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one child policy, where will it lead? [Copy link] 中文

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yes, so-called women can hold half-the-sky

For sure, this world will be dull, and cannot surivive if not for women. I always have admiration for women of her own, never bowing to difficulty and never live on men's strings.  Great, suki-yao.

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If the men in China really do believe what CD says, why is it actions do not follow words? The
women in China must stay in their place.

It seems that Chinese men think that women can hold up half the sky...but just not get paid
or treated as equals.

The new revolution in China...will be from the women.

The Chinese men better hold onto their "you know what's".

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Law? or Policy? or Guideline?

Being a Chinese, as i know, there is no LAW in China stipulating that only ONE child for ONE family is LEGAL otherwise it is ILLEGAL.

The only legal items regarding this issue are stated in the Constitution:

第二十五条 国家推行计划生育,使人口的增长同经济和社会发展计划相适应。
Article 25 The state promotes family planning so that population growth may fit the plans for economic and social development.

第四十九条 婚姻、家庭、母亲和儿童受国家的保护。
夫妻双方有实行计划生育的义务。 ......
Artical 49 Marriage, the family and mother and child are protected by the state.
Both husband and wife have the duty to practise family planning...

So, one-child family should be understood as policy or guideline based on the Constitution.  Even this policy/guideline is not practised to the minority nationalities.  

Being a Chinese working abroad for so many years, I have been shot at by  this "one-child family" issue by my  "foreign" friends for so many times.  I think, accurate explanation/understanding of this "policy/guideline is a must for mutual communication.

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Originally posted by iluv2fish at 2006-1-22 23:26
The Chinese men better hold onto their "you know what's" ...

If some one has no self-respect, how could he be respected?

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It was a joke...

...maybe not a very good one but maybe you are being just a little bit uptight?

"they need boys to support them when they grow old. "...this sentence really bothers me.
I have heard this theme throughout the post. Why is it not the female that can support the
parents in old age?
Are the wage differences so much in China that a woman can not support her parents?
Perhaps China could balance out the "equal rights" just a little bit and maybe it would not
matter what the sex would be when it is born.
I understand China has tradition...but this is year 2006 AD and not 200 AD.

Understand case you are thinking I am a know it all...I do not think what China does
is wrong or right...only that I try to understand....some of it I do not understand and it bothers me. Sorry if it sounds like I judge you but asking questions...even questions that are me see your side of the coin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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Reply #83 iluv2fish's post

Aiyah Fish,

When chinese girls marries, they shift in to their in-laws, so in=laws are their
"parents". Who takes cares of the original parents? Their son and daughter in-laws. So if only daughter, who take cares of them???

Come stay with me and i give you free lessons on chinese culture!
I have one book, chinese culture that tells about traditions and the why's.
From birth,marriage,death,etc....
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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CaringHK, you're right, but that practice is by and large dead in the cities and falling out of practice in the countryside. Urban couples are electing to live by themselves, and for rural couples, monetary incentives are offered to families who follow the one-child policy; the policy is also much less strictly enforced for them, since it's understood that they still do a lot of  manual labor.

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