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Violence of attack on HK legislative chamber condemned [Copy link] 中文

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This is a great opportunity for China and Hong Kong.

It is a chance to write a legacy especially for China, Hong Kong people definitely included.

History. Re-tell the history of how Hong Kong came to where it is today and how it behaves today. Highlight the defective Anglo's character that some pro-colonialists cherish especially on the part the British used Opium to advance their interest. Not everything in England is beautiful or that civilized, just that these are kept out of public domain. Draw parallels with the negatives that happened in Australia, North America, India and Africa. At the same time bond the heritage of the mainland and the island. Strengthen this bond. Don't be afraid of accusations hurled by the colonial loyalists. There is a need to put the Anglo aura into its correct place that is, the Anglo legacy was never as good as it appears in the first place although it is substantially better than colonialists like the Japanese. Strong parallels appear for the English and the Japanese with both being islanders, being extremely proud and are very strong in the naval. Something useful to China and China must contend their naval powers.

Hong Kong elites. Many of these were probably collaborating with the colonialists including harbouring espionage activities. Given that they subordinated themselves willingly to the Anglos, they are pretty useless in any nation building. Thus no point getting angry with and going after them. Might as well go for their Anglo bosses. If one can control and dictate their bosses then it is certainly easy to control them. Let these Hong Kong elites drop lower in human rungs but don't rush to humiliate them. Their bosses' web is wide and as such is very useful. Use their networks to gain equal presence and equal share in where they are living today. Don't just use this access yourselves, share it with the Indochinese, Indonesians and the Filipinos. Allow others who are deprived a share of the good. This should be China's direction.

Political acumen and strength. Hong Kong people were largely administrators and the Anglos have certainly destroyed any patriotism they have for China. There were totally no political struggle by the Hong Kong people against their Anglo masters. Any patriotism they have had been doused by the Anglos repeated ingrain of the negatives of the Mainland Chinese. The Anglos certainly did not permit any significant sympathy by the Hong Kong people to the Mainland Chinese as they struggled after 3 wars (2 civil and 1 to repel an invader) in the 1900s. What the Anglos did was to allow the Hong Kong people to bath in the wealth and ignore the Mainlanders' plight. Rightfully as the same people with the same blood relationship they should have been working together. New thinking needs to be instilled into the people in Hong Kong. Today the position of Hong Kong is different from the position of Hong Kong in the past. In the past, Hong Kong was an Anglo showcase - of obedience to the Anglo Crown and the Anglo Crown's servant to make money for the Anglos. Why wasn't there any similar political struggle like those in India, Africa and South East Asia against the Anglos in Hong Kong? Obviously because the Hong Kong people wasn't taught what is patriotism. Though they were taught loyalty to some distant royalty. Educated Hong Kong elites kept total silent obviously being paid by the Anglos handsomely to do so. If not how did they become so rich in a controlled place? Until today they fight for the Anglos and don't even know that they are the shameful ones in this world. Hong Kong needs to understand that itself is part of China and as such its undertakings have to be aligned with the Mainland's. Hong Kong was never separated from China, which is an important fact that people in Hong Kong must know whether they like it or not. The Anglos never had any right to grant any political form or system to Hong Kong as they are tenants only. The Anglos overplayed their rights with evil intention just as they had sold opium in the past and killed millions globally. So the Anglo behavior had never changed even after 300 years. A property is always the subject of control of its owner not the tenant. Surely Hong Kong people understands property law. Its an important precedent that every country will agree if not US can dictate UAE's political system and can ask their Royalties to leave.

Legacy. There must be a clear cut plan to be told to the people in Hong Kong and this plan should be about building Hong Kong forward in tandem with building a complete a China. Let these Hong Kong people go down in history to become part of the important legacy of China. Make Hong Kong's financial centre more powerful and dynamic. Rally the Hong Kong people and the mainlanders to come together to challenge London's financial centre and defeat it entirely. Align the teams from Hong Kong and from the Mainland.

Language. There is a need to inculcate the speaking of Mandarin as they speak Guangdong. If the people in Taiwan can speak in Fujian, Mandarin and English, no reason why people in Hong Kong cannot speak Guangdong, Mandarin and English.

Give focus with political push. The Anglos certainly aren't angels and they are not as pure or as endearing as they present themselves to be given that in their prime, hundreds of millions of Africans and Asians perished because of the Anglos' action. If the Anglos behavior didn't change for the better over 3 centuries, do one seriously think they can change for the better today? China's hand isn't bound but they should use sophisticated means to handle Hong Kong to show that they are several notch above the Anglos.

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