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Is the death of an innocent man the cost of 'democracy'? [Copy link] 中文

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Editor's note: Zhao Yuanzhen is an opinion editor with CGTN Digital. The article reflects the author's opinions, and not necessarily the views of CGTN.

Does the call for democracy require deaths and injuries of the innocent? That should be the question for Hong Kong protesters to ponder upon after two recent tragedies.

A 70-year-old cleaner in Hong Kong was confirmed dead after he was hit by a brick while clearing the barricades. Hong Kong police have classified this tragedy as murder. This was the second death only a week after a student protester fell from a car park.

Escalation of the current protests in Hong Kong has caused many injuries to the point where people have gotten used to such violence. But the death of an innocent cleaner should at least make those who have vowed to fight for democracy rethink their actions: Is the political "freedom" they want doomed to be achieved through blood and death?

The idea that anyone who does not take their side will have their life threatened is chilling to say the least. If one looks up "terrorism" in the dictionary, one might quickly find that as more rioters target ordinary citizens and threaten their lives and safety, they are on the verge of becoming terrorists.

Injuries and deaths will always trigger a new round of violence as hatred and exaggerated or even false information are being distributed on social media. After the student fell from the car park, there were quick rumors online claiming that it was the police who pushed the student and even deliberately obstructed the rescuing process. The Hong Kong police had to hold an emergency press conference to refute those rumors.

But facts never travel faster than rumors. Even though the reason why the student fell is still unclear, the protesters have seized the death as an excuse to justify violence. On November 11, a man was splashed with flammable liquid and set on fire during an argument with a group of protesters. The next day saw The Chinese University of Hong Kong become the battlefield where some rioters hid from the police.

Rioters engaging in a standoff with the police at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, on November 14, 2019. /Photo via Reuters

This is turning to be a vicious circle. Information about the protests being distributed on social media has been fractured and one-sided, some of them are even blatant lies.  There is almost no cost in redistributing eye-catching photos of injuries on social media, and they always work among protesters because as they see it, it is them, not Hong Kong residents who are the victims.

They see themselves as freedom fighters who are fighting under the noble cause of "democracy."  The police force has become the weapon of the establishments that is aimed at crushing their ideals, even though their job is to keep the city safe. They blame the police for excessive use of violence, but do not stop for a minute to think about the legitimacy of their destruction. For them, the police are abusing their power, while they are only resisting the oppression by using more violence.

The protesters' victim mentality is further polarizing the city, once hailed as the bridge between China and the West, where two streams of culture have been fused fascinatingly. The footage of police shooting a man trying to grab the gun only reinforces the image of police brutality as they refuse to understand the context of such action.  

Western media's irresponsible reports on the current events have been fueling the escalation. For example, in a report by Guardian on the police shooting, they cut out the key moment when the man tried to seize the gun. According to the police officer, it was the thought that the weapon could be used to threaten civilians that prompted him to make the decision.

Sadly, at this point, Hong Kong police's explanation and statements have fallen on deaf ears. There seems to be a sound-proof wall between protesters and the Hong Kong authorities, where on each side they have tried to amplify their voices. The distrust has only worsened with rumors and irresponsible media reports.

Until there's a collective force inside Hong Kong to oppose the violent actions, it seems that current turbulence will last for as long it can continue.

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re: " Even though the reason why the student fell is still unclear, the protesters have seized the death as an excuse to justify violence. On November 11"

  the reason is rather simple, he slipped after throwing his stuff...
    Less snorting with drugs would helped him immensely to stay alive...

    A young life lost due to lack of education...parents-teachers and the education department are to blame...
    Unfortunately, we're may not blame foreign influence for such a sad case...
The whole world is aware that there is no limit for them to get what they after...
    Country after Country is the living proof...

        The BUCK always stops at the top...

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Hong Kongers have never had democracy!
Please do not exhibit and try to impress the world they know and understand what democracy is.
Waste no time with this kind of crime!
Democracy in the west took centuries and Hong Kongers want to exhibit their understanding will be total ridicule!

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A government officer is a public servant. His or her duty and responsibility will be accountable and tracible.
If someone intentionally causes harm of any form and degree, the harm doer will be charged in court regardless of age, gender, religion and political affiliation. The harm doer must be charged so as to deter anyone else for good of the rest of the people.
It will be a grievous mistake to set he or she free on grounds of age, gender, religion or politicial afflliation as it will encourage others to perform without stop.

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It is hypocritical of the rioters to grief for the student who fell 120 meters from the police and yet they had the temerity and cunning to blame the police for the mishap on the one hand while not grieving for the cleaner killed by a brick deliberately thrown by one of the rioters on the other hand.

The rioters have lost not only their minds but also their conscience. And they want to secede Hong Kong from its owner?

The point is if troops are sent in to quell the violence, the US as the mischief-maker will cancel the special trade status for Hong Kong.

Since China will not jettison the island as it is part of her sovereignty, the end-result of all the rioting and violence will be Hong Kong's economy sinking to such a level that businesses and employers will pull out and the students and others will have no jobs and employment besides no avenues to go anywhere else on account of their behavior that has been captured on social media all over the world.

Then where will they go to make a living or finish their education? Greenland?

They thought by a brute show of mass turnout, they will get their way. But they forget what they want can never be given. Because Hong Kong is a part of China by eternal time, not by the irrational voice of a generation or two in a specific period in a particular year.

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The title - 'Is the death of an innocent man the cost of 'democracy'?' will be more appropriate to say that, 'Is 'democracy' able to protect the death of an innocent man?'

Hong Kong students do not know what democracy is but are good at destroying democracy in the name of democracy. The west is laughing heartily with full joy and great satisfaction without deny that Hong Kong students are capable of total destruction that GUARANTEE Hong Kong turned into DUST and DIRT!

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Hong Kong was under British rule for about one hundred and fifty-six years after surrending as imperial Qing China lost the Opium Wars.
None of the people who lived in Hong Kong since knew or understood what DEMOCRACY is. To most Chinese, even those in mainland China, they still believe that the west is more capable and advanced.
Fortunately, Singapore late Prime Minister Lee Kew Yuan said that what the west could do the east could and even do better!

Sir Lankan was Ceylon. It was the most promising land with hopes to strive itself as an exemplary when it gained indedpendence. Unfortunately, the evil struck them hard. Till today, the same problems grow out of proportion and management.

Hong Kong is trying to show that it will be the second best, too!

Only those who minds are skewed and westernized will turn themselves into SYCOPHANTS to the west without demand.

Sad to say that a lot of mainland Chinese are more than willing to do so!

Not knowing what the real cause is!

Communist Government of China must weed them out and for being more than ungrateful!

Alternatively, they could leave China and be pets of their western parents who will shower them will more pains and sorrows!

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