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Free Hong Kong!! [Copy link] 中文

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Free Hong Kong from the pro-democracy mobsters and foreign agents' interference, who terrorise the city with:

1) violent physical assaults on citizens who disagree with them.
2) doxxing on people they don't like.
3) bullying and threatening children and families of policemen.
4) arson.
5) vandalism.
6) mass littering.
7) petrol bombs.
8) foreign flags.
9) burning and mistreating the flag of China.
10) obnoxious leaders like Claudio Mo, Joshua Wong,...etc. who spout venomous anti-China rhetorics behind the frontline of schoolchildren like cowards.
11) anti-China graffitti.

Return the peace back to Hong Kong!!!

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The commentary below is one of the most astute in English on Hong Kong's ongoing turmoil. It's by a Westerner who knows HK and China from extensive first-hand experience.

That's why it doesn't appear in Anglophone MSM, only in China Daily, a major English newspaper in China. Google has blocked it and Facebook has made it unshareable.

Its substance underscores more clearly than ever the total depravity of the Empire's attack on China through Hong Kong ... how Washington and its agents abandon all human characteristics as they go about their evil. In HK as elsewhere, these forces of darkness rape the truth as they manufacture parallel-universe narratives to sell and justify their depredations.

Even more despicable, though, are the locals who knowingly and actively help the Empire commit such atrocities against their own people and society. For them, no retribution could be too severe.

Here's the commentary in full. May it be read by as many people as possible around the world.

HK Protesters Should Stop Playing With "Death Dealers"

By Chris Lonsdale

In general, I try to be moderate with my words. But there are times  when that is not enough. This is one of those times. The image of young people at the forefront of Hong Kong’s mass protests testifying before a US congressional commission in support of American legislation aimed at  "defending" Hong Kong people's civil rights should put a shiver down all our spines.

To be absolutely blunt, this “appeal” really is a  special kind of stupid. An unparalleled form of stupid, in fact. Why do I say this? Because anybody appealing to the world’s No. 1 warfare state is asking to have their city destroyed. Anybody asking the United States to support “civil rights” is, in fact, asking for torture centers (like Guantanamo Bay), police brutality in the streets, complete and total surveillance of citizens’ every move, and the incarceration of journalists and whistle-blowers who speak truth to power.

These hearings in the US give the lie to the idea that the Hong Kong protests are purely homegrown. Sure, there are homegrown elements, but the US war machine has been deeply involved stirring the pot. Since 1997, the US, via various CIA-linked organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), has invested millions in building activist, anti-Chinese groups in the territory. I will not go into the details here, as others have done a very good job on this point. But it should be obvious that if the US cared about democracy in Hong Kong, NED would have been active in the territory during British rule.

At the congressional hearings this week, Cantopop star Denise Ho Wan-see is quoted as saying “If Hong Kong falls, it would easily become the springboard for the totalitarian regime of China to push its rules and priorities overseas, utilizing its economic powers to conform others to their communist values.”

If a US-controlled Hong Kong is not possible, the US is quite happy for Hong Kong to be destroyed, just as  they have happily been party to the destruction of dozens of countries  around the world over the last few decades. Let us be very clear – if violent protests continue in Hong Kong, then one way or another, Hong Kong will fail as a free society.

By this, what she really means is, she would much prefer for Hong Kong to become a US protectorate. A part of the ever-expanding American Empire. And, if this is not possible, she’s quite happy for Hong Kong to be turned into a cratered wasteland. Because, let us be very clear, the US cannot allow a successful Hong Kong to exist as part of China, just as it could not allow Libya to persist as the wealthiest part of Africa, especially since its strongman-ruler Muammar Gaddafi was moving to a gold-for-oil model,  sidestepping the petro-dollar.

And, from observing US behavior around the world, if the US can’t get the control it wants, it will destroy the people and countries that refuse to “bend a knee”.

When the US bombed Libya back to the Stone Age, the goal wasn’t to  “liberate” the people of Libya, it was simply to maintain US control of oil. Period.

When the US put sanctions on Venezuela, it was not to bring democracy to the country, it was to force the country to allow American control of one of the largest oil reserves in the world. How, after all, do you bring “democracy” to a country already known to have some of the freest elections in the world (as reported by very many election observers, including former US president Jimmy Carter). So far, this attempt to “tame” Venezuela has failed, but the costs to the  country of this siege by the US are staggeringly high.

If Ho really cares about democracy as she says, she should be working to help the people of Venezuela, and Libya, and Haiti, and…

Hong Kong has been a thriving and free economic powerhouse, even after 1997. True, the British government has gone, but the city has remained at the top of the list of the world’s freest economies. For the powers-that-be in the US, this is unacceptable. The US and China are now entering a modern-day cold war. A successful and prosperous Hong Kong under the "one country, two systems" model makes China look good. This cannot be.

And, if a US-controlled Hong Kong is not possible, the US is quite  happy for Hong Kong to be destroyed, just as they have happily been party to the destruction of dozens of countries around the world over the last few decades. Let us be very clear – if violent protests  continue in Hong Kong, then one way or another, Hong Kong will fail as a free society.

It’s very unlikely that the US would face off militarily against China over Hong Kong, due to high cost in US lives in such a scenario. If this did happen, of course, this would lead to the total destruction of Hong Kong, just like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

But, the US doesn’t need to put troops on the ground in Hong Kong. It simply needs to use its proxies – like these people in front of congress this week – to create so much turbulence in Hong Kong that the Chinese military is forced to intervene. And again, let’s be clear. This is the US playbook, which has been used on multiple occasions. Syria is the most recent case in point. The Syrian civil war has been for years portrayed as being a civilian uprising. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that the ISIS terrorists in Syria are funded and armed by the US.

Should this farce of Hong Kong “democrats” appealing to the US Congress make any real headway, we are on the path to Hong Kong having its very own civil war. In the last week, we have seen the use of increasingly extreme violence by protesters, with beatings of fellow citizens for simply not sharing their politics and gasoline bombs. If the US passes some “support Hong Kong” type of “law”, then you can be  sure that, before long, the US will be selling weapons to Hong Kong “freedom fighters”.

(The author is a psychologist, linguist,  educator, entrepreneur, dialogue facilitator and corporate adviser with  over 30 years’ experience doing business in Asia.)

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emanreus Post time: 2019-10-7 17:32

The commentary below is one of the most astute in Englis ...

This is the whole truth that is hidden by the MSM in the west. It is good for people like Chris Lonsdale to come up to declare it. This EVIL must be stopped or the world will be in shambles and under a tyrannical US world empire.

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huaqiao Post time: 2019-10-8 11:23
This is the whole truth that is hidden by the MSM in the west. It is good for people like Chris Lo ...

re: ' This EVIL must be stopped'

   rather easy matter of fact it is...

    Education department from the top to the bottom...

    Jurisdiction and involvement of religion...

    Power of foreign countries by their ambassadors...

      A simple example; the better half of an American dignitary drove on the right side of the road which is the wrong side in the UK and killed an English citizen riding his motor bike.

    She took the next flight back home and that's the end of the story...  


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These silly kids don't know what they are fighting for. Democracy exists nowhere on earth. The USA is an oligarchy where the ultra rich rule. Elections are just a sham to make people believe they have some control over their government. Elections in the USA consist of two or maybe three candidates and they are all beholding to the oligarchy in some way. So it makes no difference who you vote for of even if you decide not to vote at all.
The rich have been given tax break after tax break in the past 38 years no matter if a Republican or Democrat was in office.
Welfare for the rich is what is ruining the US and voting has no effect on this. The working class has to shoulder the burden of all this welfare for the rich.
3 of the richest people in the US have as much wealth as the lower 50% or about 180,000,000. This is what the rioters of Hong Kong are fighting to achieve.
Joshua Wong isn't interested in democracy. He only wants power. If he gets his way and the present Hong Kong government falls he will be the first pig at the trough.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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Now the list includes:

1) Lynching.
2) Extortion.
3) Illegal collection of "toll fees" on major roads.
4) Recruitment on campus.

Looks like the pro-democracy mobsters are running out of funds and members.

Some foreign and local reporters are known to be bias in their reporting. They do not take videos of the pro-democracy mobsters' assaults against the police and innocent people but on those where the police move in to stop the violence. Then they will twist it into "police brutality". These reporters are as guilty as the mobsters but it is unfortunate there is no legal way to stop them. "Freedom of the press" allows this to happen.

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huaqiao Post time: 2019-10-10 13:23
Now the list includes:

1) Lynching.

re: // "Freedom of the press" allows this to happen. //
Depending where you are.

   In Western; developed Countries, any reporter placing themselves between the Police and rioters, therefore restricting the police officers will be arrested immediately for their own safety...

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