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Broken heart

Let the dead bury the dead. Rise above it.

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Principles not for sale!

hideyoshi:     There are things called principles; principles of integrety, dignity and responsibility. These are not for sale. The UNSC seat is one such item. Japan can take its money and shaft it up the you know what and enjoy it.

To allow militaristic Japnan into the sanctum of the UNSC is like inviting Count Dracula to be in charge of the blood bank. Not a good idea.

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I think China has a bigger military than Japan does. Am Ih right?

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freeman has been deleted
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TO hideyoshi:

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Your comments about the sanctum of UNSC and integrity and other such things was very amusing.
Is China a good representing of integrity and sanctum of UNSC? Do you really think so?
When was last Chinese election?
Can you remember 1989?
You never mention 1989 - only 1937-45.
You make me laughing.
Japan is model of integrity, peace, freedom. Japan is example for all Asian nations. As always it has been.
Japan has more money and greater military might than China.
Japan should realling be taking China's seat in UNSC.

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This kind of hate can only be passed down from generation to generation. My question is,
"Is it the government or the parents or both, that keep this misery going on?"
Surley a child born today knows little about what happened 60 years ago.
I feel your pain China but you must move on. In fact, this will be a test to see if China is able to let Japan in the UNSC.
By China allowing Japan in, China will look like the bigger and nicer person. The world looks on China.
Don't get me wrong, if you decide not to let Japan in, and it is up to you, people will just say - "Same old thing".
But if your leader says "yes", that yes will be heard around the world.

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Continued education of some Japanese.

hideyoshi:   I am very glad that I can make you laughing  (sic). Now let us be serious for a moment and learn something. Japanese like you have buried their heads in the sand for too long. They are unaware of the tremendous changes that has passed them by. Eg; China has a substantial nuclear arsenal and the delivery system capable of reaching anywhere in the world. Japan is still hiding under the umbrella of the USA and quite unable to get the Yankee troops to leave your soil. Okinawa is an open sore because the local Japanese are treated worse than second class citizens, all because the Japanese government is too gutless to speak up for its own people. In real terms Japan is nothing but a vassal state ( puppet ) of Uncle Sam.

"raise is only worth something if it is offered by others" a Chinese sage once said. How true! Your self praise is NO praise at all.

UNO is not an orgainzation for democratic nations only. It has monarchies, communists, theocracies, and even dictators. Fake democracy like Dubya is also allowed in. So what is your point about China's last election.

There are more lessons free of charge from me depending on your replies. Bye till then.

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