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More intellectuals to work for newspaper? [Copy link] 中文

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FB, Twitter, Google, et al? Aren't they proxy channels for the NSA/CIA? FB itself has been scandalized by UK Cambridge Analytica.

Moreover they will data-mine the details of their users. One might think it's alright since nothing significant is mentioned when registering but there are often innocuous-looking tick boxes where once ticked, personal data in other areas/devices are also synchronously mined into the foreign cloud servers.

Thirdly, those channels can be used to deliver false news and pictures or change official statements by embedding subversive elements. Since social media has viral capacity, imagine what can happen when what gets into the head is mobilized to target one's own society.

Granted, over time, they may be acceptable. But until that time is reached which should coincide with more critical thinking capabilities of the users - and that will happen when they are more stable economically - it is risky to court danger from one which has already unilaterally signified China as strategic rival and existential threat. China has not done anything like the same to them so the likewise argument does not hold.

In any case, with 130 million outbound tourists, they would know how the rest of the world looks like and can upload to the local version for others to enjoy. So, those youtube travelogs are not entirely exclusive.

The challenge is however not how the rest of the world looks like. It is how they think. Because the way they think, the way they will respond. They tend to simplify their conclusions to some cliches about China which reflects their lack of on-the-ground knowledge about her and her peoples to some practical depth. Or they know but still insist to take an antagonistic stand for personal or political motives colored by some red-scare.

Maybe that's why some of them still insist on black-and-white, bullet-point, legal clauses in an agreement as if such a document can codify a relationship between two parties with different backgrounds coming to work together in an environment that is at the same time constantly changing which would in reality require future accommodation and mutual adjustment but not codifiable in the agreement since the changes haven't yet materialized.

In the years ahead, China may need to reset her international public relations image projections. Best get cracking now.

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Dreamer63 Post time: 2019-6-25 09:18
How would you feel if people describe the 'Confucius Institute' as some spying organization?!  While ...

This is a debating platform where audiences always expect everything goes in hot words! If you enjoy ‘soft’
voice, I advise you to buy ticket for concert!
About your first sentence: Every year countless rich Chinese travellers visit America who spend sum of money on the U. S. market! Will Trump refuse all foreigners for traveling?
America is the most advanced on spying technology!
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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About those who are able to travel abroad to be exposed in the capitalist social atmosphere, most of them are the ones "inside the system", so do not expect them to make any change.

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All the better ones here must be in tokyo for the summit.

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narcissistic schizophrenia?

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There would be about 5,000 noteworthy works written and spoken on China by westerners and in english in the last ten years.  By noteworthy, one means serious tone in books, media commentaries, journal articles, political analysis, and videos that generate substantive analysis and thought.

Alas, one may safely say about 90 percent of them are antagonistic towards China, often bringing up the CPC only, although a number will try to balance out their bias with a few qualifying statements which however are without more facts than titbits.

In them, one will find repeating cliches and generalizations that reflect their thinking is frozen in some past without taking into consideration China has been making progress and has been changing quite rapidly.

In most cases, they will pick and choose whatever supports their assertions or write and say in a way they know will incense others to castigate all that is China without any effort to try and see things from China's side or to show they have researched deeper on what they think China could have done wrong.

And when there are others who come to China's rescue with balanced and factual counter-arguments, they will hurl ad hominem attacks on them without saying how those arguments may be counter-argued.

Yet in the past, there were some, one must say, who have been more sympathetic towards China especially after they have observed on hand and on the ground in China what has really been going on.

Yet lately because of the anti-China polarization in the present US government, these numbers including senior officials of the US Commerce and Trade agencies have retired or were replaced by others who would only parrot blindly sentiments in the US White House which continue to be day-by-day influenced and lobbied by new wet-eared politicians like Rubio and Schumer, sinophobes like Bannon and Navarro, warhawks like Bolton and Pompeo, holier-than-thou's like Pence and industry players out to knock China off as a world player. They all know who they are.

Their regression is because they refuse to recognize China despite her having done a lot to improve herself for her peoples and the world.

They wet their appetite to demonize China in order to satiate their hate and fear of a nation they have not taken the trouble to study deeper nor thought about the consequences, short-term and long-term, of their tactical attempts at asymmetric total psychological warfare on China in order to stop her from making progress outside their frames of control.

Meanwhile they try to sell their ideals but each time they do so, they fall impaled onto themselves by their own aggressive words and contradictory actions. Many of them have been for some time been flexing their muscles in their so-called "so-what" mode. To reflect this as an example, one of theirs had pointedly said to other countries, "our dollar, your problem".

As China realizes all this and ramps up more funds for a new total analysis of the US to understand how the present situation has mushroomed, she should realize there are some in the west who have written with more panache than their countrymen on China matters.

Perhaps they can help to catalyze the journey of mutual understanding by helping the world understand China more deeply in their respective local ways of thinking and observing. Some of them might have written sections in their works that appear to be contrary to what is on the ground yet have other sections that are positive reflections. To be productive of the process, one should not just kneejerk react negatively to the former which would in turn lose out the benefit of the latter.

If we observe carefully the way a western official think and analyze and then observe the same topic being argued out by a China official, the two frequencies are different and because of the different way of analysis and perspective, there is a parallax situation where both views glide over each other without any common conclusion.

There is lately however one striking difference...China's is more creative and positive for the future; the west's has become more backward-looking and fault-finding.

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pnp Post time: 2019-6-19 14:04
"I miss them very much and message them to come back to the forum. Few of them accept my invitatio ...

You Tube

You Tube has deleted between 8 and 56 million videos recently. The age of the relatively informal internet has ended wish astonishing rapidity. A bit like running into a brick wall.
9/11 was an inside job.
No second plane.It was a bomb.Bomb in the other building.
You KNOW without a doubt the videos are fake,right ?!
Planes don't meld into steel and concrete buildings.They crash into them !!!!!!!
It's amazing how the building ate the plane !!!
Imagine those fragile wings cutting slots in massive steel columns !!!!!
How STUPID can they think the people are to believe that crap ??!!

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