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Who needs gun during peaceful demonstration? [Copy link] 中文

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On Sunday morning, the Hong Kong police seized a semi-automatic pistol with 105 bullets, plus other weapons such as military knives. Of the five cartridge clips found on site, three were fully loaded.

And the intentions of the 11 suspects caught are clear. They planned to take the pistol to a peaceful demonstration held on Sunday afternoon. According to the prosecutor at the court hearing on Monday, the suspects had already passed maps that marked the positions of the gunners at the demonstration.

That incident once again shows the true face of rioters in Hong Kong. They claim to be "for democracy" while certain Western media outlets call them "freedom fighters", but all they are doing is destroying Hong Kong people’s democratic rights.

It is these rioters that turn peaceful demonstrations into violent scenarios and brutally attack the residents with their weapons in hand when the latter express objections to violence. It is they who killed a 70-year-old cleaner with bricks and set an innocent resident on fire after pouring flammable liquid to him.

It is the same rioters, equipped with bows and arrows, bricks, and petrol bombs that occupied Hong Kong Polytechnic University and turned it into something like war-torn Syria. Now, with a pistol and loaded cartridge clips in hand, they had the ability to kill at one strike, and posed threat to every resident of Hong Kong.

On Sunday, the violent protesters set fire to the Hong Kong High Court and Hong Kong Court of Final appeal. Over 10,000 petrol bombs were found last week. If the Hong Kong police did not seize the gun in time, the result would have been disastrous and the rioters would have caused casualties at the demonstration on Monday.

Fortunately, the "if" did not happen. The police caught the suspects and stopped their evil plan of causing casualties. Thankfully, the demonstration held in Hong Kong from Sunday afternoon to evening remained peaceful in general.

Having lived in the fear and chaos brought about by rioters for months, Hong Kong residents hate violence and hope to restore peaceful life to their home. It is time to root out violence and protect the good, peace-loving people of Hong Kong to live free from fear.

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re: "Having lived in the fear and chaos brought about by rioters for months,"

    Police on Monday night said they recovered and defused two home-made bombs near the College in Wan Chai.  Officers said the "bombs" were complete and ready to be used...
    They said the explosives weighed about 10 kilogrammes and contained chemicals and a large number of iron nails.  
[size=100%]No proof to link 'bombs' to us, says Wah Yan College
  Well, seemingly it's taking on US style:  
  Bomb thrown during labor rally at Haymarket Square kills 7 policemen, many injured; police fire into crowd, killing 4...  - Chicago...

    Even the ocean wouldn't be able to clean wash HK police after the terrorists had let go of them 2 bombs...
    One must realize that the gun and bullet would be traced to the Police----

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No demonstration however PEACEFUL will not end in VIOLENCE!
It is just a matter of time when the balance tilts!
Only those who are less ability will believe and accept that to truth!


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Have a venue to meet and discuss openly with respect and not on personal attack!
Hong Kongers lack this but want to show their ability to push and get things done!
This is where they failed and turned into pawns of the West!

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Having a gun is like having an insurance policy. Nobody knows when situations can turn bad or close encounter with bad people  and usually when things like this happen there's no police or law enforcement officials around to prevent or stop bad things from happening. The gun become the law enforcers

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Fred9 Post time: 2019-12-15 12:48
Having a gun is like having an insurance policy. Nobody knows when situations can turn bad or close  ...

re: " The gun become the law enforcers"

   I can see that in America, killing on a daily basis...

         Good luck to you and keep up the good work

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Private and public gun lovers and supporters can settle in the USA and Australia : that is their choices of living in FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY .  Readers need to read global news to get a handle on such terrors of deaths and injuries with loaded weapons of mass destruction; loaded pumping guns are such WMD in the USA !

By the way, Hong Kong protest marches are terrorist acts but never was peaceful for more than 6 lousy months. So, having guns supplied from whatever sources in Hong Kong are terrorist-tactics to scare the shits out of people sunlight. Irrespective, these radical protesters will never win nor overcome the power of Police forces in the end because simply the former are terror outlaws while the latter are lawful governing forces of the common folks and nation ( China's Hong Kong, absolutely, no matter how anti-China forces wish to play the blame games and twist their heinous fake stories while openly caught supporting HK terrorists : marcos rubbish who authored the HK BILL and XJ BILL is deemed a terrorist leader; isn't he ? ) .


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