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PLA presence in HK will only worry agitators   [Copy link] 中文

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The Chinese People's Liberation Army completed the 22nd rotation of its garrison in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on Thursday. The routine exercise took place in the small hours of the morning, the same way it has every summer for the past 22 years. Notwithstanding its routine nature, the move touched the nerve of some people in Hong Kong, who have jumped to the conclusion that it is associated with the current dissension in the city.

With some radical opponents of the government using the pretext of the now-dead extradition amendment bill to stir up social unrest in the SAR, there have been a series of violent incidents and riots that have appalled a society known for its law and order.

But although the Basic Law allows the SAR government to call on the assistance of the PLA garrison in Hong Kong to maintain public order, so far it has not felt the need to do so, having confidence in the ability of the Hong Kong police to manage the situation.

Hong Kong is a plural society, so it should come as no surprise that there are different views and even major differences on some specific issues. However, there are some who are deliberately using these differences to provoke confrontation with the authorities, for a variety of reasons.

While the SAR government has so far not felt the need to call on the garrison, that does not mean it will not do so should the situation demand it.

If the already ugly situation worsens, with the violence and unrest threatening to spiral out of control under the orchestration of secessionist-minded troublemakers, the armed forces stationed in the SAR will have no reason to sit on their hands. The PLA garrison in Hong Kong is not merely a symbol of Chinese sovereignty over the city. The troops there are duty-bound to maintain public order and protect the country if required to do so.

Hong Kong has been reintegrated into China's national governance system since the day it returned to the motherland, and the central government extends its full support to the SAR government in its efforts to uphold law and order. Whether or not the Hong Kong garrison needs to be an active part of those efforts will depend on how far the agitators go in stirring up trouble in the SAR.

As shown by the dialogue platform it has proposed, the SAR government remains committed to uniting people of all sectors of society. And it is only with everyone pulling together and saying no to the extremism that now plagues the SAR that it will be able to look to the future with optimism.

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It's time for the rioting, destruction and vandalism to stop.  No law abiding country can tolerate such lawlessness.  It is to be hoped that the PLA presence would help to speed up return to normalcy. If lawlessness continues unabted, the PLA should be deployed to maintain order!

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Hong Kong belongs to China. Presence of PLA is legal right for protection. It is China domestic affairs. No nation howerver strong or great should meddle.

According to speech of late Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Hong Kong did not have democracy. Britain appointed a person called governor. There was never one vote per person! So, Hong Kongers must know what they had so as not to be ashame to admit their past!

Let not others tell Hong Kongers about their past!


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It's Autumn  now ---that's you know it

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Hope the agitators are really worried, and stop agitating!

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pnp Post time: 2019-8-31 12:04
Hope the agitators are really worried, and stop agitating!

Yes, them agitators are so worried that they deploying secondary school children, in proper words; Children to do the dirty work for them...

  In other Countries, the education departtment would be sent on 6 weeks leave with the deans and administrators cleaning out their offices to get a new job in a Country they love more as H.K.

  I believe the H.K. barracks will be useful to temporarily house them lads until the typhoon will reach Formosa and the Anti-mask law is fully implemented to restore order in H.K.

  government lawmakers renew calls for anti-mask legislation in bid to end violence

    Overseas studies show that people are more likely to take violent action when they are masked...

France's National Assembly has approved a law banning the wearing of masks at protests, and another to ban specific people from taking part in rallies...

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