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Huawei's ambition in China's universities [Copy link] 中文

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The Huawei brand has got a lot of followers among Chinese university students.

According to university employment reports, the brand of the Chinese telecom giant is the top choice for both undergraduates and graduates in the country's top 30 universities.

On the other end, Huawei is also showing a willingness to embrace these talents.

"Our collaborations with universities, especially in basic research, not only will not stop, but will increase,” Huawei board director William Xu said in an interview with Financial Times (FT) this year, disclosing for the first time that Huawei spends more than 300 million U.S. dollars per year on university funding and partnerships.

In the past month, Huawei has signed agreements and partnerships with at least four universities, with cooperation covering fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G and big data research.

In terms of its well-known 5G technology, Huawei has promised to offer the 5G trial network system on the campus of Hebei University of Technology, and to set up a computing center to help speed up data processing capabilities of university-level research.

"The cooperation will not only accelerate 5G-network related research, but can also bring more cooperation opportunities in the fields like environment monitoring, special vehicle solutions, etc.," Li Qiang, President of Hebei University of Technology, said.

Huawei is also going to build an ocean ecosystem with the Ocean University of China targeting the global climate and meteorology prediction industry, as well as drug development in the marine pharmacology industry.

"Its computing capability tailored for AI scenarios in ocean research will increase the university's competitiveness in the fields of oceanography, cell biology, and marine chemistry," one of the professors from the university AI lab said.

Beyond China, Huawei keeps ramping up their investment into foreign universities, despite U.S. lawmakers pressuring academic institutions to cut ties with them, according to FT.

Several elite universities have terminated cooperation and halted funding from Huawei for research partnerships.

Huawei's Wiliam Xu suggested: "Scientific research should be the joint knowledge creation of human beings, and should not have any geographical labels and political labels."

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US has proven to the world that the price for being a world leader is high with precious loss without good reasons.

China must avoid completely this to retain her position to command respect and propel herself along with the rest of the world to long period of continuous development in science to benefit humankind.

History will tell the world that China civilization weather through the storms that no other human civilization had and will have!

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rinimabi Post time: 2019-6-16 03:40
china's ghost cities are everywhere ,unsold and unoccupied real estate properties ,Lord knows  wha ...

What a load of codswallop.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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rinimabi Post time: 2019-6-16 03:40
china's ghost cities are everywhere ,unsold and unoccupied real estate properties ,Lord knows  wha ...

Lord should have told them not to follow US so closely...

Tate's Auto Group bit the dust, hope Pangda Automobile Trade did not try to rescue them.
to stay away from Tate's Auto Group.
   After years of financial problems, battles with lenders and accusations of deceptive business practices culminated in a March bankruptcy filing, a troubled Southwest dealership group has closed.

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China's military and public utility works should fight for graduate employees too.

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Its a publicity contest. US will try its best to go round the world and frame Huawei negatively. it will invoke those anti-Chinese racists especially those in South East Asia.

Therefore Huawei has to come up with a strategy to counter the direct US attacks as well as to avoid the traps that will be set up by these US racist cronies in South East Asia. Some will pretend to welcome Huawei but with an aim to set up Huawei. Its not going to be easy to identify this group.

Nonetheless Huawei should not retreat. Rather this is a golden opportunity. To have the entire US as rival is god sent. Any other company the entire US government is spooked? It is a question of playing the biased spookiness of the US.

Next, Huawei can look into partnering core partners to carry out genuine research and do jointly owned developments. Say if Huawei partners with 5 universities in Thailand and achieved great success amidst tight quality control that does not permit espionage activities with the Siamese contributing to set up the controls, then that is a good way to promote. For sure the US cronies in South East Asia will find a way to go in. But then Huawei cannot be too frightened by these threats. Its a question of how to circumvent it. Its a question of designing a methodology and psychology, meaning strong meeting of minds, that if something untoward were to happen all 6 will shoulder the impact together and work even closer to one another for example or to win the sympathy of Thai masses. Lower publicity is also helpful when there are successes etc.

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The US cronies, especially the racists cults will try to publicize things about Huawei with malicious intent. The purpose of course is to discredit Huawei, to create discontent, to create negative image so that Huawei cannot align with the mass public users etc.. They could go for Huawei's owner's family etc.. Can easily compare with the publicity heaped on Google families, Microsoft  families, Apple families, Rockefeller families, Rothchild families who are all super rich and whether the same coverage is given upon them.

Huawei has to think carefully on the publicity arena too.

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