. I may be wrong, but it seems the wives will be with their man through good times and bad.
Anyway, that was not my question. Why not be allowed to have one child, but if it is a girl, then you have a girl. If you have a boy, then you have a boy. After the one child the tubes can be tied or the man can get sniped. Why is it legal to kill of a girl to get a boy? Does this not seem cruel to you?

There is not equality between men and women anywhere except maybe the Scandanavian countries. There there is no equality between the natives and the immigrants although they come close.  That said, you are asking the obvious question.  It is a matter of practicalities regarding having children.  For instance, for the sake of humanity why don't we let all subsaharan Africans freely emigrate to the United States?  Doesn't the fact that all those poor children dying of hunger and disease bother you?  Doesn't it seem cruel?  Of course.  But the ultimate decision is an economic one.  Were that to happen the US economy would be ruined.  

Finally, not sure why you mean by
legal to kill
, it is not legal to kill in China.  But some anti-abortionists call abortion killing.  Other people do not.

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"legal to kill"

If abortions were  illegal...would it be considered killing?

I don't want to go there as this was not the purpose of my thread here. China had an over
population problem so abortion was mandated by the state. You get one child in China and
then the "others" are done away with.

MY questions was ...after the first child...does the women get her tubes tied or the man gets
snipped. How does it work? Or do the women go down to the local doctor for an abortion?

The point that seems to get missed here is....I thought it unfair that the female babies
were 'let go' while the males babies were celebrated. If it is a one child policy you want to
defend (and I can see some logic in it), then whatever child comes first should be the
child you get. Would not this be fairer? If the Chinese policies of old age is what hinders
this, than change the policy....wouldn't you think?

"Africans freely immigrate to the United States?"

I see your point here. The babies that are dying down in Africa do need our help. We have
many agencies in the USA that help them out and the USA government help them out also.
Maybe China could go to Africa and show them how to enforce the "one child policy".

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wow...tough question

as far as i know that a lot of women did have their tubes tied. and no, men didnt get snipped.

and i dont think that abortion is illegal here.  

plus, most ppl in china love girls as much as boys.

and the one child policy is gonna be changed soon, i've heard. not sure about it... at least some ppl can have two kids in the future...if they are qualified
Life goes on!!!!!!!  ----  I am what I am!!!!!!!

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if they are qualified

What does it take to qualify?

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Reply #97 iluv2fish's post

I am not sure if the policy has been loosed a little, but there're some couples allowed to have second babe:
1) both of them are single kid from their family;
2) the 1st kid is handicaped;
3) either the mom or dad is a minority race or foreignerl;

But, women do pick up the short end of the stick ALWAYS. It is unfair.

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I support the "No CHILD Policy"...........

I strongy support the NO CHILD POLICY..............that would be great................

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