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Could US military bring coronavirus to Wuhan?   [Copy link] 中文

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   I'd argue that the perp is Batman. The aggrieved Batman , who tut-tutted at the fact that he wouldn't be able to be  a hero representing Marvel Comics , decided to  show  Marvel  his
power by dispatching armies of bats to earth.  The bats dressed up as human beings once it arrived in  one city, after which some  virus-carrying bats bit some critters keen on eating wild animals like bats. In other words, Batman is waiting for Iron Man to  turn up to save mankind   Who's going to win this showdown? Ask Time Warner and Disney.


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tatata69 Post time: 2020-4-9 19:45
I'd argue that the perp is Batman. The aggrieved Batman , who tut-tutted at the fact that he woul ...

You could be right about the aggrieved Batman and Marvel analogy.

I just want to take this opportunity to revise the spelling of the name of Patient 0 - the U.S. soldier who brought the virus to Wuhan.  Together with four other U.S. military athletes, she was flown back to the U.S. in a hurry separately and before the rest of the 300-plus-member delegation did.

     markwu Post time: 2020-3-24 17:48
            Defaulting on China's holdings of US treasuries would junk the US dollar, first creating hyperinflat ...

Patient #0, the first carrier responsible for bringing the COVID-19 virus to Wuhan in October 2019, has been identified.  Her name is Maatejie Benassi.

That is the crucial evidence linking the COVID-19 pandemic to the U.S. Bio-weapons Research Lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland.  Maatejie, a U.S. athlete in the Military Sports Meet last October in Wuhan, participated in a bicycling event.  Oddly though, not only has she been linked to the virus, one of her relatives has now been determined to be Patient #0 responsible for the first case of COVID-19 infection in Holland.  

The double whammy was conclusive evidence that the U.S. was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic because it withheld crucial data about the coronavirus when it was initially identified in the U.S. leading to the closure of Maryland's Fort Detrick in July 2019.  

The leak of the coronavirus from Fort Detrick eventually led to many of the deaths (estimates vary from 14,000 to 22,000) last year in the U.S. previously attributed to the "flu," with the relevant data purposefully swept under the carpet by the White House.  Confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection were unknown to the world until two weeks ago when CDC's Robert Redfield, M.D. unequivocally confirmed their existence.

That means the U.S. is responsible for spreading the coronavirus to China, which in turn means that the latter would have the legal basis to demand reparations from the U.S. now that the integrated chain of evidence is complete.  The U.S. team did poorly in the Wuhan Competition -- not only did it not win a single gold medal, it also ranked 38th in the final tally of medals, after countries like Egypt and Turkey.  

So obviously the U.S. team was not in Wuhan for the Competition but for some other purpose.

What was that purpose?

You can answer that question yourself, knowing that after the competitions were over, the 300 American athletes spread out throughout Wuhan, many of whom actually congregated near the South China Seafood Market where the first Chinese case was subsequently identified on November 17, 2019.   

That physical proximity to the Market initially convinced even the Chinese themselves to believe that wildlife sold at the Market had to do with the disease and the host of the virus was probably a bat as was previously suspected in the case of SARS in 2003.  

But no bats -- common carriers of the coronavirus -- were sold at the Market at all, and the mRNA sequence of the COVID-19 virus found on the first patient did not match that of viruses found on bats in the Wuhan-Hubei area.  

What's more, according to Italian sources, the first case of suspected COVID-19, affecting mostly senior citizens in Italy's Lower Lombardy area, has now been determined to have started in November 2019, which meant that the virus couldn't have come from Wuhan.

Another important point is that amongst the entire spectrum of coronavirus cases, all five generations of the virus have been identified in the U.S., although only two of the newer generations of the virus have been found in China, which means the original strain of pathogenic (disease-causing) coronavirus had originated in the U.S.

That's how China's Foreign Ministry, armed with the new evidence, started the counter-attack in the person of Zhao Li-jian last week questioning the U.S. authorities and demanding an explanation of the improbable "coincidences."

Needless to say, U.S. soldier Maatejie Benassi is now in mortal danger of being silenced and assassinated by secret agents.  

If the U.S. tries to get out of its debts owed to China by using gangster logic and practices, the consequences would not be pleasant or peaceful.  Our Foreign Office had made that plenty clear by emphasizing that all options are on the table, including war.   

Given the organizational abilities of the Chinese nation as reflected in the way the COVID-19 pandemic was handled throughout this ordeal -- such as in the lightning-fast (10-day) construction of the two hospitals -- the U.S. is fated to lose in any military conflict with China at this juncture in history -- when even the blind can see that the PLA has the requisite high morale and material resources for all military eventualities.  

This is true especially since even the American military itself can see that the White House is the real culprit according to the first-hand witness account of CDC's Dr. Robert Redfield in the Congressional Hearings -- the pandemic had started in the U.S. in summer, 2019 and availability of test kits was extremely limited and expensive -- as if there was a cover-up scheme to mislead the public about the true nature of the flu epidemic, in the process leading to millions of lung infections, some of which had led to cardiopulmonary failure and death.

Thus the U.S. military cannot be sure that it enjoys any moral, military or logistical advantages over the PLA no matter how you slice it.  In other words, if it chooses to launch a war at this point in time, it will only have itself to blame for its certain failure.

Just think how a navy with COVID-19-afflicted personnel aboard -- with the virus identified in four aircraft carriers and other U.S. naval vessels so far -- will be able to sustain the will to fight against a strongly-motivated foe whose high morale is due to its determination not to suffer through another national humiliation.  This is no trap set for our navy to retake Taiwan at the crack of dawn.

China did not view America as an enemy at the beginning of Trump's presidency or was she in a hurry to deal with brinkmanship.  The black swan coming in the form of a coronavirus which was not part of the scenario envisioned by BJ for 2020.  

Put another way, the Final Scene of the Fourth Act of the drama called Chinese Reunification has fallen into our lap like a newborn from a Caesarian Section.  Taking the plunge has become a heavily-favored option.

Missing the opportunity is not an option.  In fact, it will earn scorn and incur wrath from the Goddess of the Eternal Court of History.

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There are currently 58 different novel cronavirus genome sequences discovered.

They are divided into 5 strains/category; A, B, C, D & E.

Of all the cases, more than 70k in China are in the category C.

While in the USA when the cases of several hundred, all 5 category of Coronavirus sequences have been found.

Like I said, only in USA could you find all the 5 strains of COVID-19.

The 2 parents genes are in Stage A and B.

China’s Wuhan the epicenter, have a lot of Stage C type of virus, few cases of Stage B, but no Stage A.

Besides, China's leading expert on COVID-19 said Coronavirus may not have originated in China.   

In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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wchao37 Post time: 2020-4-9 22:44
You could be right about the aggrieved Batman and Marvel analogy.

I just want to take this opport ...

  Well, I reckon that every nation would be better off working together to tackle this crisis instead of launching into a broadside against each other, owing to the fact that it has become a global epidemic.  There is no need for you to take offence at  snarky remarks uttered by conservative news anchors working for Fox News; they are mostly Trump's foot soldiers content to speak for Trump while castigating people critical of Trump's policies. To put it another way,  Trump's supporters won't stop until you deign to admit you are wide of the mark.  

Personally, I decide against embracing  conspiracy theory.  I take up the cudgels for Enlightenment thinking.

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Personally, I decide against embracing  conspiracy theory.  I take up the cudgels for Enlightenment thinking.

I believe the Chinese people do not have the mindset to embrace any conspiracy theory either.

That's why when the pandemic first broke out in Wuhan, they blamed the South China food Market instead of any political entity for the etiology of the disease.  That homegrown allegation proved that the Chinese people never tried to put the blame on anyone anywhere for the source of the pandemic until convincing contrariwise evidence was presented shortly thereafter.  The journalists who first took upon themselves the task to investigate the culprit were Westerners themselves who became curious as to why five soldiers were mysteriously repatriated to the States on a special plane before the rest of the 300-plus-member U.S. delegation was then separately evacuated.

The Western media gleefully took up that home-grown allegation by the Chinese themselves and leaned on the Chinese government to take the responsibility upon its own shoulders, until facts stared them in the face and all except the U.S. has continued to exploit this home-grown allegation to the hilt, even after the aforementioned contrariwise evidence was presented.

All that the U.S. government has to do -- if it weren't complicit in the treacherous attempt to harm the Chinese people during their most vulnerable time of the year -- the Spring Festival when the entire population was in motion -- then it would have been an easy task to show to the whole world the faces of the five soldiers who were initially brought back to the States, and present their blood samples to the Chinese side or even an impartial third party acceptable to all sides for studies of their immune response to the COVID-19 virus (such as serum antibodies to the coronavirus).  

Washington's ominous silence on the matter after the simple request was first raised by Chinese Foreign Ministry's Zhao Li-jian anchored the validity of the Conspiracy Theory.

I believe a theory is only as good as the factual basis upon which it is built.  In this case, the believability of both the inculpatory and the exculpatory evidence presented by Conspiracy Theory advocates far outstrips that presented by the Homegrown Theory advocates.

In fact, the Homegrown Theory has been discredited because the hypothetical existence of secondary hosts such as the bats harboring such a virus has never been found.  one needs to base his/her analysis of Ground Zero reality upon hard facts, and those facts and the reasoning behind them that makes them believable had been presented interminably.

So then people the world over had to reach the conclusion -- based on those facts -- that the virus was indeed brought into the country during the Wuhan Military Games.  The consensus was then reached in an official capacity by Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li-jian a few weeks ago, and the U.S. side has not been able to any contrariwise evidence debunking the evidentiary facts

You might be asking, "Why doesn't BJ simply present the evidence and accuse the U.S. for duplicity involved in scapegoating the Chinese for the pandemic.

I believe BJ is trying to avoid a war, and if it came out to say that the U.S. was accountable for purposefullyy introducing the virus to Wuhan,then it would have to preemptively place itself in a war footing.

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horatiokim Post time: 2020-4-7 03:46
So, over half a million people die of flu worldwide every year.
So, over half a million people die of flu worldwide every year.

2009 U.S. H1N1 swine flu killed 300,000 worldwide.

In my humble opinion ..,

it appears that 'the West' is going to be using this another flu virus outbreak, as a leverage in order to level off their past (and present) global cardinal crimes such as Slavery, Colonialism and Colonization worldwide;

as well as to corner rising China,

as they had done so very well,

in 18th century,

and 19th century.

Like I said, it's only my opinion.   

        Speaking of the centuries-long old Colonial era, when the world was under Colonial Western control & influence:
people in Asia, [as well as in Africa, North & South America], were killing each other [brother against brother, etc],

all because Colonial West pit one group against another, which is the the ploy [such as, 'divide & conquer, divide & loot']

that were regulatly used for their own Western advantages.

  I'm afraid that would repeat all over again, although I hope not.

Also, remember the saying that goes, "Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It".

To better understand more, I picked the following topic, as an example;

'The Coming War on China'

Carrot & Stick,Bunny & Bully: What happen to bunnies if the bullies carry big sticks, and get to hold of almost all the carrots around? That's our world, now and then.

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GustyWind Post time: 2020-4-11 14:21
Speaking of the centuries-long old Colonial era, when the world was under Colonial Wester ...

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