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Huawei CEO addresses US ban, 5G and users' rights [Copy link] 中文

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SEARU Post time: 2019-5-22 15:44
As native Chinese I feel happy to see that fellow men have overtaken the US on technology in some ar ...

I had turned the comment above into one blog to which many friends and me have made nice remarks! Please have a check if you have interest!
(That blog tiled ‘When will Trump wake up?’)
Childish pure  mindset can simplify your life which let you live in a light way! Without man-made troubles you will work in high efficiency!

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War-mongering doesn't help you win elections, but the appearance of being a bully does help you win votes AT HOME if the home crowd is as pathetic as you are.

Our FM should not just make a statement that Trump is bullying Huawei.

He should spell out the consequences if Trump continues to go down this path.

If there are no consequences, then don't even make the comment about your most innovative company being bullied.

If your sister is being raped right in front of you on the street, you don't simply stand by and say "Oh, this rapist is doing horrible things to my sister right in front of me.  Just horrible.  Someone please call the police."

You pick up a large stone to drop it on the head of the bully instead of just standing by like a perfect gentleman waiting for the police.

Or else admit you're just a pretty boy and there's nothing you're going to do about it.

The day that the Americans start calling the Chinese "bullies,"  that will be the day that the world has really really changed, like in changing from 2G to 5G.

What we have seen so far is just the first salvo of the first skirmish -- yes a skirmish, not even a battle, let alone a war yet.

I really really really want to hear the Americans calling the Chinese "bullies" one day soon enough.

Nothing else needs to be said from that moment on.

There is no such thing as a "gentleman" when it comes to international relations.  

Throughout human history power has never come out of the barrel of a gentleman's smoke pipe.

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Cathymeng Post time: 2019-5-27 02:20
Huawei faces toughest situation ever, not only chips, but also many other peripheral parts are fro ...

That's what a company usually does.

That's why there are supply chain managers because today no one can make everything by itself at the most cost-effective prices -- every piece of manufactured goods depends on the suppliers.

It is at times like these that the government itself needs to come out loud and clear not just 'opposing' the bullies, but to retaliate and hit back where it hurts -- American movies, cars, junk food places, etc. -- real hard.

No need to be kekeqiqi about it.

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这次谷歌必会付出代价. 華為高層未雨綢繆是了不起的遠見.  這就是中国企業家的高明之處. 中国成為世界的領頭羊勢不可擋. 美国的所作所为让全世界看清了其卑鄙和不可信任的本质, 将会为此付出惨重的代价! 这次中国对美国贸易战打得美方的脸啪啪响. 禁食, 禁用, 禁買美国垃圾食品 (麦当劳,  肯塔基雞, 辛巴乐⋯), 塑化饮料 (可乐, 兴奋饮料, 化学果汁饮料⋯), 开後门盗听的所有设备 (蘋果手机, 網路游戏⋯) 美產汽车⋯.這些美国毒害人的商品, 沒人购买就會自動撤离中国! 转用国貨!  所有的黃种人要意识到這不是一場单純的中美貿易战, 而是川普這種白人至上主義者要彻底消滅黃种人趕超路的一种表现.

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I won't call the Japanese sycophancy towards the Americans 'astute.'  I'd call that "cunning."

Her so-called dependence on Uncle Sam is not evidenced by the current U.S. inability to get more mileage out of the trade talks -- they are still stuck at the level of the agricultural subsidies.

So it would seem to me that they do have a choice -- they can't have the cake and eat it too by showing willingness to join China in she BRI initiative on the one hand, using her land-bridge communications networks to connect to the European markets, while simultaneously joining the U.S. in sanctioning China.

The only thing that can adversely affect China's rejuvenation is extreme material opulence and lack of awareness of the country's problems.  

Amongst such problems is Chinese parents' false sense of achievement in sending their Ah So So kids to study in international schools at home and elite American colleges abroad.

The current blind faith in American higher institutions of learning as reflected in the $US6.5 million scandal is a tumor that awaits excision -- an issue that I'll explain in the future.

If the leaders of the Chinese nation can't control their own instinctive desires to send their Ah So So kids to such institutions, what kind of example are they setting for the rest of the nation?

That's why Deng Xiaoping occupies such a special place in our hearts.

At a time when he could send his second son Deng Zhifang to any school in the world by simply having his secretary make a phone call, he let his son go through the application process entirely on his own, culminating in his being accepted into a second-tier university -- Rochester University in Rochester, New York State.  

After graduation he worked as an ordinary citizen without any scandals whatsoever.

To the rest of us, that kind of behavior was truly exemplary and admirable.

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