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National security decision to foil attacks on Hong Kong [Copy link] 中文

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More than 100 residents of Hong Kong, mostly young people, awaken the city by sending their best wishes to the nation and the city at Wan Chai's Golden Bauhinia Square, on Sept 17, 2019. [Photo/China Daily]

The national security situation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has deteriorated rapidly over the past years. Riots and acts of terrorism dominated the landscape in Hong Kong in the second half of 2019, with pro-independence elements inciting an increasingly violent rebellion against the government. The SAR government and the city have been paralyzed by the violent anti-government demonstrations. The violence stopped for a few months due to the novel coronavirus epidemic only to return recently.

Beyond the SAR, the war of words between Beijing and Washington has been escalating, and there is evidence to show separatist elements in Hong Kong have been funded and trained by organizations related to the US government. With all the demonstrations and riots being targeted at authorities in Beijing, Hong Kong is now the battlefield for a "hybrid war"-attacks by US forces and defense by the Chinese government. As such, national security is nowhere more seriously threatened and undermined than in Hong Kong.

Despite rising concerns, however, Beijing has not disregarded the uniqueness of Hong Kong under the "one country, two systems" framework. The National People's Congress, the country's top legislature, has still urged the SAR to pass a local version of the National Security Law in accordance with Article 23 of the Basic Law of Hong Kong, although on Thursday the NPC authorized its Standing Committee to plug a national security loophole in Hong Kong by introducing a national security legislation in the SAR.

The NPC's decision is based on concerns that the situation could deteriorate further in view of the troubles the US could trigger in Hong Kong to intensify the "new Cold War" it seems to have started against China. China cannot afford to be unprepared, especially with Hong Kong being politically the most vulnerable and economically the most valuable city in the entire country.

Even though there is a mechanism to apply national laws to Hong Kong by including them in Annex III of the Basic Law, the NPC will not simply include the existing National Security Law to it, but introduce national security legislation specifically for Hong Kong, thereby taking into account the particularities of the Hong Kong system.

The NPC decision also stipulates that national security organs of the central government will set up agencies in Hong Kong that will operate according to law. The SAR government, too, will establish institutions and an enforcement mechanism for national security, and the two will probably work together to close the national security loophole in Hong Kong. The explicit legal requirement means greater transparency and a rule-based regulation for their operation, the same as in many developed societies and much more accountable than the system practiced by the British before China resumed its sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997.

The implications of the NPC decision are that the Chinese government, including the central and SAR governments, will address the issues of national security in Hong Kong openly and formally. This will close any windows of opportunity that could be exploited by separatists and foreign subversive forces to undermine China's sovereignty over the city.

The initial responses to the decision have been sporadic protests in Hong Kong and international pressure, but neither can change the steadfast position of the central government. Instead, the use of violence by the demonstrators in Hong Kong and the reaction of foreign governments that have been hostile toward Beijing confirm the need and urgency for national security legislation.

The NPC decision has been explained with extensive details and without ambiguity, making it clear that it will oppose interference in Hong Kong affairs by any external forces in any form by taking necessary countermeasures. The comprehensive countermeasures should be able to stop any direct and indirect political intervention by hostile overseas forces, which we have been seeing in the demonstrations and riots in Hong Kong.

The outcome will be a more-transparent political process that offers no pretext or cover for subversion and will allow the general public, including the overseas media, to gain an undistorted understanding of the inclinations and motives as well as the possible consequences of any such subversive activities in Hong Kong. It probably also means that one of the major tasks of the newly established agencies of the national security organs will be to stop overseas interference in the city.

The "new Cold War" the incumbent US administration is trying to trigger is unwarranted and unjustified no matter which perspective you view it from. Therefore, China has to safeguard its national sovereignty, territorial integrity and political stability by fending off any attacks targeting Hong Kong. Hong Kong is crucial to China's resurgence, as it represents institutional innovation that both defends and improves the political governance of China.

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In the west, when one has fallen ill, one consults a western trained person whose terminology is medical physician or medical doctor. In the est, most likely one would go to eastern medicine man. In the eyes of the west, the eastern medicine man is less qualified or not even qualified. However, the east population is and has been always higher than the west!
In other words, productivity and effectiveness count!
When the east prescribes and implements solutions to its own problems, the west must meddle and mess the east up. Now, the west is in deep dark hole where lives of the rich is worth to protect.
US history had Africans captured and sold as slave on open market. US white despise US black. This is a fact that no one denies.
Equal rights is on paper for show! After Martin Lurther King, the movement died as US surpresses it continuously. Today, it rises above and US President Donald John Trump tramples it and wants to sweep it under the carpet. He did not know that US white killed, murdered and invaded the same land that belonged to Red Indians!
Now, he proclaimed ownership shamelessly! Justice will not be done!

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Depends on how it is implemented.

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When US President Donald John Trump imposes new law, he is said to keep US operating harmiously so as to achieve peace, progress and prosperity for his nation!
Look at the mess, Trump created for US citizens!
In fact, he programmed it so that with destruction comes construction and his son-in-law will be in charge!
No corruption! Just plain coordination to ensure that public works are in progress!

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Too heavy on verbosities in this case is unwarranted in my solemn opinion. Move swiftly to implement the blessed changes to its Law Books is the highest priority and to enforce the changes immediately by ridding of judicial LOOP HOLES of which was the blatant judicial humiliations perpetuated by evil western forces for more than 23 years. Explain no more since it has come a long way of a very disturbing and disruptive journeys of shames and humiliations.

Get the job done is a fortune. Enough is enough, truly !   

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12dream Post time: 2020-6-2 11:43
Too heavy on verbosities in this case is unwarranted in my solemn opinion. Move swiftly to implemen ...

I agree, 12dream.

Beijing has an urgent task on its hands -- implement the National Security law immediately and replace the judges in the Hongkong court system as quickly as possible, so that only Chinese judges can qualify to apply for those jobs.  

By that I mean Hongkong's judges -- including of course the Supreme Court judges -- must be ethnic Chinese who have sworn loyalty to Beijing, and no one else.

Why?  Because Hongkong's main problem has been that the foreigner judges (e.g. Indian, British, etc.) working in Hongkong's courts have demonstrated their dubious connections and allegiances to foreign destabilizing forces, and had uniformly been too lenient in sentencing the convicted rioters in previous cases last year and in the illegal "Occupy Central" criminal cases a few years ago.

Would an ethnic Chinese judge ever qualify to be a Supreme Court Judge in the U.S.?  

Of course not, and so why should China allow foreigner judges to work in Hongkong's courts, especially the Supreme Court of Hongkong?  

That would be the more appropriate application of the Anti-Sedition portion of the 1997 Basic Law pertaining to Hongkong SAR.

Before the NPC concluded recently, Beijing had to consider giving "face" to the U.S., and so there had been too many delays in implementing the Basic Law of Hongkong -- including the anti-sedition law in section #23.

Now that Trump has made the decision for us, there is no more need to heed anyone's "face" anymore.

So there is no more excuses for Beijing not to implement the law right away -- they can actually do it now at the speed of sending an email to the Hongkong legislature.

Fire the foreigner judges in Hongkong.  Don't let the sedition-violators get away with murder with a slap on the wrist.

Even ethnic Chinese judges in Hongkong need to swear allegiance to Beijing from now on.  Do U. S. judges not solemnly swear their allegiance before their induction into their services too?  So why can't Chinese judges in Hongkong do the same?

No double standards allowed from this point on.

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wchao37 Post time: 2020-6-2 13:45
I agree, 12dream.

Beijing has an urgent task on its hands -- implement the National Security law  ...

200% correct and the job needs to be done right away !  There is never a need to give face to any other parties since those parties have never behaved with a civilized philosophy towards China and Chinese people.

What face have they given China and Chinese leaders ? Nothing except loads of humiliations ! They only love to bash and blame China in whatever forms they could devise to harm Chinese interests over a century at least.

Really without a speck of doubt, "ENOUGH IS REALLY ENOUGH" .

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