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Boeing faces mounting pressure as more countries ground Boeing 737 Max   [Copy link] 中文

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Bloomberg BS Lies

WTF kind of worthless krap species is this? They're STILL trying to peddle it as not being lethal.

Hot on the heels of the bogus bug implanted on Supermicro motherboards, which Bloomberg BS claimed was the size of a grain of rice and would take over control of the CPU, but where experts compared the accusation to a unicorn jumping over a rainbow because it was so absurd, Bloomberg BS tries to peddle the lie that the 737 MAX can be fixed with just a software change. If that were the case, they would never have lied about the 2.5° being only 0.6° and failed to tell the pilots MCAS was installed and they would have provided a software solution by now.

Instead, the 737 MAX is so fundamentally flawed it has to be SCRAPPED. And now we learn that the 737 NG is every bit as LETHAL.

“It will be a crash for sure,” if pilots struggling with a malfunction of Boeing’s flight-control system on the 737 Max also encountered, for example, a cockpit warning that they were flying too close to the ground, the pilot, Bernd Kai von Hoesslin, wrote in a Dec. 13 email.
- Long Before Boeing 737 Max Crash, Ethiopian Air Pilot Warned of Dangers

Get that? See the bit in quotes and the rest which has been supplied by Bloomberg BS?

So the liars are trying to claim that the pilots became confused because of multiple warnings. The TRUTH is that he was warning that if they were too low and the krappy MCAS also tried to prevent a stall, then "it will be a crash for sure" AND HE WAS 100% RIGHT!!!!

Now we know, that in BOTH CRASHES, the pilots followed the correct procedure TO THE FREAKIN' LETTER.

But Bloomberg BS then lies: While the crash played out differently from how von Hoesslin described, he accurately foresaw the chaos and peril of multiple cockpit warnings that pilots dealt with during the March crash.

The Lion Air pilots have already been confirmed as having done EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO PROTOCOL. The evidence of "chaos" due to "multiple cockpit warnings" is ZERO!!! So just like the evidence (or lack thereof) used to attack Huawei.

And it repeats the BS that the "data" was erroneous, thereby implying the sensors were faulty: The movements were triggered by erroneous readings from one of the Max’s two weather vane-like “angle of attack” sensors on either side of the jet’s nose.
. . .
A software update will prevent a single sensor from activating the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System. The data from both sensors will be considered.

So if the s**tware switches it off, then why switch it on in the first place? The answer is because the flying turd is physically too hard to control. That's why the Lion Air pilots switched the pile of MCAS excrement back on. They couldn't physically pull up on the stick or turn the (reduced in size) trim-wheels and they were too low to perform the absurd "rollercoaster". So (like the Star Trek Kobayashi Maru) they were OUT OF OPTIONS.

Similarly, when the 787 batteries started bursting into flames, they blamed insufficient testing. But engineers will tell you you can't test quality into a product. It has to be designed in.

The truth is the sensors were working as they were supposed to. A software fix won't work. More sensors won't work. THE ONLY OPTION is to scrap ALL 737 MAX AND 737 NG. It is ABSURD to have a flying turd where the pilots, in certain situations would be physically not strong enough to control the flying turd and have to perform the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre, especially as they may not even have the 7,000 ft that one pilot needed on the simulator. The Ethiopian flight only got to 450ft or four and a half plane lengths before MCAS FORCED it into the ground.

Already, this ancient pile of krap design based on the 1950s 707 requires more runway than modern planes.

These white-supremacists retards impose a quota on Asians at yooniversity in their idiocracies, then they produce this lethal pile of excrement and Boeing and the FAA are now both a complete s**t-show.
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Good Reason To Ground This Flying Turd

So at least one person thought there was reason to ground these badly designed death-traps: “Some Boeing safety inspectors have summed up the current culture as ‘safety is king but schedule is God,” Hudson said. “I asked Boeing in December after the Lion Air crash to ground the Max. Boeing refused.”
- Boeing, Obama, A Gold Watch, And 346 Dead

And this is on the back of another opinion: Several additional issues with the plane have since become known. There may be other problems with its 737 MAX that no one yet learned of. The rather casual FAA certification of the type was clearly not justified.
- Boeing 737 MAX Crash Reveals A Severe Problem With Older Boeing 737 NGs
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As ever, this was an "accident waiting to happen" and there were plenty blowing the whistle but were ignored.

. . .
In this account, the Times identifies one of the leading protagonists responsible for the Boeing disaster, Mark Forkner. Forkner was “the Max’s chief technical pilot” – not merely a “test pilot” – who was in charge of the plane’s training manuals. More significant, he was Boeing’s point man who neglected to tell the FAA that the MCAS software “was in the midst of an overhaul, according to … three FAA officials.” Forkner requested removing the description of the MCAS from the pilot’s manual, and, as The New York Times reports, “Under the impression that the system was relatively benign and rarely used, the FAA eventually approved Mr Forkner’s request, the three officials said.”
. . .
The other interpretation is that Forkner’s lawyer might be telegraphing a legal defense, diminishing his role in anticipation of a lawsuit. That may be less credible, given that Forkner himself was a former FAA employee, thus in effect a revolving-door technological lobbyist (unregistered) who would therefore be well placed to deceive the FAA training-certification engineers into approving whatever training cover-ups Boeing needed to hide to sell more airplanes. Whenever the FAA pushed, Forkner pushed back.

- Why Boeing may never recover from 737 debacle

And this is a crime too: Recall that the genesis of this disaster was a problem of hardware, not just MCAS. The extra lift of the far larger-diameter engines of the 737 Max (placed on a different position on the wing) caused the plane to pitch up whenever it approached stall angles of attack at both high and low speeds. This is a problem that should have become glaringly obvious to the greenest of aerodynamics personnel at Boeing the moment the first wind-tunnel model was tested at angles of attack higher than stall (it may have even been obvious on even earlier fluid-dynamics computer-simulation results).

In other words, they shouldn't have even been asking, "what could go wrong?" As it point out above, it's "glaringly obvious" that someone would get killed with this s**tware.

But the 737NG is just as lethal as the 737 MAX, requiring huge physical effort to manipulate that tail fin.

The slap-dash attitude should shock: It is almost beyond belief that, once having tested and found a high-speed pitch-up problem programmed into the simulator in 2012, no one – neither the chief test pilot nor the aerodynamicists (the engineers responsible for the interaction of moving objects, such as airplanes with the atmosphere) – thought to check the wind-tunnel data or test the simulator to see whether there was a corresponding low-speed pitch-up problem.

I was negotiating a project with a customer once and pointed out issues. I was kicked under the desk by one of the Anglo f***ing morons in my company. The customer was also an Anglo f**king moron who must have heard what I'd said but didn't even respond. THIS is the sort of excrement4brainz f**king morons in the gangster-run, Anglo-thieved prison-states. These vermin just want to report that they've completed their job on time, when in reality, they've just done as little as possible to get it "done". It's like the movie, Gung Ho, where they had to complete a certain number of cars. Some ended up without engines in etc. but were lined up to be counted. Their managers turn a "blind eye" to these infractions because they're just as infantile. Whistleblowers are deemed to be trouble makers and never promoted.

And here's the same thing happening: But it was not until the 737 Max prototype was flown four years later – in 2016 – that anyone reported a low-speed pitch-up problem, and then it was not an aerodynamicist but, once again, a test pilot (Ed Wilson, the new chief test pilot for the plane) who insisted there was an issue.

Their a s**tshow species of dumbf**k who cannot be trusted with your life!!!!! And what did these ***holes do? They implemented the easiest but most lethal solution possible: Here is where the problems began to cascade. Since Boeing management had already imposed the MCAS Band-Aid (in lieu of a hardware fix, albeit a relatively safe version), the cheapest, quickest and easiest-to-cover-up fix for the impossible-to-ignore low-speed problem was to issue a new, and even more ineffective, Band-Aid to the existing MCAS. In the process, it changed MCAS from a relatively safe and competent fix to a disastrously unsafe, mindlessly stupid single-sensor solution. As The New York Times reported:

“The change proved pivotal. Expanding the use of MCAS to lower-speed situations required removing the G-force threshold. MCAS now needed to work at low speeds so G-force didn’t apply.

And like Tesla and Gangster Motors no one is punished: But what truly moves this tragedy into the realm of sheer predation and, indeed, criminality, is the (non-)response of the US government.

Cash is king: Consider that the newly appointed secretary of defense, Patrick Shanahan, a former Boeing executive, is already under investigation for allegedly lobbying improperly on behalf of his former company.

And with a serial bankrupt as war criminal POTUS, desperation to compete means they're STILL cutting corners: Additionally, the administration of President Donald Trump is rolling back safety regulations in the rail sector, in effect re-creating the self-regulatory conditions that now prevail at the FAA, reports Justin Mikulka from Desmog.
. . .
We can only imagine what is next – allowing the criminals to regulate the prison system?
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Yet More Problems

Pilots, however, claim that the safety of passengers and crew is being compromised. “If there was an engine fire on a transatlantic flight and the aircraft had one of the defective fire switches, then we would have to fly with a burning wing for up to three hours before we could safely land,” a pilot with a British airline told the Observer.
- Pilots reveal safety fears over Boeing’s fleet of Dreamliners

So, like the two doomed 737 MAX flights (the ethiopian one had the same problem just the day before the crash) this is a no-win situation! If it happens you're screwed! Unlike a car, you can't stop by the roadside!

But what is the "over abundance of caution" this time: The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive, mandatory instructions to air operators, announcing that the problem is “likely to exist or develop in other products of the same design” and that “the potential exists for an airline fire to be uncontrollable”. However, it stopped short of grounding the aircraft and instead ordered airlines to check the switch every 30 days.

What they SHOULD do is strap one of these FAA crooks to the wing with a fire extinguisher.

The Guardian (MI6 mouthpiece) lies: The FAA was criticised for declining to ground Boeing’s fleet of 737 Max aircraft in March after a software malfunction was suspected of causing two fatal crashes.

It's not a software fault (or even a s**tware fault). the 737 NG is a pile of krap and the 737 MAX is even worse. MCAS was the even krappier sticking-plaster for this flying turd.

It follows on from the Li-ion battery packs in the 787 that were overheating due to the charging circuits supplied by Poodleville being krap! But the Guardian lies again: The $200m (£160m) aircraft were grounded in 2013 following a series of fires caused by leaking batteries.

Yuasa inspected the batteries and claimed there was no fault on their part. Boeing later lied that insufificient testing was to blame, which any engineer will tell you is a crock o' s**t!

If the fire switch malfunctions, there’s no manual override to deploy the engine fire extinguishers and therefore no way of putting out a fire, but Boeing says that it’s fine, and the airlines agree. Such is the fear of Boeing’s power that no one dares speak out.”

Seriously?!? These crooks are risking lives to save the cost of a simple (and it WOULD be simple) manual override? Perhaps it's Patrick Shanahan the Boeing shill who's pulling strings.
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More Outright Lies
- the lies just keep on coming!

They only grounded these flying turds AND very reluctantly after the rest of the planet did,
after two crashes, and
after one averted disaster the previous day in the very same flying turd that DID crash.

And then they claimed it was out of an "abundance of caution". The only abundance of caution is avoiding saying anything which will make it unavoidable to give them the electric chair.

Boss says aircraft maker failed to communicate properly with regulators and customers
- Boeing Max 737 jet crisis: we should've been more open, says CEO

Boeing LIED to the FAA about MCAS, claiming it only imposed a 0.6° "trim" when, in fact, it imposed a whopping 2.5°.

Boeing LIED to customers, not telling them that MCAS was even installed.

And here's the goons & thugs lying : Congressman Sam Graves at a hearing in Washington last month argued that "facts in the preliminary report reveal pilot error as a factor".

He went on to suggest that "pilots trained in the US would have successfully been able to control this situation".

- 'Pilots were not to blame for 737 crash'

That's a lie. The liar is probably referring to the day before the crash, when the very same flying turd had the same problem, but an off-duty amerikan pilot managed to switch-off the krappy MCAS.

But on the day of the crash the pilots DID switch off MCAS. The tbouble was, after it had been triggered, it set up the plane such that the OTHER flaw with ALL 737 flying turds came into play and the pilots were physically not strong enought to pull the plane's nose back up. At only 450ft they couldn't possibly use the absurd "rollercoaster" manoeuvre to overcome the physical forces on the tail flaps.

So they did the only thing they could which was to switch the krappy MCAS back on in an attempt to use it to pull the nose up. But instead, the pile of excrement simply pushed the plane into a dive.

In other words, once the krappy MCAS triggers at a low altitude, you're screwed. Graves is a lying sack of excrement!
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Boeing to sell 200 of its 737 MAX jets in first deal since grounding
By Angela Charlton        The Associated Press  June 18, 2019 4:10 pm

The company announced at the Paris Air Show on Tuesday that International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways and other carriers, signed a letter of intent for 200 Boeing 737 aircraft.

Boeing said it’s the first sale of the jetliner since the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max in March. Another 737 Max crashed in Indonesia last year. All planes of the same model are now grounded amid an investigation of problematic software.

The letter of intent is subject to final agreement, but is a vote of confidence in Boeing as it struggles to win back trust from airlines, pilots, regulators and the traveling public.
After lackluster sales in recent months, Boeing’s orders picked up Tuesday. It announced a deal with Korean Air and Air Lease Corporation for a total of 30 long-range 787 jets, worth $6.3 billion at list prices.

Still better than anything out of Ch1na

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured. Mark Twain

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Saul Post time: 2019-6-19 22:05
Boeing to sell 200 of its 737 MAX jets in first deal since grounding
By Angela Charlton        The Associat ...

A letter of intent doesn't equate a done deal. It merely states that if Boeing is still around in two years' time, and that the 737 MAX don't crash again on the test flights now be conducted, then BA will give the nod to the heavily discounted planes "intended". Personally, I would never want to fly in the 737 Max ever again.
BA is making a big error!

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