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British Empire v Russian Empire [Copy link] 中文

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One look at the world map, one will find that Russia is very huge and with its still well known potent weaponry it looks very much a huge traditional power.

However if one studies carefully the British despite its island size when compared to Russia is perhaps much more powerful.

First and foremost the London Stock Exchange is still one of the strongest and most dynamic financial centre in this world, top 3 to be exact and this market is backed by the Pound Sterling which is also a top 3 reserve currency that many country still maintains. British's pharmaceutical industry is also the strongest globally. The British Monarchy is still the head of state for UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Combined, all these territories stretch across 3 continents of Europe, Asia and America which is definitely larger and geographically more spread out than Russia is. The combined mineral resources of the British horde outstrips any nation, US included. Then this British connection of UK-Canada-Australia-New Zealand offers a very unique spread of financial-commodities markets and currencies thus diversifying the British people's risk while enabling well co-ordinated cohesion. To say these 4 are independent of each other may not necessary be accurate as they tend to support one another and invest in each other substantially. Thus the British economic power is still very powerful. The Russian economy and currency are comprehensively out-matched while Russian mineral resources can match but will come in close second.

Next British power is the English language, its legal mechanism and organizational philosophy. This is a British legacy that have driven many parts of the world to great success. Just look at Indonesia versus Malaysia-Singapore. Indonesia was colonized by Holland while the latter two were colonized by the British. Even combined both Malaysia-Singapore are much more smaller, about 8 times smaller, than Indonesia but they are much more dynamic and organized in trade than is Indonesia. Hence if Malaysia-Singapore is the size of Indonesia, there is a good chance the Malaysia-Singapore system and economy will surpass Indonesia's substantially. This success can be attributed to the legal system and organizational philosophy bequeath by the British. English language is more widely spoken than Russian language is. The Russian language is nowhere near the English language in terms of global usage. English language's closest rival the once great Spanish language is fast deteriorating. Spanish speaking countries are beginning to adapt to English while English speaking ones are hardly moving to Spanish. Hence the British Empire is very much alive spreading. Russia had stopped long ago.

Apart from all these, the British is able to command more loyalty from a country like India, one of its independent commonwealth states, despite ruled India harshly for a few hundred years. In contrast most of Russia's past commonwealths do not exhibit such unwavering loyalty. Ukraine despite its proximity of race is no where loving Russia.

Most important is that the British has a cousin in the mold of US which is the current superpower and a very functional British Commonwealth of States. Combined the British can actually sway unparalleled political power across the globe that no other nation could. Russia thus far can only sway its political power within its immediate national territory and no further. Although Russia can influence to some extent its neighbour states, this influence pale in comparison with what the British can do to as far as New Zealand or to a closer India should it wish to.

Further if the UK wins over the Irish one fine day, then it will become a more comprehensive power. Between the relationships of Russians-Ukrainians and British-Irish, the later is warmer therefore the world will view the British in a better light than Russia.

Thus one should say the British Empire is more powerful and successful than is the Russian Empire even as of today.

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British English has been outshone by American English, so the country is declining very naturally.

UK even turns to China for qualified math middle school teachers, so forget about the British Dream (if any).

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Misperception of the UK's strength leads to a lot of woes for the Brits.
Believe it or not, it's true.

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