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The Tariff Nation - farther afield at the Break of Dawn [Copy link] 中文

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The government just vindicated what I said in the thread that there's no such thing as unilateral forced technology transfers because that is impossible.  China's progress is due to the hard work of its highly-intelligent workforce.  

The Extreme Right in America knows this, but they lie about it anyway.  They keep telling people they hate Nazism, but what they are doing in propaganda is much worse than what Goebbels did in the 1930s.  

Goebbels at least could be down to earth from time to time, but the Extreme Right in America survives on a diet of lies.

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-18 19:25

One picture is worth ten thousand words in explaining statistical information.

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wchao37 Post time: 2019-5-19 06:10
You did a great job fleshing out this thread.  I'm just one person -- I can't do everything, and now ...

I was not wrong in asking for the return of wchao37 after his long absence from CD. In fact, yesterday and after i had forwarded your superb 6-part post, an old China hand (of "denuclearization of NK is a bad idea" fame) had commented "wchao back". So take comfort you are read and appreciated for your insights, facts and arguments more strongly than you can imagine. Let me say now i can't write if you don't. In fact if you will note i seldom make new posts on my own; my comments are more in response to what others have written. Meanwhile hopefully CD will speedily accept parts 4 and 5 of last night so that i can round up my small contribution to your great and important thread here.

Btw, i apologize for using 'you' re: walking to the washroom. I was not meaning wchao37 but was actually imagining Pompeo walking to the WH washroom.  You know, the one used by Emily Cale in White House Down.


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And one more thing, PPP is just to account for cost of living when finetuning GDP calculations. Given that these days costs of living have been sundered all over the world by Washington DC owing to erratics of the US dollar's and tariff impacts on supply chains used on the baskets of goods for PPP calculations, PPP is just too academic to be used to try and crowbar countries like China to pay more.....

Especially when (a) she has already saved the world economy after the US-triggered 2008 financial crisis and she did that by buying in US dollars from all the countries affected by the crisis, which also indirectly shored the US dollar from collapsing - the US hawks however FORGETS, and (b) despite US pressures on her, she continues to bolster international trade and infrastructure investments in needy countries which offer the best solution to lift all economies up which participate.

Ok, just waiting for those two remaining parts....

Are you having HK dimsum with naichar now?

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markwu Post time: 2019-5-19 09:54
I was not wrong in asking for the return of wchao37 after his long absence from CD. In fact, yeste ...
I was not wrong in asking for the return of wchao37 after his long absence from CD.

Yes. I agree. I have been participating on and off only for the past few years but I did come across both of your posts many years back. There were others too who put up good arguments but I do not see them now. I know it takes time and effort to write up good posts so I want to tell you guys I appreciate them.  

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This post was edited by wchao37 at 2019-5-22 09:03

News just came out confirming what I said earlier.  The figures show that the percentage of the total amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) into China from the U.S. accounted for a puny 4.08%.  The rest -- approximately 96% of the total amount of FDI was from countries and places other than the U.S.

So this pathological liar that's the current White House occupant has been caught doing it again.

Even though you and I knew it all along but the exact statistical figures just came out today in the form of official government figures.  Yes, only 4.08% of the total FDI that came to China was from the U.S. and yet Trump kept saying America made China rich.

Trump lies because the Extreme Right wants him to do so to justify the current trade war against China.

Who else would support a pathological liar as president except gullible dreamers.

Many U.S. companies are going to go bankrupt as a result of his irresponsible policies based on flat lies.

Just watch CCTV news today for the newest developments.

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