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China urges U.S. to revoke arrest warrant, extradition request on Huawei CFO   [Copy link] 中文

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Another Puerile False-Flag Propaganda Stunt

Poodleville murdered WPC Yvonne Fletcher in order to vilify Libya.

Their propaganda rags also claimed that voters opposing the late Robert Mugabe were beaten up. But, very obviously, such revelations would turn voters in Zimbabwe against him.

As well as the Integrity Initiative and Global Disinformation Index having been exposed as propaganda cells funded by Poodleville's Foreign & Commonwealth office, when China's president visited the poodle state, fake protesters held up signs demanding the "liberation" of Tibet, which everyone except the poodle state recognises as China's sovereign territory.

Similarly, the FBI pulled the propaganda stunt of demanding that Apple help them hack an iPhone after the San Bernardino shooting, but experts pointed out that they were easy to hack. They've just pulled the same stunt all over again for the Pensacola shooter.

And here's another one: More than a dozen people outside Vancouver courtroom with ‘Free Meng’ signs were promised C$100 for two hours’ work on a movie
. . .
The protesters held handwritten signs that read “Free Meng” and “Trump stop bullying us” – but it soon emerged that they were actors who had been promised C$100 ($76) for two hours’ work on a movie.

In a Facebook post, one of the actors, Julia Hackstaff described the fake protest as a “filthy cheap scam” that has resulted in her receiving hate messages online.

Hackstaff said she had been offered work as a movie extra, but soon after arriving at the court realized she had been duped into attending a real event.

- Protesters who demanded Huawei CFO's release revealed to be paid actors

Obviously, this is the LAST thing Huawei would do as it's obvious the clueless actors would be exposed as not being genuine protesters when they, themselves, complain that they were duped.

As the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Kanada's own ambassador said, Meng has a strong case (in fact, it's water tight). Meng is only interested in the anglo/jew kangaroo kourts whereas ONLY the recipient of amerikan taxsucker money would be interested in the court of public opinion.

Unlike the astro-turf protesters for Tibet, these actors didn't know they were being used so they were bound to complain that they were duped as they have done.

Similarly, the infantile morons of the BATF (spin off of the FBI for the purpose of creating jobs) were seen laughing and joking before they raided the Branch Davidian compound where they murdered 80 including 20 kids and for the sole purpose of justifying their budget.

You have to wonder where they hire these worthless morons who waste taxsucker money on such puerile stunts? Presumably they were hired as part of a job-creation scheme and told to go and make themselves useful. As they're all gradyooits of the Skool of Couldn'tgiveavictorianuland, this is the sort of daft scam they've come up with.

These infantile vermin also sent medical aid in the form of equipment to China but it had all been used so had to be thrown away.
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The Usual Smear
- and a litany of kangaroo kourt korruption

Only the anglo/jew gangsters would have a motto as scurrilous as, "admit nothing; deny everything; counter-accuse". Alex Mihalovitch on Boom Bust admitted that the arrests were not out of keeping with the usual arrest rate. Poodleville even had a TV series, "Banged Up Abroad" because they're natural born criminals.

Chinese authorities have indicted two Canadians on spying allegations, pressing ahead with a case diplomatically entwined with U.S. efforts to extradite a top Huawei Technologies Co. executive from Canada.
- China Indicts Two Canadians Held Since 2018 on Spying Charges

Unlike the hostage taking of Meng Wangzhou, where the kanadian ambassador was fired for saying she had a strong case, China most probably has conclusive evidence the above two are spies.

The Great Satan has ZERO jurisdiction over bankstering fraud.
Skycom is a LEGALLY SEPARATE entity, so there is no case.
The korrupt kanadian authorities illegally detained Meng for two hours.
The korrupt kanadian spooks have now been exposed as having cooked up these trumped up charges too.

These gangsters are also holding Julian Assange without charge for an extradition to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika, which would be illegal in international law as the Great Satan uses torture.
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I strongly believe in my subconscious mind that Huawei's Meng will be released without harm from Canada ( not via the USA ) :

1.  Canada has not embargoed or sanctioned that very Islamic nation in the mid-east called Iran;

2.  SKYCOM (HK) is indeed a separate entity and it can exercise its freedom to trade whilst all 5-EYE nations ( Canada is one of the 5 ) have been and are jumping up and own mindfully ( interfering in HK or China's internal affairs unlawfully ) about freedom and democracy restraints in HK ( due to China's version of legislative reforms to keep HK stable, peaceful and secure for businesses and livings to prevail with proper laws and orders  ) . So, what couldn't SKYCOM (HK) exercise its freedom and democracy to trade however and with whoever ?

3.  Even if SKYCOM (HK) made trades with Iran and/or DPRK ( two nations hated by the USA or 5-EYE nations ), the world opinions must look at angles pertaining to Humanity relief factors since all US's allies including G7 gangsters are solemnly and madly practicing Human Rights, perhaps, fraudulently or pretentiously.

4. Listening to hearsay of HSBC's small or low ranking staffs is not a proof solid enough to warrant a judicial anti_Meng judgement. Being racist is absolutely bad while BLM is exploding like very deserving hell fires featuring instances of racial disasters around 3/4 of the globe !

5. Is Canada an independent nation to decide what is in its best national interests and values instead of playing the card games of the USA which is screwing up all it has in its values and national interests ?

That case against Huawei's Meng ought to be dismissed in Canada with all fairness allowing her to Go_Home without a speck of doubt, if Canada does have its national values to govern and protect.  

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Extradition of Meng (or Juilian Assange) to the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika would be illegal in international law because the Great Satan uses torture.
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