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For niulaoye and Kwok Ho

Well guys, thanks for the incite. Sorry if things got out of hand, but Kwok I was unsure of your stance, you seemed so vehemently anti-Japanese in your previous entries. niulaoye, I hope I didn't offend you, I just really needed a response that was genuine, and you gave it to me. Thank you. Yes, I think the Chinese are a great people, I can't wait to move there in February. Keep in mind I will shut my mouth's opinion when I am over there and be respectful of the people's views no matter what they are. I will respect those who welcome me into their country, as I respect those who come to my country, our country. It is a great honor, no b.s.    Kwok- how interesting that you think I'm Japanese. Is it really because of the way I type English or because you dislike me. Well, I'm not. I am as White and American as it gets. My family has been here since 1690, and they came from Ireland. Sorry for misunderstandings, I know I was deceptive but that is how I got my information. Sorry, but this college student wants to graduate. Why be so selfish? Well, I hope I can give a little back when I live in China to teach English. Yeh Kwok, funny huh? I wonder how long you have been speaking English yourself. I think it is quite good. Despite your criticism, I am well versed in my own native tongue. Anyhow, hope this clears things up, but feel free to respond negatively, I find it funny because i am definitely sincere with this statement.
p.s. Of course the Nanjing Holocaust, or massacre (depending on your own definition) should NEVER be forgotten, just transcended.

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Heaven forbids.

rhino :    I have great fears for the Chinese who are going to be taught by you of all things, English ! I am serious, please tell me the school you are going to so that I can sound an evacuation warning. This looks like a second Japanese invasion coming up.
If you are Irish than I am the king of England. You insisted that you are super duper history professor but you are avoiding the quote I requested from you and where was the sign which says " Irish and dogs not allowed ". Do you have such a short attention span?

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Pot, meet kettle...

kwok ho,

To find evidence of the "No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish" signs, may I turn your attention to "Wherever Green Is Worn" by Tim Pat Coogan (a history of the Irish Diaspora).

To find evidence of your own racism, look to your comment "Sure to be sure to give me an answer now Paddy?" (2004-11-22 18:33)

How would you like it if you were described as "yoo velly good chinky-poo, yes?"

How quickly you don the mantle of those you claim to deride...

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Mouth cleansing required.

beholder:   are you itching for a ding-dong battle. I do not wish to. So you win, OK? I am still waiting for you ( or anyone ) to give me the chapter and verse of the quote " no Irish or dogs allowed". I think this is a simple and straight forward request, so no further procrastinations please. By the way where has the Japanese masquerading as an Irishman gone?

To you beholder a couplet:

call us kettle, call us pot,
stinky toilet mouth we are not.

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Use mouthwash, rather than brainwash....

Ah. kwok ho, yet again you adopt a "holier-than-thou" attitude.

I've quoted a source for the "No Irish Or Dogs" sign. Post a refutation, if you will, with a corresponding source. This has already been pointed out to you: either you are wilfully ignoring the point, or you are just plain stupid. Which is it?

As for the "toilet mouth" jibe, can I ask, what are you trying to say? That your posting various "addywhackeries" is all in good fun? Perhaps you feel that "Me Chinky Poo" comments from right-wing westerners are also "all in good fun"? Perhaps you think "No Dogs or Chinese" signs are also "in good fun"?

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Let us calm down.

beholder :        let us take a deep breath and calm down. The thread we are on started with a legitimate question as to whether China would approve of Japan's admission to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) . The digression came about when some Irish and pseudo Irish forumites chose to bring in irrelevant material about the hardship suffered by them at the time of the first immigration to the new world. You will find that the language deteriorated when pseudo muscled his way into the conversation. If my comments on Paddy offended you, I am sorry. It was a rebuttal in anger at the charlatan who has since disappeared I see.

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Point taken, Kwok Ho. Well said.

It's easy for a lax comment to be taken the wrong way. It's easy to find fault where no slight is intended. It's easy to resort to trite characterisations, too.

We must all be on guard against such insidious comments.

Have we reached an understanding yet again, Kwok Ho? If we have, is there not hope for us all, no matter what part of this planet we call home?

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