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Ignoring Trump is The Best Policy   [Copy link] 中文

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It's a serious mistake to have China president meeting Trump at G20.
Trump has a huge ego, if people ignore him he will get frustrated and self destruct.

That's the best way.

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gnoring Trump is The Best Policy

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Ignore this.

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We have to do so although ignoring is inactive attitude to the wild leader who has become a headache for all citizens in the world-village including American people! It is hard to change his solid head on many things due to his old age. He is not wise enough for the post.
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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Ignore Trump is the best Policy.

Paying attention to Trump is idiotic.

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First, Trump said he wanted to meet President Xi on Hong Kong. Then he clarified the meeting should be between President Xi and the rioters.

But this about-turn is more than odd. It is in fact fishy.

How does one suggest a meeting with another sovereign head one moment and then re-suggest that the sovereign head should actually be meeting his country's own youths?

Isn't that an attempt at interfering in the domestic affairs of another country?

What could be Trump's motives?

(a) he wants to appear before the world as the one who had influenced China to exercise restraint on Hong Kong and thus bolster his tattered image.

Yet, his agencies have been the cause of the incitements.

Even the US diplomat involved with the rioters in the streets was captured in pictures with CIA agents and HK opposition members at an airport terminal whose same members had also consorted with Mike Pence at a meeting, the same Pence who had also demonized China in his Hudson Institute's speech.

In short, Trump is trying to create mischief against China by using the disturbances in Hong Kong as a new weapon to crowbar a trade deal before his elections, having failed with his tariff, technology and currency tactics.

(b) If President Xi meets the rioters, that would mean China is bowing to rioters incited by foreign powers;

If there is no outcome from any such meeting, it would look like China doesn't care for its own citizens;

So that means the rioters will not retreat since their US-influenced aim has all along been total secession;

But that is against the grain of being a SAR.

(c) If China overcomes the rioters and returns stability and peace, the US media will twist the results to try and cause investor panic in Hong Kong which may reverberate to Tibet and Macau;

(d) In which case Trump can then come out and blame China on matters human rights in the hopes (d-1) the world will rally with him against China, (d-2) her citizens will empathize with the rioters - so that (d-3) he can then sell more arms to taiwan besides (d-4) diminishing the China-friendly populace on that island.

BUT if even the majority peoples in HK are against the rioters, why should their mainland fellowmen be for the rioters, especially if the rioters have been traced to the US' CIA and people like Pence and probably Bolton and Bannon?

Furthermore, if the US media causes investor panic bad for HK business, won't the thousands of local HK businesses besides the thousands of foreign businesses parked in HK suffer from the US' attempt at destabilizing HK through incitement against their livelihood and investments; not to forget the thousands of international service offices which node with China's networks for banking, commerce and industry?

Additionally, if the US tries to weaponize HK against China, won't the US be shooting itself in the foot since many of the US' international services firms specializing on legal and accounting standards are operating in HK to serve the integration of China's legal and accounting enterprises on matters of international reforms that the US would like to see China adopting?

Which is also as good a reason why the US must still maintain HK's special status. And that means Trump should not try to use the HK status as yet another of his madcap knee-jerk swings at China in order to try to bolster his collapsed negotiating position in the trade talks.

In retrospect, youths don't just come out of the blue to mass-riot voluntarily.

Before doing so, they would have been influenced to think they will be succeeding even if their result is only mayhem and destruction captured on celluloid.

But they forget people will ask who fund, teach and encourage them to destroy the future of their parents' own home ground.

So, indeed, ignoring Trump is the best policy. It's easy to do; he has been completely inconsistent, perhaps from dietary incontinence.

He has bigger issues to worry about than to try and cause mischief onto China; after all he has failed to deliver a head blow on Beijing so why should he think he will succeed to deliver an under-belly blow to Beijing's Hong Kong?

Right now, the US economic wagon is on fire from incipient recession caused by Trump's trade policies on China.  One cannot discount the US economy is going to implode, taking down other economies pegged solely to it.

China has moved on.

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markwu Post time: 2019-8-16 11:28
First, Trump said he wanted to meet President Xi on Hong Kong. Then he clarified the meeting should  ...

RE:  "First, Trump said he wanted to meet President Xi on Hong Kong. Then he clarified the meeting should be between President Xi and the rioters."

  I can only see it from the positive side...

    As far as I'm concerned; he's the best leader the Middle Kingdom EVER had ruling uncle Sam...
Look at it from the bright side of life, the Motherland achieved in 1/2 a dozen of years which would take any other Nation 10 dozen of years...
  Just stick to reality and list yourself the achievements in such a short period of time the Middle Kingdom succeeded in.

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