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Belt & Road Initiative - It is not just about China [Copy link] 中文

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Although China came out with this idea but eventually it cannot be just about China.

In any relationship, there are always at least 2 parties, if not more. China of course being a vigorous participant is already one willing party. What China needs is another party that will tango with it long term. Both will need to sync with one another in order to dance beautifully to the music. Similarly for the BRI to be successful China must understand the global human psychology of others, heed and address them as well especially those of its neighbors.

China needs to bring its neighbors such as Russia, Central Asia, Indochina and the Pacific Nations' (Philippines, Indonesia and Australia etc.) on board to the BRI to make the BRI successful. There must be vibrant travelling amongst the peoples and transportation of goods through and fro between China, Russia, Central Asia, Indochina and the Pacific Nations as if borders don't exist with race and religion becoming non-issues. The extremists and racists though must be captured and properly re-educated. The platform of China-Russia-Central Asia- Indochina-Pacific Nations will make BRI trade significant.

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Who else could walk into a poor nation to offer big money, skillful and hard working labor force and know-hows ?

Underdeveloped nations stand to benefit the most out of China's BRI because developed nations had been and still are too selfish to ensure that ' they ' are the bosses of the poors in this world in order to exploit for huge / gigantic gains, including political strangle holding tactics to cow them.

BRI coupling AIIB combines to issue loans to poorer nations which need infrastructures and technological know-hows to move forward economically in abreast of a worldly progression. It serves peace and stability rather than a debt-trap which is jealously and heinously propagated by certain westerners and their media fake story writers.

The causes of century old lessons of the ruins of China have taught Chinese people and enlightened Chinese leaders to sow and reap from this wisdom; that is sharing among all willing nations the ability to progress together ushering in an united global economy.

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China needs to have a comprehensive approach. What's gravely missing is a strong analytical industry.

This research industry should analyse and track the economic development and the people's sentiment, behavior together with their needs for each and every nation in Asia, Europe and Africa. With such database, China can plan the timing to propose the investments, the size of investments, the mode of investments, the cost and return comparison of the investments and the progress as a result of the investments. China should not simply undertake projects without a clear plan and knowledge.

For countries that refuse to join, it is fine. Keep track of their economic progress and the alternatives they have pursued. By keeping tab and comparing with what would have happened had they participated in the BRI, China will be able to tell more precisely how China itself is faring first. What others have done better than China, China should learn. There isn't shame here. Its proud brainless stupid people, especially racists who will become the shamed ones eventually. Second whether that country which took on or didn't take on the BRI have fared better or worse. These database are also very helpful for those with periodical elections.

In some countries they cut cost and together with it the quality. It is important that China's participation will not be framed for future economic disasters or failures. A desperate China will fall and become a victim of the blame game. Many countries will love to blame others and in this case even US will use these countries to discredit China. Isn't China feeling some heat now. Partly its because of China's over-confidence, ignorance and omission to keep its credentials in check carefully.

Having a strong social surveillance mechanism will allow China to analyse in-depth to understand every corner of Asia-Europe-Africa. With such knowledge and database, China will be able to stay a few steps ahead of them scaling the economic height.

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More countries should embrace the BRI and work cooperatively with one another to make it this century's greatest international success that will join nations, develop underdeveloped places, lubricate trade and transport, and lift millions out of poverty.

All, without exception, must realize two things:

one, BRI is the fastest and most efficient realization of their own individual national aspirations to develop those places in their own countries which have remained underdeveloped for want of connecting infrastructure which the BRI now provides; and

two, BRI is like an electrical circuit made of different parts along the loop. If one part is not connected to the other parts, then the circuit will not be closed and there will be no light and heat. But if all countries involved cooperate to close the circuit, then the world will gain a new light to banish old darkness.

China's can-do energy has been invested in those places as a model example of what can be achieved today and quickly of projects only dreamed before. The leaders and peoples of all participating nations should help close that circuit to help them help themselves up.

It's more than infrastructure projects. It's also the realization of the common humanity that bonds across the long distances of land roads and sea routes.

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It's more than infrastructure projects. It's also the realization of the common humanity that bonds across the long distances of land roads and sea routes.

That really is the crux of the problem.

Uniting with the Third World countries should be the primary focus.

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tenith Post time: 2019-4-26 14:27
China needs to have a comprehensive approach. What's gravely missing is a strong analytical industry ...

I agree with most of the ideas presented here, especially the part about the need for a strong analytical industry.

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It is actually not difficult to build an analytical industry up. In fact this industry can become one of the strong pillars for the relationship building between China and its neighbors in particular Asians.

Arm up both its public and private institutions with all the facilities needed to venture into this industry. The universities and colleges both premium and common ones ought to be included. Establish some professional institutional corporations divided into a few industries which should be able to reach to the SME industries and the society as deep as villages and slumps. Associations should be introduced to gather both the private and public institutions involved in the same industry.

For example lets say an institution/association known as Media Bureau of Newspaper Circulation is established. This Bureau can conduct surveys of various newspaper circulated, the readership numbers, readership age group, behavior etc. provide ranking analysis, area distribution ranking etc. Of course, such a bureau needs to prove its independence with clear transparent governance so that it doesn't favour any newspaper etc. It is important that such institutions are apolitical. Then the statistics published by it will become its source of wealth. This statistics will be useful to the newspaper publishers themselves and the advertising industries. As news media becomes more electronically driven, the research, analysis and statistics can cover this area as well. Such a Bureau can also conduct forums on how news can be obtained and circulated fast and with it the credential of those media owners who are successful with quality news and speed of delivery. This Bureaus should be focused in the development of their analytical work without biasness and should continue to expand their revenue base. It isn't difficult as they can also hold forums to discuss the media professions and things to do with the news and media industries. They can analyse news quality, offer improvement advice, help to shape mindsets etc.

Such a Bureau should not be subjected to government's influence and interference as that will stifle the professionals.   

Once it is successful within China, these institutions can spread out to China's immediate neighbors to offer them the same services. The targeted growth beyond China's immediate neighbors should be throughout Asia and Europe. It is important to link up with the universities and colleges of these countries. Then comes the competition with the Americans and the Europeans for such leadership. Don't be afraid. Just set the rules for fair play.

As China allows such Bureaus/Associations to be indpendent of the government, the chances of them expanding outside China will be greater. China's voice will be heard more widely. This will eventually become a platform to bridge the Chinese and the world. Other countries' government will not want to be interfered by China's government. Even if those governments can be close to China's, they will not want to be seen as being "controlled" by China's government.

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