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Could US military bring coronavirus to Wuhan?   [Copy link] 中文

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horatiokim Post time: 2020-4-12 09:36
Much thanks to The West and its gospel of preaching & promoting the old goat Capitalism by all  ...

Doesn't China have its own nuclear arsenal ?

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parcher Post time: 2020-4-13 17:56
Perhaps they were trying to cover up funding the wuhan institute of virology to carry out experime ...

Great to see this kind of reportage, and the typical response of others to blame all of civilization's ills on western imperialism. If capitalism is so bad then why hop aboard that ship ?

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Newtown Post time: 2020-4-16 17:27
A pity that you weren't around 500 years ago to tell us what really happened then.

Truth hurts, isn't it?

Truth is 'Slavery, Colonialism and Colonization' are evil things done by evildoers.

Moreover, I'm curious the fact that Christian Europeans, especially the Anglo West, which is, 'forever the jury, the judge and the policeman of the world' as well as self-acclaimed protector of human rights, has any laws at all for dealing with past and present notorious global cardinal crimes such as Slavery, Colonialism and Colonization of vast bountiful resourceful Continents and landmass, such as North & South America to Australia & New Zealand to Siberia & Far-East?

May I ask, why is Australia, a mega huge resourceful Continent in Asia-Pacific, only a few hundred miles away from South-East Asia had no Asian-Pacific Islanders in that vast land originally, historically inhabiting when Anglo British, some 10,000 miles away England, sailed half the world away, and looted in late 18th century?

This doesn't make sense, since Asian-Pacific Islanders originally and historically inhabiting and residing in Asia-Pacific region such as Guam, Tonga, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and Hawaii?

Speaking of forever green, heavenly islands of New Zealand, why did these same Anglo clans, sailed half way around the world and looted in late 18th century?

Why didn't they occupy beautiful fertile Iceland, right above them just a short distant away, with hardly any people there, even today?

Like I said, why did this same Anglo clans loot New Zealand and Australia, a vast bountiful Continent in Asia-Pacific region?
Why didn't they loot that beautiful fertile Iceland, just a short distant away from their jolly old England, with hardly any people there?


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RottenRobbie Post time: 2020-4-16 17:08
Speaking of Western advantages, Western interests or Western hegemony, whatever you call it; ...
  truth is the West & their Western news media simply believe that Coronavirus will hit China hard, and they will just watch China fighting for life. In other words, they were preparing for a good show.   
  Then they suddenly realized that China have survived, even come out stronger, and now they are getting hit hard. They are looking for somebody to blame.

That is so very true.

For over two months, all they did was cheering from sideline, while China struggled to contain the virus outbreak.     
In era of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)

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Newtown Post time: 2020-4-16 17:33
Great to see this kind of reportage, and the typical response of others to blame all of civilizati ...

  Dude, it's just piffle to say either China or America is to blame for the impending crisis in a globalized world, in which free movement of  people or even goods boosts international trade and promotes understanding. At the same time, it also spawns many risks associated with globalization, say, the transmission of diseases from one nation to another through international travel.

  An America researcher sounded the alarm about the potential threat of a full-scale  global pandemic in her first book back to the 90s when Bush was still the president. To his credit, Bush accepted some of her suggestions and started taking preventive measures designed to insulate America from the onslaught of such diseases.  Yet Trump and his stooges changed tack after Trump became the president.They simply slashed or even nixed funding for related  research programs: some labs were closed, including the one in China;  some top-tier scientists-including some Chinese Americans- working in this field even left America for China after Trump's supporters accused them of colluding with China.

  Trump could have done more to help America fend off the attack of Covid-19 as the president, who's supposed to have the obligation to protect every citizen regardless of his or her political leanings. Yet he chose to let partisanship get the better of national solidarity, eliding his critics' admonitions, calling Covid-19 a hoax.

  Notwithstanding his decision to ban international travel, his  intransigence and non-committal attitude misled lots of Americans when cases related to  Covid-19 began surfacing in America. Trump's supporters  even pooh-poohed the notion that it's critical for people to wear masks during this crisis, on the grounds that Trump said on Fox News that  he" is not going to be wearing it."

  Anyway, I still reckon that it's time for nations to work together instead of tussling with each other over the origin of Covid-19. There is just no way for mankind to give such viruses a wide berth, to the extent that we still have airplanes flying in the sky and tourists traveling around. And you still can't be safe even a nation reverts to embracing isolationism, say, you ban international travel , curb free movement of people or simply close your borders with other nations altogether. What about birds flying in the sky? Do they have national identities?  Do we have to kill all the wild animals for safety purposes? What about pets like cats and dogs?

  I know it sounds horrid, but we can't rule it out if more leaders like Trump want to build a wall.  Could it be another Berlin Wall? I don't know. It's just nesh for a president like Trump to do this given America's military might and economic clout. Doing this would only emasculate  America's standing and jeopardize its relations with even other Western nations. I remember hearing that even the Wall Street Journal's columnists support free trade, in spite of their invective against liberal values.

  Who's afraid of capitalism?  Trump? Putin?

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horatiokim Post time: 2020-4-12 09:36
Much thanks to The West and its gospel of preaching & promoting the old goat Capitalism by all  ...
By the way, which famous Hong Kong celebrity reportedly said, USA is most corrupt nation?   

- Jacky Chan

America is Most Corrupt Country ~ Jackie Chan

American Atrocities

Wolves will be wolves. With wolves roaming around, there's NO way the innocent world will survive, let alone prosper. The world community must be united to empower them.

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  Remember the fact that . . . ,

about 650,000 people, a good many of them elderly die of flu worldwide every year. Around 60,000 in USA alone every year.

2009 United States H1N1 Swine Flu, started in Kansas, USA infected about sixty (60) million people, and killed about 300,000 people worldwide.

1918 Spanish Flu started in Kansas, USA infected about five hundred (500) millions people, and killed about fifty (50) millions worldwide.

In my humble opinion, U.S.A should answer the following in good faith:

1. On March 11, testifying before Congress, Dr Robert Redfield, director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admitted that posthumous autopsies had shown that some deaths in the US that were attributed to flu were actually the result of Covid-19. When did the deaths occur? Dr Helen Chu, lead researcher for a project called the Seattle Flu Study, wants to know and has asked for access to the trove of flu swabs collected by the CDC during that period. The CDC as well as the Federal Drug Administration said no, citing national security.

2. Why the viruses found in Hubei and other Chinese provinces carried only Group C haplotypes, meaning mutation resulting in 3rd generation in the mutation cycle. Whereas all five haplotypes from A to E are found in the US.
Separately, a team of geneticists from the Oxford University found that the dominant strains circulating in China and Asia were genetically younger than some popular strains in the United States.

3. There had been reports of some deaths from pneumonia near Fort Detrick (the US Army research centre for biological warfare) attributed to vaping, or inhaling vapours from e-cigarettes. Lung scans from these victims – shared on the likes of the New England Journal of Medicine and Researchgate – showed white patches akin to ground glass, exactly like those found in Covid-19 deaths. This was followed by CDC had ordered a shutdown of Fort Detrick in Maryland, after discovering that it had failed to follow safety procedures in handling specimens, including coronaviruses and Ebola. Flu cases spiked in Maryland and nearby Virginia to Level 5, the highest seen since 2014, according to tracking statistics from CDC and other monitoring bodies.


Type A comes from USA and Australia before Existed Elsewhere now appeared Wuhan outbreak unit Lockdown.

Type B came from Most Asia and China Before Wuhan outbreak.

Type C came From Europe.

That's oblivious Coronavirus Type A came from USA and Australia Previously Vaping illness was Covered up by US Government something up.

Besides, what did say US Government Shut down Fort Detrick, Maryland Lab and others Lab by CDC since week or months ago?

Finally, which country has all the 5 Generation Corona Virus?

Wolves will be wolves. With wolves roaming around, there's NO way the innocent world will survive, let alone prosper. The world community must be united to empower them.

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