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I hope you learned a good lesson.

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China supports Japan's application for a U.N. Security Council seat?

Well I would certainly love to see such a situation. It would show a strong friendship between the two countries. However I am not so sure that this will happen.

Quite apart from feelings over WWII, I think Beijing will be more pragmatic. In the future, China may well clash with Japan over natural resources. The last thing the Chinese government would want is for Japan to have the confidence to defend her resources. Supporting an application for a permament seat on the Security Council would certainly do this. It would also encourage Japan to develop more of an offensive military capability.

Equally the simple fact that China is the only Asian power on the Security Council (I don't include Russia), puts it in a prominent position. It may wish to keep things that way. Indeed there is an argument that Russia and China may oppose any new permament members of the Security Council, as it would dilute their power.

However there is some hope. I think China could benefit a lot from supporting a Japanese application to the Security Council. Firstly, the Russians may oppose it anyway - the Chinese are then blameless. China could use it as a springboard to improve Sino-Japanese relations. The best way to obtain a "formal" apology over WWII would be to give Japan a tempting reward.

Also there is the future to think about. Japan's close ties to the US are partly because of the historic Communist hostility on the mainland and her own military insecurity. If Japan became a more self-assured and confident nation and if China could show Japan that it really wanted to be friends, far from being a "U.S. puppet", I think Japan would be an excellent partner for China in the future. A Sino-Japanese alliance would severly marginalise American power in the Pacific and make it easier to China to operate in the region. If China doesn't make such a gesture, Japan will continue to look to the U.S. for support.

As to whether I think Japan should become a permament member? Well yes, I can't see anything wrong with it. Japan has always been the U.N.'s largest financial contributor, so I think it's fair that she have greater influence in it. Koizumi's reforms have made it possible for the JSDF to deploy as a peacekeeping force, so Japan could also help out in future U.N. missions.

Political disputes shouldn't get in the way of reforming such an important international organisation. The objections of some of the forums members are childish.

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Well said Mencius

I too think Japan should get in.

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Forget it, Japan is not qualified at all !!!

Japan is the troublemaker of the world peace. It wants to be a permanent member in the United Nations Security Council, isn't it ironic???
A lot of Japanese are mean and have an evil heart.
World peace calls for big warm heart and care for other people and courange to admit mistakes if one made.
Two thumbs down for the devils' wish to entry the UNSC.

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Thank you for the compliment, but...

Everyone on the U.N. Security Counsel has a warm heart? Remember it was not to long ago when we had to make the same decision for letting China in. Look at where we are at today. Have a big heart and hope that this makes peace even stronger.

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move on

I don't see what the problem is in letting Japan in.  Some are upset the prime minister visited the site of war criminals.  It is not just a place for war criminals but other Japanese soldiers who died in combat.

China is not exactly an innocent nation either.  Where are the human rights?  2 of China's ex chairmen should be held accountable for things they have done too but they never will be.

It's ok to remember the past but there is a time to move on a be the "bigger" nation.

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Japan, not yet


You are mixing up two different issues

UN in 1972 was not ‘letting China in’. It was the re-installation of the position which belongs to the People’s Republic.

China is still separated. It is the result of USA intervention. We Chinese had gone a long way to break the USA led blockage and earned respect from most of the World nations.

The Japanese situation is a result of her own fault. It is reasonable for the World not to let Japan in the Security Council until the Japanese truly regret for their war crime.

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