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Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max   [Copy link] 中文

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Still Trying to Unravel the S**tshow

Boeing designed a krappy krudmobile in the 1950s, the 707. Then the modified it and called it the 737 but this had a really bad design flaw which was that in certian circumstances the tail flaps would become near impossible for the pilot to operate.

Instead of fixing this flaw at some time in the last SEVENTY FREAKIN' YEARS, Boeing executives decided to line their own pockets instead.

In fact, these freakin' morons then added more and more problems.

Time went on and these clowns reduced the size of the trim-wheels to make room for navigation controls, despite the above flaw making them already difficult to physically operate.

They got away with this krapulence because there was no competition. Pilots were required to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre to reduce the forces on the tail flaps; repeatedly diving and pulling back up when they wanted to pull-up. But then Airbus produced the A320neo.

Boeing couldn't compete. So it modified the krappy 737, placing the new larger engines in the WRONG PLACE, because the ancient design was for an era when there were no boarding ramps and luggage holds had to be loaded from ground level, so there was no room for the larger engines.

At this point, the krapmobile became a dangerously imbalanced flying-turd and no engineer with more than two brain cells would ever have let it get past the design stage. HERE is where they should have called a halt to the 737 and scrapped it as the dinosaur that it was.

The FAA would never approve of such a pile of excrement. So Boeing installed a fudge called MCAS (an "automatic safety device") and lied both to the FAA by telling them it was only 0.6° of "trim" and not 2.5° of anti-stall and to the airlines and pilots by NOT EVEN TELLING THEM MCAS was installed and how to switch it off. They then rushed this flying turd through certification, including using Boeing to certify itself. That's not only dangerous because it's open to corruption, but because if you didn't spot a mistake when you designed it, you're unlikely to spot it when you certify it yourself.

Unfortunately, MCAS was even krappier than the wrongly-positioned engines and the impossible to operate tail-fin problems. It had no way of discerning whether the flying-turd was simply taking-off or about to stall and had NO CONSIDERATION for whether there was enough altitude to perform a dive. It's like a Tesla where one commentator said, it was as though a child had designed it. Did the MCAS s**tware designers consider the possibility of it triggering when it had just left the freakin' tarmac?

Sure enough, and it was BOUND to happen, MCAS triggered at a low altitude, in the case of the Ethiopian Airlines flight at only 4.5 turd lengths. One simulator test of the 737NG required tens of thousands of feet to perform the "rollercoaster" and pilots were not even being trained for this any more.

NO S**TWARE FIX will correct the dangerously imbalanced flying-turd that should never have been approved. Boeing is screwed and has to recall ALL of these flying turds and SCRAP THEM.

So, in both the Lion Air and Ethiopian crashes, once MCAS had triggered at low altitude, there was NOTHING THE PILOTS COULD DO.

These scumbags have been gambling with people's lives for decades and now have killed hundreds whilst also imploding Boeing.

In the last two months Boeing has received ZERO new orders for ANY of its flying-turds. Airbus received $13bn of new orders at the Paris Airshow. Boeing received ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, ZIPPO, DIDDLY-SQUAT: "It's Airbus 13,000,000,000 - Boeing 0, On The First Day Of The Paris Air Show"

But they're still trying to save Boeing, which is the Great Satan's largest exporter. This comes as war criminal, The Donald, has imposed tariffs on the entire World. The clown couldn't have picked a worse time for the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika.

Here's a desperate propaganda stunt: Boeing (BA) and IAG, the owner of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and other European carriers, announced a letter of intent on the purchase of the jets at the Paris Air Show.
. . .
"Letters of intent generally don't mean much, but this one is extremely meaningful," said Aboulafia.

- Boeing finds the first buyer for a 737 Max since its grounding
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Kbay Post time: 2019-6-19 16:58
A letter of intent doesn't equate a done deal. It merely states that if Boeing is still around in  ...

Still better than anything made in your country.
Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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Failed Engineers; Successful Wealth Extractors

Just as the banksters enjoy "regulatory capture" and the likes of Carmen Segarra, Mary Shapiro and Brooksley Borne are shouted down, Boeing's quality engineers were also told to STFU. In Poodleville, the financial regulator started to do his job so was sacked. The result of the amerikan s**tshow is that the gangster-run amerikan quackonomy is a s**tstorm and Boeing is a s**tberg in a s**tstorm.

The push for efficiency has only accelerated under Dennis Muilenburg, who since becoming chief executive officer in 2015 has demanded price concessions from suppliers, heaped more cost demands on engineers, and cut the workforce about 7 percent while making many more planes.
. . .
“Idea’s [sic] are measured in dollars,” as a manager put it in one engineer’s annual evaluation.
. . .
(Muilenberg and McNerney had personal reasons to emphasize productivity and cost-cutting. Boeing’s incentive pay plans for executives and rank-and-file employees have for years emphasized profitability, with revenue, cash, and share performance playing a role more recently. Boeing has beat its targets every year since 2012, contributing to the $209 million in total pay the two CEOs received since then.)
. . .
In 2016, William Hobek, a quality manager at Boeing’s 787 plant in South Carolina, filed suit in federal court claiming he’d been fired after repeatedly reporting defects up the chain of command. When he complained, a supervisor replied, “Bill, you know we can’t find all defects,” according to the suit. Hobek called over an inspector, who quickly found 40 problems, the suit claims. (It was later settled; Hobek declined to comment for this story, citing settlement terms.) Al Jazeera in 2014 sent a hidden camera into the plant and caught some employees on tape saying they’d never fly on the planes because of shoddy workmanship.

- Former Boeing Engineers Say Relentless Cost-Cutting Sacrificed Safety

Why am I not surprised? Why is no one on the planet surprised?

Muilenberg and McNerney achieved their financial targets and fat bonuses but failed on safety issues. This is like the banksters who lose a lot of other people's money and get bailed-out but always successfully make themselves rich.

And here's the regulatory capture: In 2009 the system was expanded further, allowing Boeing to directly choose and supervise the employees who vouch for safety as authorized FAA representatives.

Boeing began putting more junior employees into the roles, and some employees believed that was because they’d be more willing to listen to managers and less likely to dig in their heels, Dickson says. “How long do you want to keep polishing that apple?” was a phrase managers often used with engineers who wanted to keep testing, he says. The message: It’s fine, let’s keep things moving.

. . . and a Victoria Nuland to safety!!!

If Muilenberg is allowed to do a "Martin Shkreli" and pursue a big, fat bonus for himself with no consequences, then you HAVE TO boycott Boeing for your own safety. Muilenberg (who was an engineer, though probably not a qualified one) should get the electric chair; no "if"s; no "but"s.
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Saul Post time: 2019-6-21 20:52
Still better than anything made in your country.

China don't make planes that kills hundreds of paid passengers consecutively within the time gap of six months.
If it is unsafe, better the plane doesn't get built.

American engineering has peaked twenty years ago. These days every made in the US goes up in smoke.
Last week, the UK made the US clothing dryer Whirlpool to recall two million machines because several has catches fire and burnt down their customers' houses.

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Kbay Post time: 2019-6-22 01:58
China don't make planes that kills hundreds of paid passengers consecutively within the time gap o ...

The long-term goal for Whirlpool is to become the top foreign brand in China. To that end, Whirlpool still has much work to do.

They must come up with more quality products.
  Perhaps them driers are good for heating...

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Despite the lies that the FAA only grounded the 737 MAX flying turd out of an "abundance of caution", the propaganda rags, the Great Satan goon & thug, Sam Graves and even the Shyster of Omaha, have all tried to lie this death-trap back into service despite all the experts on the planet grounding them.

Boeing is the Great Satan's biggest exporter and the gangster-run, thieved prison-state of Amerika's quackonomy was already in a state of implosion such that they're robbing their own sheeple on the highways and peddling the buttcoin fraud, before war criminal, The Donald, started his tariff wars with the rest of the planet. In addition, rainfall in the land they thieved is decimating their heavily subsidised, gangster-modified crops too as China "reciprocates" by imposing tariffs on amerikan s**tware and also as Airbus gets $13bn on the first day of the Paris Air Show.

They accuse the Chicago-based aviation corporation of hushing known concerns about the glitch-ridden equipment installed on the jets.
- 400+ 737 MAX pilots sue Boeing over ‘unprecedented cover-up’ that led to crashes & grounding

Notice the lack of quotes. By referring to "glitch-ridden equipment" rather than "engines" it implies there's nothing wrong with the placement of the engines which causes this flying turd to be dangerously imbalanced and therefore NOT FLIGHTWORTHY. There is NO EVIDENCE, the sensors were faulty. Other propaganda has merely claimed the "data" was erroneous, which is not the same thing and is only double-speak for saying that MCAS triggered for a stall when it shouldn't have because it was only a steep take-off.

But then it admits: The main problem with the jets is rooted in the “inherently dangerous aerodynamic handling defects” of the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), designed to prevent the plane from stalling.

Although the bit in quotes points out that the larger engines placed in THE WRONG PLACE leads to "dangerous aerodynamic handling defects" the propaganda article adds the bit about MCAS, which is the botched attempt to offset those "handing defects".

The propaganda article continues to pretend that merely adding the optional additional sensors will avoid a crash by avoiding pilot confusion: There are two of them for a reason: if the data from the sensors does not match, then a AoA Disagree alert should light up, notifying the pilots of the discrepancy.

But the pilots weren't confused. They did everything they should have. Additional sensors with a discrepancy will not change anything unless it prevents MCAS from forcing the flying turd into a dive. But then you're back to square one with a flying turd that is NOT FLIGHTWORTHY. That's WHY they installed MCAS!!! And because it was so bad, they LIED to the FAA that it was only 0.6° of trim, when it was a WHOPPING 2.5° of anti-stall.

It's also a contradiction with the s**tware fix that's being proposed, whereby MCAS only triggers once (and which will therefore AGAIN leave you with a flying turd which IS NOT FLIGHTWORTHY).

The complaint says that Boeing “engaged in an unprecedented cover-up of the known design flaws of the MAX, which predictably resulted in the crashes of two MAX aircraft and subsequent grounding of all MAX aircraft worldwide.”

That "cover-up" of "design flaws" was about not telling the pilots MCAS was even installed and that the flying turd had "aerodynamic handling defects" and NOT that there weren't enough sensors.

But the propaganda again tries to imply pilot-error: In addition, the pilots accuse Boeing of providing little instruction on how to handle the anti-stalling feature, which is only briefly mentioned in the flight manuals.

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This post was edited by gork at 2019-7-2 00:19

Just S**tware?
- confluence of THREE design flaws

The 737 has always had the design flaw whereby above a certain speed the tail flaps would be too difficult to operate!!! Instead of fixing this flaw they made the freakin' trim wheels smaller!!! Even cars have power assisted steering and brakes!

Then they put engines in the wrong place.

Then they installed MCAS, lying to the FAA and not telling customers about it at all. And MCAS was the worst pile of krap of all.

What now seems apparent with the benefit of hindsight is that MCAS had design flaws. Boeing itself has indicated as much.

MCAS is a piece of flight control software designed to make the new plane easier and more familiar to fly for pilots who were already used to the previous generation of 737 – reducing the need for potentially costly extra training.

- Ethiopian Airlines rejects accusations of pilot error

There's a lie! MCAS was installed to offset the disastrously bad design flaw of placing the engines in the wrong place. Without MCAS, the flying-turd would not have been approved. Even then, Boeing had to lie about the 2.5° of anti-stall adjustment being only 0.6° of "trim" and lie to customers by not even telling them it was installed.

The failure of that one sensor could lead to the system deploying at the wrong time - forcing the aircraft into a descent.

It appears to have done just that on both the Boeings that crashed, forcing the nose of the aircraft down when the pilots were attempting to gain height.

Another lie! It would also be deployed when the flying-turd was taking off, which IS what happened!

Before the Lion Air crash off Indonesia - in which 189 people were killed - the very existence of MCAS was unknown to airlines buying the 737 Max, or to their flight crews. The acronym did not appear in the flight manual.

After the accident, however, Boeing published a bulletin in which it described the effects of an MCAS malfunction, and instructed pilots to follow a particular “non-normal checklist” designed to help them cope with uncontrolled stabiliser movements.

This checklist - which is meant to be memorised by flight crew - instructed them to flip switches on the centre console, to turn off the stabiliser electronics, then balance the aircraft using manual trim wheels beside the pilots’ knees.

And which is completely f***ing useless!

Firstly, it's an admission of criminality in that they failed to tell anyone about MCAS until AFTER the Lion Air crash.

But the Ethiopian crew DID switch off MCAS. However, the decades-old flaw which meant that the trim wheels were too difficult to operate (and which were exacerbated by some f***ing moron making them even smaller) was the problem here: But the preliminary report suggests that they were physically unable to do so.

The Ethiopian Airlines pilots were forced to turn MCAS back on in the hope it would enable them to operate the flaps. It didn't. It simply went into a dive again.

This is where Graves’ main criticisms come in. He points out that throughout the flight, the pilots failed to reduce power from the levels used immediately after take-off, allowing the plane to continue accelerating to the point where it was moving too quickly to be trimmed manually.

“Once they set those throttles to full power, they never retarded them,” he told the committee. “They accelerated right through the certified maximum speed… and just kept on accelerating.”

BS! If the flaps can't be operated at speed , that's a design flaw not pilot error. And it's an old flaw that these crooks have never corrected except by requiring pilots to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre and NOT by reducing speed. One simulator indicated they needed tens of thousands of feet to perform this daft manoeuvre.

If they retarded them they would still have crashed: In other words, the pilots were faced with a situation where they couldn’t control the aircraft unless they tried to slow down - but doing so could push it into a catastrophic dive.
. . .
“In these circumstances, you’re really caught between a rock and a hard place,” he says.

“They may have wanted to reduce thrust, but when the aircraft is already very low and nose down as well, you’d have to have balls of steel to do so.”
. . .
But early in the flight, the pilots were trying to gain height, and one of the control columns was shaking, usually a warning of an impending stall - a situation where the wings suddenly lose lift. Under those circumstances, Brady says, they would normally maintain a high level of thrust.

This is the procedure specified by Boeing for dealing with uncontrolled stabiliser movements - the same procedure it says should be used in the event of an MCAS failure.

So, the procedure specified by Boeing is to maintain thrust and NOT to retard as Sam Graves claims!!!! Furthermore, they were "nose down". They don't have air brakes so reducing thrust won't necessarily reduce speed enough to overcome the DESIGN FLAW. Graves is lying! And being only 450ft off the ground when MCAS forced them into a dive, it would have been a freakin' miracle to recover.

“People who’ve made those comments should ask themselves, ‘Why on earth have they grounded 380 aircraft around the world?’ The facts speak for themselves.”

But even if it WAS somehow pilot-error, these liars are still admitting that there was flaws which caused the supposed confusion. This is so that they can claim they've fixed the sensor/MCAS errors and that this dangerously unstable flying-turd is flight-worthy. It isn't and as two commentators have pointed out it SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN APPROVED. That means ALL 737 MAX HAVE TO BE recalled and SCRAPPED!!! No "ifs"; no "buts".

“With all due respect to the pride in training and experience we have here in the US, it should not be used as a platform to vilify non-US pilots,” says Capt Dennis Tajer, spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, a union representing 15,000 crew at American Airlines.

“Blaming dead pilots, blaming non-US pilots, the suggestion that somehow they’re not of equal skill and training is professionally insulting, and just not the way we do business,” he says.

“Clearly the match and the gasoline were the MCAS system.”
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