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China + Japan [Copy link] 中文

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kick China out of the United Nations, and then let Japan join the permanent secu

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China--Japan should be friends

I  used  to  be  an  anti--japanses boy,  you can  call  me Fengqing.  But  now  I think  that  we are  all  asians. We should  face  the  westerners  together.Though the  relationship  now  is in low  period,but  I  think  the teenagers  like me  of  the  two countries  should  be  friends forever.

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Mr. Kwok ho

Sir, may I make a suggestion. First let me tell you that I am a historian well versed in all histories, including American history as I sir am an American, born and raised. Let me next tell you that I am a specialist in Chinese and Japanese history (wo xuexi zhongguo he riben lishi). From a non-partisan view, I will tell you that I agree with you in that I don't believe Japan has earned the right to join the U.N.S.C. With that said, please let me say this. Luv2fish is not lying, and I know this for fact. Obviously you are too arrogant to research yourself. Why?  Too busy, then fine, don't do the research. But if you are ignorant of this topic as you are, then don't try to refute the information. Don't let your emotions take you over. Yes, fish is wrong in that Japan doesn't belong on the U.N.S.C., but as person with extensive Irish heritage, it insults me that you don't believe it. It insults me for I have taken so much time and exhausted myself to respect your own culture and history, yet you piss all over my own. I'm sure you get angry when people tell you the Nanjing massacre didn't occur. Albeit much worse, we do not dispute it. Please don't make such remarks. It might hurt your nation, and considering I am miving to China next year, I hope it does not happen.

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Self praise is no praise.

Mr Rhino:      I did not believe iluv2fish when he said '  signs on store fronts in the US read " No dogs or Irish allowed ".' I do not think it unreasonable to insist that HE produce the proof instead of me doing the research. I think it is an Irish myth under the influence of a good home brew, a take off on the " No dogs and Chinese allowed" posted at a public park in Shanghai at the time of the foreign concessions.

I have learned through the years not to be too impressed with people who blow their own trumpet about their ' accomplishments '. You said you are an expert in Chinese and Japanese history ( and all histories ). Good luck to you, man. I am totally underwhelmed by such blatant and brash bragging. You perhaps could help your drunken Irish friend and provide the required source of the quote. I humbly suggest that you brush up your English. If your history skill is similar to that of your English then it amounts to a tragedy.

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A little history for Kwok Ho

Check this out Kwok-
           I have a special feeling toward Sino-Japanese friendship. Even when the Japanese militarists launched war against China, there were still a lot of Japanese who were against the invasion. We should have a comprehensive view on history. We should not only talk about the history of Japanese invasion, but also talk about the history of the Japanese people and numerous Japanese friends struggling for Sino-Japanese friendship. There are a lot of such people.   
                                                            -Deng Xiaoping, July 1989.
Well, I eagerly wait your response sir. I'm sure you have some objections, so check out: Yong Deng, in Pacific Affairs; vol.70, no.3 (Autumn, 1997), pp.373-391

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We digress too much.

rhino:   I do not intend to engage you or anyone in childish banter with no objective in sight. Simply, just let me emphasise that I am all for good Sino-Chinese relationship for the sake of the future generations. We Chinese will never forget the atrocities and barbarism of the Japanese on our defenceless and innocent civilians during WWII. Until and unless the Japanese government show concrete steps towards reconciliation, this festering sore will not heal.

Back to my issue with fish. You can help your Irish ( I actually think you are Japanese from  your English ) compatriot in quoting the source of the Irish sign. Any other discussion should be done on the right threads.Sure to be sure to give me an answer now Paddy.

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Japanese friends

Rhino - you are correct

We Chinese will never forget what the Japanese done to us during WWII. On the other hand we will not forget those who had help the Chinese to fight against the enemy.

We were taught in school not to hate the Japanese, but to remember the history. Japanese were taught of the Mongol invation at school, so what is wrong for Chinese youth being taught of the Japanese invation ? But the difference is, Chinese are also taught to distinguish between the goods and bads. We always said the war crime is not done by ordinary Japanese, but by Japanese warlord and imperialist.

There are stories of the Japanese fight side by side with Chinese, stories of Japanese solder hand over truck load weapon to Chinese and committed suicide, stories of Japanese technician died when testing weapon in 8th Army arsenal....These people are being ignored in Japan but they are real heroes.

We would also not forget those helped normalizing and developing post war Sino-Japanese relationship, and those still fighting lonely war in Japan to defend the truth and justice of Japanese war crime.

Chinese are great people, and hate is not a Chinese character. Don't let our Japanese friend down.

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